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Chapter 583 - Extreme Feminine Scen

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 583: Extreme Feminine Scent

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    The terrifyingly shocking incident was thus ended by Wen Xinya. The driver then continued to send Wen Xinya to Shande Mansion.

    Along the way, the driver would occasionally take a glance at Wen Xinya who was sitting in the backseat.

    Only a few of Si Yiyan’s most loyal subordinates knew that he was in love with Wen Xinya.

    Although they did not know much about Wen Xinya, they were extremely curious about her for being able to win Si Yiyan’s heart.

    After seeing how resolute and shockingly shrewd she was, the driver was enlightened and thought to himself,

    They pulled up safely at Shande Mansion.

    Wen Xinya and the rest entered the mansion, after which the staff from Soaring Public Relations company ushered Wen Xinya into the dining area. Wen Xinya was greatly tempted by the appetizing and delicious herbal cuisine.

    At this moment, Wan Niang walked towards her gracefully, clad in a Qipao dress. She said, “Ninth Young Master was worried that something would crop up and hence, he arranged for you to come to Shande Mansion earlier. Your beauty facial and spa session will occur here too.”

    Wen Xinya was reminded of her homecoming party which took place two years ago on Gu Junling’s territory. Yet, she had fallen for Xia Ruya and Ning Yuya’s trick. Fortunately, Zhou Huiyan had discovered that something was amiss and saved her from embarrassing herself.

    Si Yiyan’s considerations were apt and he had made all the necessary arrangements.

    Wan Niang brought her to a corner and pushed the door of a certain room open, after which a fragrant scent wafted up to her nose. It was a unique scent that she had never smelled before, though it was extremely heavenly. It smelled fresh and dewy, much more pleasant than Floral Lingo Pavilion’s dew essence.

    “Go inside!” Wan Niang said while leading her into the room, after which she locked the door.

    The room was empty and spacious and there was nothing in sight except a red rosewood ivory fan. It was incredibly beautiful, and Wen Xinya could tell that it was a priceless piece of antique.

    The warmth of the atmosphere was slowly taken away by the fan.

    “I’ve prepared a medicinal bath for you,” Wan Niang said while leading Wen Xinya past the partition.

    She was greeted with the sight of a large tub.

    Wen Xinya removed her clothes obediently and soaked herself in the fragrant water in the tub, feeling incredibly comfortable and at ease.

    “Aunt Wan, were you the one who prepared all of the herbal baths that I have been taking for the past three years?” she asked. Her body lacked warmth and Old Mr. Du had been helping her nurse her body back to health throughout the past few years. Si Yiyan also often instructed his subordinates to help her take regular herbal baths. The effects were clearly impressive and she was no longer that intolerant towards colder temperatures.

    “Yeah! The preparation is a tedious process that not all can manage,” Wan Niang said with a smile that exuded an ancient classic vibe.

    Gazing at Wan Niang in awe, Wen Xinya said, “Aunt Wan, you’re really impressive. These herbal baths are very effective. They’re even better than the health recipes that Ruoruo had concocted.”

    Wen Xinya was surprised to find out that Wan Niang was interested in medicinal herbs and herbal baths.

    Wan Niang explained smilingly, “My ancestor used to be a servant in the Imperial Palace, and the bath you’re taking now is a secret recipe from the palace.”

    Wen Xinya was extremely taken aback by Wan Niang’s revelation. She thought to herself,  Wen Xinya exclaimed, “Ah, I see. No wonder you’re so brilliant, Aunt Wan.”

    Wan Niang smiled and remained silent.

    Feeling extremely grateful at the thought of all the care and concern that Wan Niang had shown her in the past three years, Wen Xinya said, “Aunt Wan, thank you!”

    Wan Niang shook her head slowly and said while citing a line from an ancient poem ‘Qinghua Palace’, “You don’t have to thank me. Ninth Young Master told me that you’re afraid of the cold and wanted me to help you nourish your body. That’s why I contributed these recipes. Not only are the ingredients rare and effective, but they’re also very expensive as well. Every tub of bath that you took previously, was worth more than 10 million yuan per tub. It’s not an overstatement to say that it’s labor-intensive and incredibly expensive.”

    Si Yiyan had put in a great ton of hard work to obtain those herbs for her. In recent years, the Xiasi Group had also begun expanding into the Traditional Chinese Medicine field.

    “Is… is that so?” Wen Xinya muttered. Wen Xinya remembered reading the poem by Du Mei before. It described an emperor abusing his slaves and squandering away a huge amount of money in order to indulge in lust. To her surprise… Wan Niang actually teased her with a line from the poem, making her turn red with embarrassment, though she had no idea if it was just because of the warm bath.

    Noticing that she was getting shy, Wan Niang teased even further. “Of course. Unlike you, even the empresses and prestigious concubines of the past only got to take such herbal baths once in a blue moon. Yet, you get to take them every day. Each tub consists of 108 different types of herbs, all of which are incredibly expensive and rare. Ninth Young Master took three years to gather all the herbs required. I was extremely careful when brewing them, for fear that I would damage them by accident. I would be letting Ninth Young Master down then.”

    Si Yiyan was extremely doting towards Wen Xinya and he would do whatever he could for her as long as it was within his means.

    Wen Xinya was filled with a warm and fuzzy feeling and blushed shyly. She hurriedly tried to change the subject and said, “The herbal bath that I’m taking today is different from the one before. What are the effects of the herbal bath?”

    She had probably learned about medicine and herbal health recipes from Du Ruo. That’s why she’s full of curiosity.

    Wan Niang grinned and said teasingly, “That… you’ll have to ask Ninth Young Master about it. However, it has a beautiful name. It’s called, ‘Overwhelming Femininity’. It’s derived from the mysterious and wealthy country, ancient Lou Lan. It’ll help girls have better skin that smells fragrant and heavenly. The herbal baths that you took previously are mainly for better health, though they also have skincare benefits.”

    The effects would be better when combined with this herbal bath.

    Wen Xinya’s skin was excellent, to begin with, and Ning Yuya and Xia Ruya had both been jealous of her for having perfect complexion since the previous lifetime. It had improved tremendously after the herbal treatments and skincare products that Du Ruo had given her. However, she did not expect that it would be the effects of the herbal baths.

    Staring at her joyful expression, Wen Xinya turned red with shyness. She had a feeling that there was something that she was unaware of.

    She was reminded of pig rearing.

    Pigs were often reared to perfection before they were slaughtered!

    Wen Xinya turned even redder and thought about how much Si Yiyan had been suppressing his desires towards her. She could not help but think that that was the reason.

    She cursed Si Yiyan in her head and chided him for being cunning.