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Chapter 361 - Being Reinstated!

Medical Master
     “This is really a face-conscious age. He just shows up, and brings all these people to climax?”

    “Fang Qiu is both handsome and talented. He doesn’t let anyone else live!”

    That was what happened when Fang Qiu’s fan exploded. A lot of people who had never met or didn’t know Fang Qiu were filled with emotion.

    However, as the discussion on Weibo continued to grow, the news came.

    A worldwide medical and health organization decided to invite Fang Qiu to a foreign laboratory to test whether he could really develop and use human energy, which was also known as Qi in Huaxia.

    As soon as the news came out, it set off a national frenzy of @Fang Qiu.

    Almost everyone who had been following the event reposted this, and @Fang Qiu at the same time.

    Soon, Fang Qiu saw the news.

    He took a closer look and found that the invitation was sent by the microblog account of a worldwide medical and health organization.

    Fang Qiu was well aware that the organization’s mission was to bring the highest level of health to people all over the world, and that they were committed to fighting disease and innovative research in today’s medicine.


    For a long time, the medicines, instruments, prevention, and control methods and the like used by these organizations came from western medicine.

    They used little or no traditional Chinese medicine.

    That was because they thought traditional Chinese medicine was unscientific.

    After all, most countries in the world didn’t believe in traditional Chinese medicine.

    .This time, however, that might change.

    It was because of Qi!

    Of course, Fang Qiu wasn’t the kind of guy to chase profits.

    He had his pride, and so did Chinese medicine. For so many years, Chinese medicine had not been on the international stage. Was it because Chinese medicine was not strong enough?


    That was because of the pride of Chinese medicine and Huaxia self-esteem.

    Even if they did have abilities, they didn’t grovel to ask for approval.

    Chinese medicine emphasized seeking truth from facts and speaking with strength.

    As long as there was strength, one day, others would strive to recognize it!

    Today, the time had come.

    Looking at the invitation posted by an international medical and health organization, Fang Qiu pondered for a moment, then immediately reposted and replied, “Sorry! I have no time to go abroad. If you want to verify it, please come to Huaxia. I’ll wait for you!”

    As soon as the news was sent out, it aroused the patriotism of all.

    “This is really cool!”

    “Yes, Qigong is a treasure of Huaxia. If you want to test it, you come to our country!”

    “You want Fang Qiu to take our treasure abroad for you to prove? Do you think this is paying tributes? A few hundred years ago, you paid tributes to Huaxia!”

    “That’s the way to do it. They’re just foreigners. How dare they put on airs?”

    “What’s so great about the worldwide medical and health organization? Since you want to test it, come here and test it yourself. We are not afraid!”


    All comments and replies were filled with patriotism and pride of the motherland.

    But there were still a lot of people secretly worried about Fang Qiu.


    Could Fang Qiu really perform Qigong?

    Although it had been endorsed by Medicine and Humans, it was just paper. Journal editors and world-class medical experts had come to verify it, but it was just a few words on paper.

    No one had seen how Fang Qiu actually did it.

    Besides, how could Qi be so easy to verify?

    In the dormitory, when he saw everyone’s domineering reply, Fang Qiu smiled, shut his computer off, turned and walked out of the dormitory, toward the classroom building.

    Today was the first assessment day of the Young Physician of Huaxia Competition in University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine.

    The first round—theoretical knowledge assessment—was being held in the classroom building.

    This time, the top 100 would be selected from 6,000 participants.

    Although Fang Qiu and Jiang Miaoyu applied at the same time, they were not assigned to the same examination room.

    After the two met, they went to their examination rooms respectively to take the test.

    Meanwhile, the director group of the Young Physician of Huaxia Competition had seen all the heated discussion online, and held a love-hate relationship with Fang Qiu.

    It was supposed to be a great publicity opportunity for them, but Fang Qiu stole their thunder. Although traditional Chinese medicine became popular, the attention of the Young Physician of Huaxia Competition had decreased because of this matter.

    They couldn’t do anything about it.

    After all, Fang Qiu made the amazing attention himself.

    In school, the exam began.

    Because the number of candidates to be eliminated was very large, this time, the examination questions were all unfamiliar knowledge points from various classics and ancient books.

    At the sight of the questions, all the students in the competition were dumbfounded.

    These questions were too difficult!

    The point was that there were a lot of classics and ancient books that they had never read.

    How were they going to answer the questions?

    It might be hard for the others, but for Fang Qiu, it was, of course, a little too easy. After all, he had no less than 100 ancient books of Chinese medicine in his mind.

    It was no more than a piece of cake for him to answer these questions.

    Sure enough, Fang Qiu handed in his paper halfway through the exam.

    This time, he was still the first to hand in his test paper.

    On the other side, Sun Hao, who was puzzled by the test, looked out of the window and saw Fang Qiu strolling out of the classroom building. He was stunned.

    He had a look at the time and immediately smiled bitterly and said, “Fang Qiu is such a weirdo. Facing this kind of test, he can hand it in in advance!”

    After the test, Fang Qiu went straight back to his dormitory.

    When he opened his computer and logged on to Weibo, he immediately received countless people’s messages.

    When he clicked on them, Fang Qiu found out that it was during his examination that the medical and health organization decided to send an investigation team composed of medical experts and scientists to Huaxia for investigation.

    And the investigation would take place tomorrow!

    Fang Qiu gave a satisfied smile, clicked forward and replied, “I’m waiting for you!”

    His reply immediately caused netizens to follow suit.

    The comments were all, “I’m waiting for you!”


    “Doodle doodle…”

    In the office of the Vice President of the staff building, a telephone rang.

    “Director Mu?”

    Li Xiucai at his desk answered the phone at once.

    “Well, Fang Qiu’s paper is great.”

    That was Mu Weiping’s first words. Then he asked, “I heard that a worldwide medical and health organization is sending an investigation team. They would arrive tomorrow. Can Fang Qiu prove the existence of Qi? Superiors are concerned about this.”


    Li Xiucai was surprised by what he heard.

    Mu Weiping was the director of the Provincial Education Department.

    His superiors were concerned about this?


    Li Xiucai was hesitant.

    He was ready to expel Fang Qiu from this school. He had even written a notice to dismiss Fang Qiu and was ready to seal it.


    But now that Fang Qiu published that paper, the pendulum had swung.

    See, even Mu Weiping, who had sent him to fix things for good, was now starting to care about Fang Qiu. This left Li Xiucai feeling torn.

    Should he expel Fang Qiu now or not?

    If Fang Qiu could really verify the existence of Qi, and he dismissed Fang Qiu, his career was doomed.

    But if Fang Qiu couldn’t verify the existence of Qi, and he didn’t dismiss Fang Qiu, his career was doomed as well.

    The point was that Mu Weiping didn’t take a particularly obvious position now, and just asked him if Fang Qiu could verify it.

    How could Li Xiucai answer this question?

    If he knew the answer, why would he bother?


    Hearing Li Xiucai’s hesitation, Mu Weiping snapped, “Let me tell you something. This matter concerns some national policy adjustments. The superior already had a plan, only that Fang Qiu made it big. But his paper on Qi is a very good opportunity for the original plan of the superior.”

    At this point, Mu Weiping asked, “Can Fang Qiu prove it or not? Don’t make any mistakes this time!”

    “Director Mu, I don’t know either.”

    Li Xiucai answered with a wry smile.


    Director Mu raised his voice and shouted, “You are the acting Vice President of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine. If you don’t know, who knows?”


    Li Xiucai was embarrassed.

    “I’m not asking you to use politics against students by making you the acting Vice President. After so many years as an acting Vice President, you don’t even know the ability of a student at your school. What are you doing as an acting Vice President?”

    Director Mu said and became angrier and angrier. “You do not need to deal with this matter!” he snarled in a cold voice.

    With that, he hung up the phone.

    However, Li Xiucai felt like weeping but having no tears.

    Not only did he not know if Fang Qiu could verify it, but even if he asked Fang Qiu now, he wouldn’t get the answer.

    It was because he offended Fang Qiu so badly before.

    Now, even if he begged Fang Qiu, Fang Qiu would never tell him.

    “I’m done. I’m done…”

    Li Xiucai put on a bitter look and kept muttering.

    He knew what it meant.

    He was screwed.

    Director Mu said that he did not need to take charge of the matter, which meant that he was completely removed from the matter. In this case, how could he, who had nothing to contribute to the school, stay on?

    “Doodle doodle…”

    Meanwhile, in a neighborhood, Chen Yinsheng, who was watching the news on TV, got a call from the Education Department.


    He picked up the phone.

    “Is that Chen Yinsheng, President Chen?”

    Mu Weiping’s voice came from the phone.

    “Yes, this is Chen Yinsheng.”

    Chen Yinsheng answered while nodding.

    “I’m Mu Weiping from the Provincial Education Department.”

    Mu Weiping introduced himself.

    “Director Mu.”

    Chen Yinsheng shouted in surprise.

    “In fact, President Chen, I’m calling you to confirm something,” Mu Weiping said with a smile.

    “Don’t call me president anymore. Just call me by my name.”

    Chen Yinsheng smiled mockingly before he said, “If you have any questions, Director Mu, just ask me. If I only knew, I would tell you.”

    Hearing this, Mu Weiping felt somewhat embarrassed.

    He was the one who suspended Chen Yinsheng.

    Now he awkwardly called Chen Yinsheng.

    What was more, Chen Yinsheng was clearly reminding Mu Weiping that he was no longer a Vice President. How could this not embarrass Mu Weiping?


    Mu Weiping laughed awkwardly, and then asked, “I just wanted to ask you if Fang Qiu can prove the existence of Qi.”

    “He can.”

    Chen Yinsheng nodded at once and continued, “I’ve seen Fang Qiu do Qigong and acupuncture in person. I’ve also seen the amazing effects of this treatment in person.”


    With a sigh of relief, Mu Weiping said, “All right. I’m in a hurry to get to a meeting. You go back to school. There will be a notice of your reinstatement in a while. Please pay more attention to Fang Qiu’s verification of the existence of Qi.”

    Chen Yinsheng simply smiled and said nothing at his words.

    What he wanted was not the position but for the benefit of traditional Chinese medicine.