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Chapter 216.1 - Submit to Me, And You’ll Ascend to Ninth Heavens with Desire

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 216.1: Submit to Me, And You’ll Ascend to Ninth Heavens with Desire

    [Who dares to show interest in the young lady she has already set her eyes on? That’s absolutely unforgivable!]

    But isn’t that young lady Qing Yu?

    Ever since she and Lou Jun Yao came out from the Fleeting Cloud Fortress after they managed to find a way out, Lou Jun Yao had used the reason that her wounds have not fully healed and said that as Qing Tian Lin was still looking for her, returning back to the Faint Mist Sect so rashly would only expose herself, so he had brought her back to the Gathered Cloud Loft to hide for a period.

    The construct of the place was special, equipped with a high level cloaking array from Cloud Heaven. Once that was activated, it would be impossible to find the place, and hence this would be the safest place to be at.

    But staying cooped up inside all the time would be torturous and hence she had come to the Fragrance Court today. She had been a frequent patron of the place just two years agoand she had not come here for quite a long time.

    But she had come here crossdressed as a man back then and this was her first time entering the place in female clothes. But it was fortunate that she was not dressed as a guy as the ladies in here were all just too passionate and she might very well have been swallowed alive by all of them.

    Never had she thought that she would still catch someone’s eye.

    “My humble name is Jiang Shang Lin. I wonder if I may have the honour of gaining your lady’s acquaintance?”

    As the voice of a young man rang out over her head, someone suddenly sat down in the seat beside her.

    Qing Yu’s brows knitted together.

    “I see that the Young Miss is alone. Can I sit here?” It was a suave man with a fitting smile on his face, gentle and elegant but not showing up as being overly frivolous, seeming highly approachable and his moves methodical, maintaining a good grasp of the himself.

    But what a pity. He picked the wrong target this time.

    Qing Yu had always disliked strangers coming too close to her, especially ones that tried to get close unsolicited like this.

    Regardless of how well the man was able to control the expression on his face, the glint of debauchery and lust in his eyes showed that he was not as harmless as he presented himself to be on the surface.

    Qing Yu’s eyes turned sharp. [Already plopped himself down and he was still asking her whether he can sit? What a boorish way of picking up a girl. He probably thinks that she was some naive young girl who was ignorant about the ways of the world.]

    Indeed. Compared to the other people in here, she did look a lot more innocent and gullible, as she was much younger afterall.

    At such a close proximity, Jiang Shang Lin then discovered that the young lady who had caught his eye earlier actually had such outstandingly good looks that was in no way inferior to any of the ladies here in Fragrance Court, and there was even a certain languid and elegant beauty in those eyes that was exceptionally alluring.