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Chapter 215.4 - Love: Comes Rushing in, Too Fast to Nip in the Bud

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 215.4: Love: Comes Rushing in, Too Fast to Nip in the Bud

    But though this particular beauty was stunning and ravishing, no one dared to really come forward to hit on her. The patrons who frequented the Fragrance Court knew that this little vixen with her alluring looks was actually one truly vicious character.

    She was not the same as the other ladies who entertained the patrons, but was in charge of the Fragrance Court’s security. If any conflict between patrons came up, or someone came to seek trouble, Lu Ji was the one who would step up to resolve it. She might look slender and frail, but she possessed great fighting prowess, being one of the top three among the twelve courtesans under Bai Zhi Yan in terms of cultivation levels.

    Lu Ji had an inclination that no one knew about. She actually….. liked women.

    Like those women who would suddenly swoon and become unable to walk when they set eyes upon a handsome looking man, had always been people she despised the most. The kind she admired were not just empty decorative vases, but ones who were able to attract her very soul.

    But till now, she still had not met this person. Throughout her long slow life, she not been unable to find such a person, which was one of her biggest regret.

    But today, an exception seemed to have appeared.

    The Fragrance Court had no lack of female customers frequenting the place but they were all older women who were already thirty to forty years of age and it was the first time she saw such a young lady in there.

    It had been a while since she came in and she did not ask for company from anyone, but just ordered a pot of tea. She sat quietly in a corner as she watched the dancer in revealing clothes gyrate her hips on the platform not too far away from her table.

    It was clearly such a vulgar performance that was unbearable to see but she was watching on with such relish, her eyes intent, drawing attention to herself.

    The young lady had a head of luxurious smooth black hair, carelessly bound up in a loose coil, looking a little messy but was somehow indescribably and languidly mesmerizing. With her black hair casually draped behind her pristine white clothes, she exuded a certain clean and untainted perfectness.

    It was probably because Lu Ji’s gaze had been too intense, it caused the young lady to turn her head to look at her. It was just one quick and fleeting glance, but it made Lu Ji’s heart suddenly skip a beat.

    That was probably….. what desire felt like.

    She was outstandingly beautiful herself already and she had never ever felt anything despite having met many beautiful looking people. It was afterall just a flesh shell and all of them were always already tainted in one way or another by the rigorous and unforgiving world.

    But this young lady….. made her feel a very strong urge to go get to know her.

    That’s right, to hit on someone. To think that this woman who was so incredibly cold and haughty whom kept strangers at arm’s length would one day actually go approach and hit on someone.

    And such a young lady at that!

    But before she could even take any action, that beautiful and alluring face was suddenly tainted with a tinge of anger. It was for no other reason than that a damned man had slipped in before her to go talk to the young lady who stirred her heart!