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Chapter 572 - The Zhishan Club’s Reaction

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 572: The Zhishan Club’s Reaction

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    In addition to the erotic photos of Xia Ruya that were exposed two years ago, the unsightly video brought immense shame to Xia Ruya overnight.

    The public began to get doubtful of Xia Ruya’s innocence. After all, her virginity test report paled in comparison to the videos that were sufficient evidence. After all… in today’s society, a girl could still get up to other promiscuous acts of lust even if she were still a virgin. Besides, the man in the video had his face blurred out.

    Someone pointed out that the man was the same one who acted inappropriately with Ning Yuya during Zhou Tianyu’s birthday party.

    Everyone had different thoughts about Xia Ruya’s video.

    However, numerous members of society were concerned about Xia Ruya’s identity as a member of the Zhishan Club and even began doubting the Zhishan Club. After the release of her scandal, Xia Ruya was castigated by the public. Would she really be able to take the scoldings and criticisms?

    Hence, Xia Ruya was ill at ease ever since she received a call from the Zhishan Club.

    Xia Ruya headed to the president of the club, Tang Xiaowei’s office. Staring at the luxurious, mahogany door which had graceful and elegant lines painted on it, her heart contracted and her fingers stiffened.

    She tried to prepare herself for the worst and took a deep breath before knocking on the door.

    “Come in!”

    Suppressing her fear and anxiety with all her might, she pushed the door open and entered the office.

    Apart from Tang Xiaowei, Zhou Huiyan and Wen Xinya were also in the office.

    Upon sight of Wen Xinya, Xia Ruya instinctively looked away, not daring to hold her gaze at all.

    Tang Xiaowei waved at Xia Ruya and said, “Ruya, come sit here.”

    Xia Ruya nodded smilingly and sat on the couch.

    Tang Xiaowei cut straight to the chase and said, “You must have read today’s news, haven’t you? You should know why I asked you to come here.”

    Tang Xiaowei was rather pleased with Xia Ruya previously because she found that the latter was intelligent and crafty, yet had the ability to judge the situation appropriately. She admired Xia Ruya for enjoying a great reputation in the circle, especially since she managed to clear her name after her scandal. She also managed to restore her reputation by providing help and relief for the victims of the Yun Chuan earthquake.

    Xia Ruya’s heart skipped a beat and she said apologetically, “Teacher Tang, I didn’t expect there to be so many reports about me in the newspapers, so much that Zhishan Club’s reputation is affected. I hereby apologize solemnly. I’m sorry!”

    Being an understanding person, Tang Xiaowei looked at her and said, “The great reputation that Zhishan Club enjoys is the result of all of the members’ hard work. Yet, the public has begun to doubt us because of your scandal, which has also caused unprecedented negative effects. Hence, I must pay attention to this matter.”

    Xia Ruya was filled with a sudden wave of terror and panic as she wondered what Tang Xiaowei meant.

    Noticing how terrorized she seemed, Zhou Huiyan said comfortingly, “Don’t get so worked up yet. Teacher Tang is just solving the matter.”

    Feeling slightly relieved, Xia Ruya said, “I was the one who caused Zhishan Club all this trouble.”

    Tang Xiaowei shifted her gaze onto Xia Ruya and questioned, “What are your thoughts on this scandal? Have you ever thought about how to handle this? After all… you can only use your virginity test report once.”

    Her stern and austere tone made Xia Ruya’s heart drop. Tang Xiaowei did not mince her words at all and was clearly displeased with Xia Ruya. Unsure of what Tang Xiaowei was thinking, Xia Ruya said, “Regarding the scandal, I’m actually planning to take legal action in order to restore my reputation.”

    Her words made Zhou Huiyan smile and she stared at Wen Xinya.

    Wen Xinya pursed her lips and said, “Miss Xia, you indeed have great foresight. You probably decided to expose your virginity test report and make such a shocking move, all for today! Although you can’t prove that the video is false, you can at least prove your innocence. As long as you’re innocent and still a virgin, all castigations and criticism towards you will be deemed as slander and defamation. Hence, you can take legal actions and protect your reputation.”

    Wen Xinya had long expected that Xia Ruya would resort to that solution and had mentioned it to Zhou Huiyan beforehand. Hence, that was the reason Zhou Huiyan shot her a glance after hearing Xia Ruya’s words.

    Xia Ruya stared at Wen Xinya coldly and said, “Like what Miss Wen said during your homecoming party, I can’t deny my shameful past. Hence, I’m just trying to make my stand known and deprive others of the chance to criticize me.”

    Pleased with her answer, Tang Xiaowei nodded and said, “In that case, I shan’t say anything further. We’d better get rid of the negative effects as soon as possible. Besides… you’d better give up the projects you’re working on for now.”

    Xia Ruya’s eyes widened in shock and she said anxiously, “Teacher Tang, I’ve already hired an elite lawyer and sent legal letters to several media agencies, and requested for them to apologize to me publicly in the newspapers. I’ve also demanded for compensation. If they were to turn me down, I’ll raise it to court and the matter will be resolved quickly. As for the projects I’m working on now…”

    Wen Xinya sneered and was reminded of the scandal that she and Xu Zhenyu were involved in two years ago. Back then, she immediately sued more than ten media agencies and built a tyrannical image for herself. To her surprise, Xia Ruya had made the same decision as she did back then. However, her methods seemed much more extreme and relentless compared to Xia Ruya.

    Zhou Huiyan said coldly, “You’ve created so much trouble for us. We only decided not to demote you because we’re taking into account the hard work and effort that you have put in in the past. You’d better behave yourself!”

    Although she approved of Xia Ruya’s abilities, she could not bring herself to fancy her at all, for she found that she was too scheming, especially since she would resort to any means to get what she wanted.

    Hanging her head low with a face full of horror, Xia Ruya said, “I know! I’ll settle the incident about my scandal as soon as possible. Teacher Tang, Teacher Zhou, don’t worry.”