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Chapter 216.2 - Submit to Me, And You’ll Ascend to Ninth Heavens with Desire

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     [Truly a rare and exceptional treasure!]

    Jiang Shang Lin almost could not rein in the beast in his heart but this was afterall the Fragrance Court and he could not possibly do anything too outrageous in here. He would have to think of a way to coax the young lady out of the place.

    “I guess this must be the Young Miss’ first time here in Fragrance Court! You might not be aware, but this isn’t a place that young maidens like you should come to. If you happen to meet anyone with nefarious intentions against you, how dangerous is it for you to be all alone out here on your own! ?” Jiang Shang Lin said with great concern.

    Qing Yu almost could not contain her laughter. [This man has got to be joking isn’t he? Isn’t he the one with nefarious intentions towards her right here? How could he still have the cheek to be saying all this now? It’s really quite an eyeopener isn’t it?]

    But she had never been someone with the patience to deal with hypocrites like this. A corner of her lips twitched and just one single word rolled out from her lips. “Scram.”

    Jiang Shang Lin who had been thinking that the young lady was a rather tough nut to crack suddenly froze when he heard that one word. [She had actually….. said scram?]

    [Hoho. This is getting rather interesting. She’s actually a feisty and spicy little chilli isn’t she? But, that’s what he really likes.]

    The smile on Jiang Shang Lin’s face deepened, feeling rather aroused. He leaned in closer to that exquisitely beautiful face, almost about to stick himself onto the young lady’s body.

    “Come on, don’t be so cold will you? For you to have come to a place like this, you wouldn’t really be all that decent yourself. How could the gigolos in the Fragrance Court know how to serve you better than I can? I guarantee that I can make you…..”


    Those vulgar words suddenly halted, accompanied by a pitiful wail.

    Even Lu Ji who had been watching their interaction from a short distance away could not help but be stunned in place.

    The alluring and beautiful young lady’s slender and pretty fingers had picked up the teapot on the table. There was about a little more than half a pot of tea left inside, which was still steaming hot as it had been freshly brewed just a little while ago, and it was poured right over the head of the man who was leaning his face in close to her while licking his lips.

    Although the temperature of the tea was no longer piping hot as before, it still scalded the man’s rather good looking face enough to turn the skin on his face thoroughly red, causing the expression on his face to turn rather amusing.


    Lu Ji could not contain herself and laughter escaped through her lips. Seeing the young lady’s actions, she grew to like her even more, thinking that she possessed an indescribably commanding air.

    “You…..” Jiang Shang Lin’s face turned from red to green with anger, his finger trembling visibly as he pointed it straight at Qing Yu, seemingly seething with rage.

    Qing Yu’s face had an unreadable smile as she released the grip on her hand. The high grade celadon porcelain teapot fell with a thud onto the man’s outstretched finger, before landing firmly on the tabletop.