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Chapter 216.3 - Submit to Me, And You’ll Ascend to Ninth Heavens with Desire

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Even though it was empty at that moment, but the teapot was still rather heavy by itself, so it was not a light hit. The man could not help but wince in pain and his face turned an uglier shade.

    Qing Yu arched an eyebrow up and her voice was melodious as she asked: “Are you awake now?”

    Jiang Shang Lin’s body shook with barely contained rage. “Do you know who I am? How dare you offend me like this! ?”

    “Why would I care who you are?” Qing Yu curved her eyes into crescents, though the smile did not show inside. “I told you to scram. If you had obediently taken your sorry behind out of here, nothing would have happened. But you just had to continue prattling on before my face which got on my nerves.”

    How irritating. Came out for a breath of fresh air after being cooped up for so long and one just had to run into such a character. Qing Yu was suddenly feeling a little vexed and she stood up, wanting to leave the place. But several armoured figures suddenly surged in around her, men who seemed to be bodyguards, that blocked her way.

    Jiang Shang Lin’s voice was chilly. “You asked for this yourself. Although the Fragrance Court does not allow anyone to stir up trouble within their premises, but if someone intentionally picks a fight, they will not stop their patrons from settling disputes privately.”

    “Is that so?” Qing Yu asked with an indiscernible smile.

    “If you kneel down and beg me now, I can consider being a little more gentle with you.” Jiang Shang Lin had always been more forgiving towards beauties, not to mention this flawless beauty before him. Although he had quite a feisty personality, he was not beyond indulging in a little bit of fun.

    “If you beg me, I can also consider being a bit more gentle with you.” Qing Yu replied with a harmless smile.

    Jiang Shang Lin could no longer maintain that smile on his face as it turned dark and he said through tightly gritted teeth. “Capture her!”

    Hearing that, the guards immediately lunged forward to catch her but before they could even get close, the ground right before their feet suddenly had an entire row of glittering blades protruding out threateningly. If they had moved just a step faster, their feet would have been pierced right through.

    Trepidation immediately rose within their hearts.

    Seeing that, Jiang Shang Lin’s eyes quickly scanned the surroundings, seeking to see who was being such a busybody, to actually dare stop him from capturing his target.

    But that one searching glance caused him to be stunned into a daze. That lithe slender figure with its tiny gyrating waist came walking slowly over, every single movement she made seductive and alluring.

    But the expression on her face was cold, that elicited a little fear in people.

    How could Jiang Shang Lin not know who that person was. He had even tried to pursue her before, but was properly put in place by her brutal and vicious skills and he did not dare to harbour any thoughts about the woman anymore.

    “Miss Lu Ji.” Jiang Shang Lin smiled faintly at the approaching person. “I wonder what does Miss Lu Ji mean by this?”

    “The Fragrance Court forbids anyone from stirring up trouble. Don’t you already know this from your first day here?” Lu Ji asked in an icy tone.