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Chapter 579 - The Grand Transfer of Shares

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 579: The Grand Transfer of Shares

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    Wen Xinya first headed to the cemetery to offer prayers to her late mother before proceeding to the bank together with Old Mr. Mo.

    When their car pulled over at the entrance of the bank, they were suddenly greeted with numerous cameras flashing in their faces. A bunch of reporters swarmed towards them, though they kept a distance away, for fear of offending the formidable Old Mr. Mo.

    Wen Xinya alighted from the car before opening the door for Old Mr. Mo and helping him out of the car.

    Old Mr. Mo ignored the continuous questions from the reporters and brought Wen Xinya into the living room.

    They arrived at the VIP guest room to see that everyone that had to be there was already present.

    Apart from the top lawyers from Extraordinary Law Firm, there were also several other authoritative members from the notary public. Of course, there were also several other respectable and reputable members of society who were there to witness the transfer.

    Old Mr. Zhong and Old Mr. Du were present as well. There were also those whom she had only heard of but never met in the past.

    The reporters seemed to have gotten a great shock and started snapping photos of them frantically. Reason being, all of the people present were reputable elders who rarely showed their faces.

    Old Mr. Mo said slowly, “Thank you, everyone, for taking the time out of your busy schedules to witness my granddaughter, Wen Xinya, inheriting my assets.”

    Zhong Yifeng said, “Haha! Old Mo, you’re being too formal. We’ve known each other for years. There’s no need to talk about these.”

    Du Shinan chimed in. “Old Zhong is right. Stop it with that literary jargon. It makes my head hurt. We’ll be here whenever you need us.”

    Everyone joined in the chatter and the atmosphere became lively.

    The bank personnel then unlocked a few VIP vaults in the room while the security officers stopped the reporters from entering or snapping any photos.

    Ancient books, antiques, calligraphy, jade pieces, gold and silver jewelry, gems, rare wood, and brocade… were all laid out one by one. The jewelry appraiser then authenticated the items and recorded their value.

    The members of the notary public then snapped photos of the certificate of authentication and saved them.

    The lawyer then allowed Wen Xinya to sign the agreement of transfer.

    The entire process was smooth and successful.

    Actually, Old Mr. Mo had already hired a professional authenticator to authenticate the items. What he did today was merely a formal process.

    At about ten o’clock in the morning, they counted the items, excluding the ancient books and wood which were invaluable gems. They then tabulated the values, which amounted to a total of 1.5 billion yuan.

    Old Mr. Mo then bequeathed some of his monetary assets to her.

    The total value of the items that Old Mr. Mo had given her amounted to more than 500 million yuan.

    At about eleven o’clock, the process of the transfer was completed.

    The lawyers then read Mo Yunyao’s will and explained clearly all of the terms listed, after which they then read out the terms of the asset transfer agreement. At last, the rest of the witnesses signed their names on the agreement and stamped their thumbprints.

    After the agreements were signed, the precious items and jewelry all belonged to her.

    Wen Xinya stared at her red-ink-stained thumb, feeling as if it was all too surreal.

    Old Mr. Mo gazed at Wen Xinya with a complicated mix of emotions, though he had high hopes for her. “Xinya… I hope that I can really push you to success.”

    Wen Xinya teared up instantly and stared at Old Mr. Mo firmly. “Grampy, I definitely won’t let you down or disappoint you.”

    “Obedient child!” Old Mr. Mo walked towards Wen Xinya slowly and hugged her.

    “Grampy, thank you!” Wen Xinya’s teardrops rolled down her cheeks.

    Although it was just some comforting words, everyone was touched, including the reporters who had been snapping away.

    At last, the authoritative members of the notary public read the two agreements out loud.

    Telling the media about it was akin to telling the entire world.

    At that moment, the reporters were flabbergasted and broke out into a commotion before snapping away in a frenzy.

    After the end of the ceremony, they exited the bank and the reporters chased after Old Mr. Mo and Wen Xinya.

    “Old Mr. Mo, these assets were left behind by the Zhou Family, Ren Family, and Mo Family. May I ask why you’ve decided to bequeath them to your granddaughter on the day of her coming-of-age ceremony?”

    Old Mr. Mo stopped in his tracks and said calmly, “I hope my granddaughter, Wen Xinya, will have a glorious day today which is also a major milestone in her life.”

    “Old Mr. Mo, your granddaughter has just turned legal today and yet, you’ve already transferred so many assets to her. Do you really feel safe about doing that?”

    Old Mr. Mo shifted his gaze onto Wen Xinya and said, “I believe that my granddaughter, whom I have nurtured, will count her blessings and know how fortunate she is. I believe she won’t forget her morals and will carve out a path for herself.”

    He intentionally emphasized on the fact that he had educated and nurtured Wen Xinya himself… Clearly, he did not want anyone to use Wen Xinya’s past against her. Wen Xinya had already turned over a new leaf and was no longer who she used to be.

    “Old Mr. Mo, I heard that your granddaughter has been learning from you ever since she reunited with the Wen Family. May I ask if she’s already become a bona fide socialite?”

    Old Mr. Mo answered with a sullen expression, “I won’t teach her to become a demure socialite, I’ll only teach her to become a virtuous and upright girl.”

    “What does that mean, exactly? Which virtues are you referring to?”

    “They are courage, justice, humanity, temperance, transcendence, and wisdom!”

    “Old Mr. Mo, what’s your opinion on your granddaughter, Wen Xinya’s scandal?”

    “My granddaughter is a caterpillar who has broken out of her cocoon and evolved into a beautiful butterfly. She has never denied that she had a shameful past. Hence, I don’t have any comments about it.”

    Old Mr. Mo had always been stern and austere when answering the reporters, thus giving them the chills and causing them to break out into cold sweat in fear. They then questioned Wen Xinya instead.

    “Miss Wen, how do you feel about receiving so many assets all of a sudden?”

    Wen Xinya smiled and said, “Honestly, it’s like a gem that has fallen from the sky and hit me on the head. I feel giddy because I can’t believe it’s real.”

    Her answer made everyone burst into laughter. “How do you plan to use the assets then?”

    “I won’t touch them until I have to. These assets are an accumulation of the belongings from the Zhou Family, Ren Family, and Mo Family. I hope to pass them on to my daughter as her dowry.”

    “Could you tell us about the arrangements for your coming-of-age ceremony?”

    “I’m sorry, but I’m afraid I can’t. It’s already 11:30 AM now and I’ve booked an appointment at Floral Lingo Pavilion for 1 PM. I have to be at Shande Mansion at 5 PM. I have a very tight schedule today.”

    The reporters did not pester her any further, though they found it a pity.