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Chapter 570 - Wen Xinya Is Just Out to Ruin Me!

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 570: Wen Xinya Is Just Out to Ruin Me!

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    As soon as Xia Ruya returned to her room, she gave some hackers a call and hired them to delete all the videos on the internet. However, she had found out too late and they could not act in the nick of time. The video had already been saved by many and circulated all around the internet. Lots of people had already shared it with their friends in private and private circulation could not be controlled at all.

    The sky was always the darkest before dawn and Xia Ruya could not see her fingers at all and the stars in the sky seemed just like glowing rubies. However, they were merely accessories for the dark. The sounds of glass rang in her ears.

    Xia Ruya’s eyes became swollen and her nose crinkled, after which a teardrop rolled down her cheek. Burying her face in her knees, she began to quiver and weep feebly.

    Xia Ruya woke up after hearing the sounds of someone knocking on the door incessantly. The sky had already turned bright and the bright rays of the sun were shining into her room. She looked out of the window, only to have the glaring sun blind her eyes momentarily. She squinted and felt a little faint and giddy while her vision turned blurry.

    “Ruya, Ruya, hurry and open the door!” Ning Shuqian exclaimed anxiously.

    Xia Ruya hurriedly turned around, only to realize that her limbs had gotten numb, thus causing her to almost fall onto the ground. She frantically grabbed the computer table but ended up falling onto it instead. Overwhelmed with excruciating pain, she held her tears back and proceeded to open the door.

    “Ruya, you’ve finally opened the door. I knocked on your door for such a long time and you took so long to open it. I almost asked the butler for the spare keys to your room.” Ning Shuqian spluttered staring at Xia Ruya whose face was pale and haggard-looking. Her eyes were bloodshot and swollen, clearly having cried before.

    Xia Ruya teared up again and said, “Aunt Ning, I…”

    She initially thought that her scandal had already come to an end and that she would not be affected even if someone were to mention it again. Yet, she did not expect that Wen Xinya would still have her video which was three minutes long and exposed all of her modesty.

    Ning Shuqian held Xia Ruya’s clammy hand and said, “The newspapers have already reported about the video and there are also reports about your scandal from two years ago. I heard from the servants that there are lots of reporters camping outside ever since daybreak.”

    Ning Shuqian could not believe her eyes at all when she saw the reports in the newspapers in the morning. She only believed everything after seeing the video of Xia Ruya disgracing herself during Zhou Tianyu’s party.

    She could not help but be reminded of Ning Yuya. Could that little bitch also have Yuya’s video?

    Xia Ruya was wailing and weeping in agony, overwhelmed with despair and helplessness. “Aunt Ning, what am I supposed to do? What should I do?”

    Ning Shuqian held her clammy hand as the chilliness filled her heart. She had no idea how to comfort her at all.

    Sobbing continuously, Xia Ruya said, “I should have expected this long ago. Wen Xinya’s scandal caused such an uproar. Given her character, she definitely wouldn’t sit back and do nothing. After forcing Uncle Wen to make clarifications, she plotted against me in order to take revenge. She’s trying to pay me back in my own coin and ruin me with the scandal.”

    With resentment written all over her face, Ning Shuqian said, “That vicious wretch is so cunning and ruthless.”

    Xia Ruya’s voice was hoarse and she was sobbing and choking incessantly. Sounding extremely hopeless, she said, “Aunt Ning… what wrong did I do, exactly? I used to be the subject of everyone’s envy and yet, I became an illegitimate daughter whom everyone despises. I fell from Heaven to Hell and I have no choice but to comply and resign to fate. Since the Xia Famly is cold and heartless to me, I have no other option than to bear with it. However… why does Heaven have to do this to me and make me seem like a promiscuous woman?”

    She went on a website in the morning, only to see that almost all of the threads were about her. She clicked it and was greatly taken aback by the content.

    It turned out to be an adult video website and there were digitally altered videos on the first page. To her horror, her face had been edited onto the female lead in the video, who was slutty and was having intercourse with several men.

    Her nightmare from two years ago resurfaced and she was plagued with feelings of negativity again. At this moment, Xia Ruya cursed and swore, and blamed the world for her destiny.

    Ning Shuqian stared at her sympathetically with overbearing viciousness. “Ruya, you didn’t do anything wrong at all. The person at fault is Wen Xinya. If it weren’t because of her… we wouldn’t end up in such a sorry plight.”

    Wen Xinya was reminded of herself causing a stir in Wen Xinya’s room and strangling her with her clammy hands. She could not help but shiver and clench her fists tightly, causing her sharp nails to dig deep into her flesh while her tears rolled down her face continuously.

    Ning Shuqian let out a sigh and said, “Ruya, don’t cry. Crying is bad for your eyes and your brain. This scandal is not as bad as the one that surfaced two years ago. You managed to survive that. You definitely can pull through this.”

    Xia Ruya’s face was stained with tears and she said, “Aunt Ning, now that my coming-of-age ceremony is around the corner, it’s a fatal blow to me. No matter what I do, I can’t get myself out of this. Wen Xinya is extremely vicious and cunning. She’s out to ruin my coming-of-age ceremony and make it difficult for me to survive in this circle.”

    Ning Shuqian wiped her tears away gently and said, “That may be the case, but times have changed. Think about it… you’re now the rightful daughter of the Wen Family and you’re staying with us for the long term. The Wen Family is not going to leave you in the lurch, and neither will the Zhishan Club since you’re a member of the club.”

    Xia Ruya snapped out of her trance and she said, “Aunt Ning, you’re right. Regardless of what happens, things are different now and I should get myself together. Regardless of what happens, I’ll face it calmly.”

    Ning Shuqian looked at her in satisfaction and said, “That’s right. There are no problems in this world that you can’t overcome.”

    Xia Ruya nodded and smiled sinisterly.