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Chapter 217.4 - : Who Is Better At Bootlicking Here

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Everytime Bai Zhi Yan starts on an endless tirade, Qing Yu was guaranteed to voice her protest, her face contorting up in disdain.

    But it was strange today. He had been rambling on for so long and the young lady had been looking at him with earnest interest. Not only had she not exhibited the slightest bit of impatience, she was listening intently, except for that seemingly slightly gloating expression on her face….. Does she need to be so obvious about it?

    “What kind of an expression is that on your face? Why are you looking at me like that?” Bai Zhi Yan asked in bewilderment.

    But very soon, he came to know why.

    A soft male voice came from behind him, magnetically low and enchanting, pleasing to hear. But to Bai Zhi Yan’s ears, it was absolutely nightmarish.

    “So….. you actually hold so much disgruntlement against me. Why didn’t you tell me earlier? If there is anything that I am doing wrongly, I can correct myself. I’ll make sure I change till it is to your satisfaction.”

    Bai Zhi Yan’s face turned ashen, his face incredulous as he stared at Qing Yu. He saw the young lady’s eyes curve up into crescents, her smile exceptionally radiant, looking exactly like a sly little kitten who had just managed to steal a fish.

    [No. That’s not right!]

    [Not a kitten. Kittens are not as sly as that. What is the name that Lou Jun Yao is always calling her again?]

    [Little fox, she’s truly a crafty little fox!]

    [That was rather wicked of her, to not signal to him at all. Don’t even know when Lou Jun Yao actually came back and how much did he really hear.]

    [She has been spending too much time with that black hearted fella and had become similarly black bellied.]

    Bai Zhi Yan turned himself around stiffly and when faced with the man’s face with its mirthless smile, he started to say sheepishly: “Err….. I was just chatting with the little lass and did not mean anything that I said. You’re really great, the absolute best, and there is nothing about you that needs to change. Mm. You must have misunderstood what I really meant. I was merely trying to express….. just how special you are to the lass.”

    “Oh?” Lou Jun Yao arched up an eyebrow, his eyes filling up with suspicion. “Do you really mean that?”

    “I only speak from the bottom of my heart!” Bai Zhi Yan quickly nodded and reaffirmed.

    “Look throughout the entire Cloud Heaven. Who can possibly reach the kind of attainment you have done before they turn a hundred years old, and to hold reign over a good part of the realm? Heavens know just how many people worship you so much they can’t wait to be lead by you! So, for me to be able to serve you, is an absolute honour to me, and I cannot be more glad. How could I possibly be dissatisfied in anyway…..”


    Qing Yu had been trying to hold back her laughter for too long and she had finally reached her limits, unable to keep it in and had burst out laughing.

    And with that burst of laughter, the stern and tense atmosphere that had built up in the room suddenly dissipated into nothing.

    And as expected, Qing Yu received a death glare from Bai Zhi Yan.

    She quickly tried her best to rein in her laughter and opened her mouth to say: “I’m sorry, I really did not mean to do that. I’ve suddenly come to realize that you truly have the gift of the gab.”