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Chapter 217.3 - Who Is Better At Bootlicking Here

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Lu Ji had heard a little about the incident a few years back, and she had thought that the thief had really been audacious and bold. But…..

    “Wasn’t it said that the little thief was a young youth?” Lu Ji asked with an eyebrow raised. Her memory was not that bad!

    Lian Ji shook her head in helplessness. “We were all deceived. This lass here is really good in disguising herself.”

    Upon hearing that, the interest in Lu Ji’s eyes intensified. She liked interesting people like this the most.

    Lian Ji was one of the few people who knew that largely unknown side of Lu Ji and seeing the look in the woman’s eyes, Lian Ji immediately said in warning: “You better not harbour any thoughts about this young lady. She isn’t someone you can trifle with.”

    “Why not?” Lu Ji asked, not understanding.

    Lian Ji’s tone was stern and unyielding. “She belongs to the Overlord. The Overlord treats her….. very differently.”

    “If you’re going to ask me how differently, wait till the Lord comes back and you can see for yourself.”

    Lu Ji stiffened her lips but did not say anything, the expression on her face dark and forbidding.

    After a round of naggy chiding, Qing Yu obediently went back to take her medicine, and Bai Zhi Yan gave her a sweet just like always, after she finished the bitter brew.

    A vein throbbed at Qing Yu’s temple. “…..”

    “That fella knew that you will not like the medicinal brew and he left instructions for me to give this to you after you finish your medicine. Does he really think you’re a small child?” Bai Zhi Yan looked like he really did not know whether to laugh or cry.

    But it was also the first time that Lou Jun Yao cared for another person so conscientiously, afraid that she would find the medicine too bitter, and was so doting on the little lass.

    Qing Yu felt as if she was being laughed at and she sulked for a good long while, her face expressionless. She then tore the wrapper off the candy and tossed it right into her mouth, before crushing it to pieces between her teeth, like she was actually biting someone in her mind, the thick robust sweetness unable to dissipate the aggrievement she felt inside.

    As if he was able to sense the indignant rage flaring out from the young lady, Bai Zhi Yan then said with a laugh. “You only need to take the medicine for a few more days. When all the scab on your back falls off and your skin grows back, you will not need to drink it anymore. This will also serve to be a good lesson for you as well. See whether you will still risk your own wellbeing to go save others next time.”

    Qing Yu scoffed disgruntledly.

    “Every time you get hurt, that tyrant Lou Jun Yao will immediately come torment me. Don’t you think it’s really difficult to be an Elixir Cultivator nowadays?”

    “I was naive and ignorant back then to be deceived by this black hearted fella, following him to roam and wander all over the place, living a life of suffering for many years. Turns out that he’s such a heartless one, who does not spare a thought for his underlings like me at all.”

    “You can see how that fella only treats you well, doting on you like he would his daughter. So, for my sake, can you take good care of yourself, so that you would not need me to put in so much effort to treat your injuries all the time?”

    “I’m sure you see what a hard life I lead here. Just worrying about Lou Jun Yao alone is enough of a headache for me and I know have another lass here on my hands. Don’t you think he’s such a troublesome lord to serve? And I have nowhere to voice my complaints, but to swallow them back down in my belly…..”