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Chapter 359 - Everyone Was Shocked by the Contents of this Paper!

Medical Master
     Three minutes later, a lecturer from the faculty of foreign languages rushed over.

    The lecturer carefully looked through the contents of Fang Qiu’s latest Weibo post.

    Soon, Li Xiucai asked urgently, “Are you done reading?”

    He didn’t know what this Weibo post signified, so he didn’t dare to put his stamp on Fang Qiu’s notice of expulsion. He could only wait until the lecturer translated the post for him before he decided on the next steps that he should take.

    “Yes, I’ve already got the gist of it,” the lecturer said with a nod.

    “What is it about?” Li Xiucai and his secretary asked unanimously.

    “It is a paper published overseas, and it is about the effectiveness of Qi when used with acupuncture, authored by Fang Qiu,” the lecturer said. He was surprised to find out that the author of the paper was Fang Qiu.

    “Fang Qiu?” Li Xiucai exclaimed in surprise before he asked hastily, “What is the name of this periodical?”

    “Medince and Humans,” the lecturer said.

    “What?” Li Xiucai’s eyes widened in shock as he repeated in a daze, “Medicine and Humans?”

    “Yes.” The lecturer nodded.

    “How could it be? How could it be?” Li Xiucai repeated in a daze.

    He didn’t understand English, but he knew a little about medicine.

    ‘Medicine and Humans’ was internationally recognized as the top ten periodicals in the field of medicine. This was the equivalent of Fang Qiu winning an Oscar!

    Fang Qiu had published a paper on this periodical, and it was about Qi!

    “How could it be? How could foreigners acknowledge the existence of Qi? How could ‘Medicine and Humans’ acknowledge the existence of Qi?” Li Xiucai muttered in shock. The more he thought about this, the more astonished he was.

    How did Fang Qiu manage to pull this off?

    Meanwhile, his post had caused an uproar online as well.

    At first, a large majority of the comments continued to hurl abuse at Fang Qiu until someone posted a translation online.

    “This is from a renowned periodical. I think it is named ‘Medicine and Humans’.”

    “I looked it up online, and this medicine periodical is ranked among the top ten worldwide!”

    “‘Medicine and Humans’ is incredibly well-known within the international medical community. The papers published in this periodical were usually impactful articles that would contribute to the development of medicine or humans. Hundreds of renowned specialists across the globe have collaborated with ‘Medicine and Humans’, and each specialist is known to have made a significant contribution to this field. ‘Medicine and Humans’ has an extremely strict selection process, and every paper that is going to be published will have to go through numerous rounds of verifications, and have to be validated by serval renowned medical specialists before it can be published!”

    “Holy crap, is he that impressive?”

    “It sounds incredibly impressive, but I can’t understand the article. The only thing I’m able to decipher is that they’ve used the romanized spelling of Fang Qiu to indicate that he is the author of the paper.”

    “This periodical sounds amazing.”

    “I took a look online and realized that no Chinese Medicine physician from China has ever published a paper on this periodical. Physicians who practiced Western Medicine have always been skeptical about Chinese Medicine, so it has always been incredibly hard for Chinese physicians to publish their papers. Even if their articles passed the initial screening, it would be eliminated later on, so their papers had never been published.”

    “This isn’t just limited to Chinese Medicine. Once, a top professor, who specialized in Western Medicine in China, submitted his paper to ‘Medicine and Humans’ on numerous occasions, but he was turned down each time. His papers are well-known domestically, but they have never been published on ‘Medicine and Humans’.”

    “No way, this makes him sound even more amazing.”

    “Let me look this up online as well.”

    Soon, after the translations and explanations of the significance of this paper were posted online, those people who hurled abuse at Fang Qiu online started to use the online translation tool to translate the words on the two images.

    After the translations were posted, everyone was astonished.

    “Oh my god, this is truly published by Fang Qiu. My classmate from English has also looked this up. This paper has indeed been published on the front page of ‘Medicine and Humans’, and it was even promoted online!”

    “What the hell, Fang Qiu’s paper is about Qi?”

    “Has the effectiveness of Qi and acupuncture been recognized overseas?”

    “Does that mean that we truly have Qi within us?”

    “My god, it has been acknowledged by such a renowned periodical together with six internationally renowned medical specialists. This is incredible!”

    “Does this mean that Fang Qiu wasn’t superstitious but that he had truly made a significant discovery?”

    The moment someone pointed this out, everyone on Weibo miraculously fell silent.

    Most of his detractors were sincere about supporting Chinese Medicine, and they had only hurled abuse at him because they were worried he would tarnish the reputation of Chinese Medicine.

    Many of them were influenced by public opinion, and they had assumed that he was superstitious, so they ignored the fact that he was only a first-year college student before condemning him.

    There were also many others who supported Fang Qiu, but they did not continue supporting him because they thought he was heading down the wrong path, and thus, they went from supporting his actions to condemning him.

    There were… far too many of them.

    How long had it been since they started hurling abuse at him?

    Was it a week?

    They had been continuously hurling abuse at him for the past seven days.

    They had used all sorts of horrible and disgusting vocabularies.

    It was as though Fang Qiu had become the person who they could heap their frustrations upon after work.

    If they were scolded by their boss, they would hurl abuse at Fang Qiu.

    If they had a fight with their spouse, they would hurl abuse at Fang Qiu.

    If they had been underestimated or bullied but did not dare to retaliate, they would hurl abuse at Fang Qiu.

    If they were bullied by others and could not fend for themselves, they would hurl abuse at Fang Qiu.

    What was even more ridiculous was that they had gotten used to hurling abuse at him, only to find out that they had been wrong.

    They had spent seven whole days hurling abusive words at him, only to find out they were wrong.

    Soon, those who had hurled abusive words at him online quietened down.

    They didn’t know what else to say.

    In other words, they felt embarrassed by their own actions.

    This was too goddamn embarrassing!

    This had already been a slap on their faces!

    Then, they looked at Fang Qiu’s previous post on Weibo.

    There were more than 500,000 comments, and they were all curse words and malicious comments.

    Now, this had been such a hard slap to their faces, and they longed to retract their words.

    However, it was too late.

    Unlike verbalized statements, their comments would be available online for the rest of their lives!

    Meanwhile, as Fang Qiu’s paper was gaining traction domestically, the foreign media also published their own reports when they saw his paper being promoted on the website of ‘Medicine and Humans’.

    Naturally, their reports were only published with permission from ‘Medicine and Humans’, so they did not reveal too much about the contents of his paper.

    ‘Medicine and Humans’ relied on exposure from the media to increase interest in their next issue, and this would also increase their influence overseas even as their sales increased.

    In any case, Fang Qiu had already guaranteed that he had only submitted his paper to them, so it didn’t matter how much exposure the article got because it would not be published by other periodicals.

    “A new discovery in the field of medicine, a shocking medical skill from the East!”

    “Qi? An astonishing discovery of modern medicine!”

    “We know that the energy from all living things is known as ‘Qi’ by the mysterious medicine practitioners in the East. They had developed a way to tap on this Qi!”

    “Qi is the energy of all living things, and the mysterious Chinese physician could use a new way to perform a blood transfusion by injecting Qi combined with Chinese acupuncture!”

    As these reports were published, many credible media outlets also started to interview the chief editor of ‘Medicine and Humans’.

    The field of Western Medicine was in a huge uproar after the interview was streamed live because the concept of Qi sounded ridiculous.

    There were many physicians and scientists who e-mailed the periodical and demanded to know the verification process that Fang Qiu’s paper was subjected to.

    They were very curious to know more about ‘Qi’.

    Meanwhile, the domestic media also quickly reposted the reports from the Western media.

    “The Westerners Are Astonished by Qi from Chinese Medicine!”

    “Qi Has Made a Splash Worldwide!”

    “Is This the Start of the Rise of Chinese Medicine? Qi Stuns the West!”

    As these reports were published, they quickly circulated on WeChat and Weibo.

    The self-media accounts online that had been extremely critical of Fang Qiu and his practice of Qigong, as well as the various media outlets, immediately quietened down.

    This was the moment everyone realized that times were different now!

    The West had already acknowledged Qi, while domestically, they had dismissed this as a superstitious concept.

    This was extremely tragic.

    If it had been any other periodical or media outlet, his anti-fans domestically would have probably continued on their agenda against him and might even use this opportunity to come up with a series of ridiculous news stories to paint Fang Qiu in a bad light.

    However, this was ‘Medicine and Humans’!

    This was a periodical that was a collaboration between hundreds of medical specialists who were internationally renowned.

    This was a periodical that had attracted the attention of the Western media and had given interviews almost immediately.

    They could not doubt the credibility of this periodical!

    Clearly, as this continued to gain traction, those who had criticized Fang Qiu remained silent.

    It would reflect very badly on them if they continued to hurl abuse at him under such circumstances.

    Those who had supported Chinese Medicine and who had been imploring him to change his stance immediately rushed into his Weibo account and started heaping praises on him.

    “I should have known you’d be this amazing. You’re my idol, Fang Qiu!”

    “My idol, I was wrong. I should have trusted you. I can’t believe I had questioned your actions even though I claimed to be your fan. Please feel free to penalize me.”

    “My idol, Fang Qiu, I’ve always supported you even when everyone was hurling abuse at you. I knew that you had your own reasons for adamantly practicing Qi. I can finally voice my support for you!”

    “I’m sorry, Fang Qiu. You’re still my idol, and you will always be. I swear on my future that I will never doubt you again.”

    “As expected of my idol, you have rewritten history again. You’ve only finished half a semester at your first year of college, but you’ve already managed to publish a paper in a periodical ranked among the top ten periodicals worldwide. It is one thing for your paper to be published in English, but you’ve even scored a place on the main page. This is amazing!”

    “I’ve hurled abuse at so many others online, but you had made this extremely tiring, and you are the first person who has managed to make me eat my words. I’m your fan from this day on!”

    “I’m now your fan!”

    Those who had been paying attention to this matter, those who had criticized him, and those who had not, immediately hit the ‘follow’ button, and the number of followers Fang Qiu had steadily increased.

    Soon, he had more than a million followers.