The Rest Of My Life Is For You

Chapter 1223 - Wife’s Slave

Chapter 1223: Wife’s Slave Atlas Studios  Atlas Studios “Since you are awake, go brush your teeth and come down to eat. You have not eaten for two days, you cannot eat food that is too oily. I have cooked some vegetable porridge, you can eat it while it is hot.” “I want to eat meat!” Qi Yan objected immediately when he heard that it was vegetable porridge but he went up obediently to brush his teeth when Tan Bengbeng rolled her eyes at him. When they were eating, Tan Bengbeng did not mention the cure at all. Qi Yan couldn’t help but ask. “Why are you not hurrying me?” “…” Tan Bengbeng looked up at him in confusion. She did not understand what was wrong with him again. “…” “I’ve told you that Mo Chengxian’s cure is ready. Why are you not hurrying me to go back?” asked Qi Yan. Qi Yan never expected her to be like this. Accompanying him to sleep and cooking for him. She looked as though she wanted to stay on the island with him forever. “You look shocked.” Tan Bengbeng left the utensils on the table and was ready to leave the table. Qi Yan pressed down on her hand. He looked at her and asked, “Shouldn’t I be?” “…” Tan Bengbeng’s action halted as she looked at him. She looked at him and a complex emotion flashed across her eyes. Her lips parted slowly as she asked, “What kind of person am I to you?” Qi Yan was confused. “If it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t have been dragged into the internal affairs of the Mo Family. You wouldn’t need to go through all this trouble just to find a cure either. Am I supposed to take the cure and go even when I know that you have not slept and eaten for two days?” “…” Qi Yan was stunned. Subconsciously, that was what he expected. He did not get involved in the Mo Family’s internal affairs because of her. He did it willingly. He was used to behaving however he liked. He kept following her no matter if she liked it or not. He always forced her to obey and never asked her for her opinion. In Qi Yan’s opinion, she was always at a disadvantage. It would be reasonable for her to get rid of him… “Jerk!” Tan Bengbeng pushed his arm away and took the bowl into the kitchen. Qi Yan was stunned and did not understand why he had been scolded. After that, he remembered that the books said that pregnant women tended to have an unstable mood. It must be because of that. Anyway, it was just a scolding. As long as she did not get too agitated it was fine. Qi Yan heard the sound of running water in the kitchen and went in to help her with washing the dishes. After resting for a day, Qi Yan seemed to have gotten used to such a lifestyle. He recovered from it quickly. In the evening, after bathing, he told Tan Bengbeng that they could set off. “I have called Xiao Mumu. I said that you needed to rest and we will leave tomorrow.” Although Tan Bengbeng was sitting a few meters away, she still looked up to reply to him. Qi Yan was drying his hair and he paused when he heard her.