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Chapter 358 - Fang Qiu Had Updated His Weibo Account Again!

Medical Master
     Li Xiucai was livid when he realized he couldn’t even bring down a student despite his high-ranking position.

    Frankly, he was not afraid of Fang Qiu if it had to come down to a bitter fight between them.

    However, it wasn’t worth the risk.

    This was because Fang Qiu was too cautious and wouldn’t slip up. Furthermore, he was acknowledged by the netizens online as a talented Chinese physician, so he was extremely famous. These might all seem very impractical, but they were reasons behind his success.

    This was why Fang Qiu could afford to boldly contradict him without fear of any consequences. Any other students would not have dared to do so.

    After he spoke to Director Mu from the Provincial Education Department several days ago, Li Xiucai knew that his official appointment as the vice principal of this university hinged on his performance over the next few days.

    He had to expel Fang Qiu before he could be officially appointed as the vice principal of this school. Otherwise, if Fang Qiu continued to practice Qigong over the next few days, his hopes of becoming the vice principal of this school would be dashed.

    “No way!” Li Xiucai slammed his hand hard on his desk and said with determination. “I’ll expel him immediately if he dares to pull the same stunt tomorrow. I don’t care how famous he is; I’ll be able to expel him for disrupting the order of the class and leaving early without a valid reason!”

    Li Xiucai swore to himself.


    That afternoon, Fang Qiu did not go to the hospital.

    Instead, he remained at his dorm room studying.

    At 3:30 PM.

    He turned on his laptop and used his VPN to enter the official website of ‘Medicine and Humans’.

    “There it is!” Fang Qiu immediately spotted his article on the periodical’s front page.

    He clicked on it and realized that his paper was not posted in full on the official website. Instead, certain sections of his paper had been posted, while most of his data and analysis on the effectiveness of Qi and acupuncture were hidden. The periodical had even invited six renowned specialists to give their opinions to verify the effectiveness, feasibility, and credibility of Qi when combined with acupuncture.

    He smiled in contentment after he read the paper.

    It was finally time for him to vindicate himself after putting in so much effort!

    He had an idea and immediately logged in to Weibo.

    His computer almost hanged because of the numerous direct message notifications he received.

    It finally managed to move after some time.

    He clicked on these notifications and saw that most of them were very critical of his actions.

    He shook his head and changed the status of these messages to ‘read’.

    Then, he returned to the main page of Weibo, selected an image that he had already prepared some time ago, and posted it without even including a caption.

    It was a simple image of a white background with black text.

    Fang Qiu did not write a caption, but there were many words printed on the image.

    “In the field of Chinese Medicine, Qi is recognized as the foundation of the universe and the basic building block of the human body and the thing that sustains the human life and activity.”

    “Essence, Qi, saliva, sweat, blood, and meridians are manifestations of Qi—an excerpt from ‘The Classified Classic, Visceral Manifestation.”

    Obviously, the text on the image was the Chinese Medicine’s interpretation of Qi.

    He also used an excerpt from a classical text to prove his point.

    Most people would naturally agree to the point he made if he provided proof, just like those who believed those strange messages that circulated on WeChat.

    Most people would repost these messages as long as the names of several experts were mentioned.

    However, this was clearly not happening to Fang Qiu.

    The moment he posted this message, his Weibo account that had just managed to quieten down, erupted in a flurry of activity again.

    “Did Fang Qiu just post on Weibo?”

    “Wow, I can’t believe he actually made another post.”

    “I thought that he had abandoned this account and that Weibo was going to deactivate it soon. I’m surprised he has made another post.”

    “Has his dormant account come back to life?”

    “Wow, his dormant account is active again?”

    “He has only released a statement after being at the receiving end of abuse from netizens for a week, so how could he post an image that advocates superstition! He is really obstinate!”

    “He’s out to trick others again. Do you really think you’d be able to get rid of the stain on your name if you quote a classical text?”

    “We have to call a spade a spade. Who would be able to interpret the ideologies of the past accurately? He must be dreaming if he thinks we’d fall for this!”

    “Give up. You won’t be able to clear the stain on your name!”

    “Fang Qiu, I’m really disappointed in you. I’ve been leaving comments on your Weibo account ever since you created this controversy. I had hoped that you’d be able to shake yourself out of this superstition to focus on learning more about Chinese Medicine, so how could you do this? Do you know that you’ve let us down by posting this image?”

    “My hero, I’m begging you, please focus on studying Chinese Medicine, won’t you? Stop promoting such superstitions.”

    “I’ve liked you for several months now, so can’t you give me some confidence that I can continue to like you and look up to you as my idol? Why can’t you focus on the right things? Why must you advocate such superstitious beliefs and make it so hard for me to continue liking you?”

    “I’m surprised that someone like him still has fans.”

    “Blacklist him for life!”

    Soon, there were several thousand comments on his post, and the numbers just kept increasing.

    “Haha, at least he finally admitted that Chinese Medicine advocates such superstitious beliefs.”

    “Wow, I seem to have discovered something amazing. If one can practice Qi with Chinese Medicine, does that mean that one would be able to achieve immortality?”

    “Congratulations on embarking on your journey to achieve immortality!”

    The detractors of Chinese Medicine quickly left condescending comments on his post.

    As the number of comments increased, the number of malicious comments increased as well.

    These people left incredibly hateful comments on his post as though they were bitter enemies.

    Frankly, the reason why everyone was so upset was that Fang Qiu was clearly making his stance and telling everyone that he was just as determined as ever and would not compromise on his values regardless of the consequences might be.

    Second, Fang Qiu had been under fire for a week now, but he completely ignored them, which showed how proud he was.

    These netizens would easily latch onto anything that could cause the slightest bit of controversy as a reason to paint anyone as the devil’s incarnation and make it seem like he deserved a fate worse than death.

    Clearly, Fang Qiu did not plan on engaging his detractors.

    He closed his Weibo tab after he posted on Weibo and continued to look through the excerpt of his paper posted on the official website of ‘Medicine and Humans’.

    Meanwhile, at the vice principal’s office.

    “Beep beep…”

    Li Xiucai’s desk phone suddenly rang.

    “The Education Department?” Li Xiucai was elated when he glanced at the number and saw that it was from the Education Department.

    “Are they calling to notify me of my official appointment as vice principal?”

    “That has to be it!”

    Li Xiucai picked up his phone expectantly and smiled as he greeted Director Mu politely, “Director Mu.”

    He was waiting to hear the good news when he suddenly heard Director Mu yell angrily at him from the other end of the line.

    “What do you think you’re doing?”

    “Ah?” Li Xiucai replied in confusion.

    “I’ve given you a chance but are you just abusing your authority without getting anything done?” Director Mu said angrily.

    “Director, Director Mu?” Li Xiucai shivered in fright before he hastily asked, “Did anything happen? I haven’t been abusing my authority, nor have I failed to get anything done so far.”

    “No?” Director Mu continued throwing accusations at him. “I’d like to know what you have been doing? If you have been doing your job, can you explain Fang Qiu’s latest post on Weibo?”

    Li Xiucai couldn’t help but shiver.

    Did Fang Qiu just post on Weibo?

    He immediately turned on his computer, and his face turned pale when he read Fang Qiu’s post.

    He hurriedly said, “Sir, he was just explaining the concept of Qi in relation to Chinese Medicine, so it shouldn’t be a huge issue, right?”

    “What do you mean?” Director Mu exclaimed in rage. “We put in a lot of effort to quell the controversy created from this incident, but now, his latest post has destroyed all our previous efforts. This will only serve to fan the flames of this controversy. You have to get him to delete this post immediately, right now! You have to make sure it is done right now!”

    Then, Director Mu hung up immediately.

    Li Xiucai quaked in fear when he heard the sound of the receiver slamming down, and he was immediately boiling with rage.


    His appointment was about to be made official when Fang Qiu had to go and mess things up.

    His post had even caused the Head of the Provincial Education Department to yell at him.

    If this continued, when was his appointment ever going to be made official?

    “I want you to call Fang Qiu immediately and tell him to delete his post right now!” Li Xiucai yelled angrily.

    His secretary did not dare to hesitate and immediately called Fang Qiu.

    “Hello?” Fang Qiu said after he picked up the call.

    “Fang Qiu, the vice principal has ordered you to delete your post immediately. This is an order from the Provincial Education Department. Delete it at once!” the secretary yelled.

    “Why should I?” Fang Qiu retorted. “This is my personal account, so who gave you the right to dictate what I should post? I wouldn’t delete it even if it were an order from the Central Education Department. I’m not committing a crime, so why should I delete it?”

    Then, he hung up.

    “Sir, he refused to delete the post,” the secretary exclaimed angrily.

    How could Fang Qiu speak to him in such a rude manner?

    “We will expel him if he refuses to take down the post!” Li Xiucai said. “We have to use this opportunity to get rid of this problem once and for all. Otherwise, he would end up causing our downfall.”

    “Very well. I’ll prepare the notice of expulsion at once,” the secretary immediately walked up to the desk and started to draft the notice.

    Li Xiucai took out his personal stamp and was ready to put his stamp on it once the notice was ready.

    Liu Xiucai was about to put his stamp on the notice when the secretary glanced at his phone and said, “Wait a minute!”

    “Fang Qiu has just posted again.”

    Then, he clicked on the notification on his phone, which brought him to Fang Qiu’s Weibo account.

    “What did he post this time?” Li Xiucai asked angrily.

    “It looks like an essay written in English and an acceptance letter in English,” the secretary said uncertainly.

    “Hmm?” Li Xiucai immediately returned to the computer on his desk and refreshed the page. He saw that Fang Qiu had indeed made another post, and he had posted two images just as the secretary had described.

    The first image was an English paper with a heading, and the second image seemed to depict an acceptance letter.

    “What exactly is this?” Li Xiucai froze in surprise.

    His command of English was not very good, and his secretary could not understand it at all.

    Li Xiucai clicked on the comments in confusion.

    “A periodical?”

    “This seems to be a paper from a periodical published overseas, and it seems to be related to Qi?” Li Xiucai sensed that something was amiss and immediately called a lecturer from the faculty of foreign languages over.