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Chapter 218.1 - Highest Point of Cloud Heaven – Mind Free Peak

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     And it wasn’t just great, but there was absolutely no one who was more glib and better at bootlicking than him.

    With his level of skill in sailing with the wind, if there was a bootlicking contest, Bai Zhi Yan would definitely be firmly entrenched as the champion.

    How could Lou Jun Yao possibly not be able to detect the hypocrisy in those words? He clicked his tongue and did not bother with Bai Zhi Yan anymore, walking himself over to sit down opposite Qing Yu. His long slender fingers picked up a cup from the table and slowly poured himself a cup of tea, before he brought it slowly to his lips to take a sip.

    Qing Yu’s face was taken aback slightly, her gaze fixed upon the cup in the man’s hand.

    If memory served her correctly, she seemed to have just drunk from that cup.

    It was like he had sensed her gaze as Lou Jun Yao curved up the corners of his lips and glanced at her. “What are you looking at?”

    “….. Nothing.”

    [Just forget it. It was probably just by accident.]

    “What is the situation out there like now? So many days have passed and Qing Tian Lin still has not found me. I don’t think that he will continue to search for me.” Qing Yu said as she looked at the man.

    Lou Jun Yao laughed softly. “Do not let your guard down. You should know very well how persistent that man is. You’d better wait for a while longer to let the matter die down further before you make any plans.”

    “How about the Faint Mist Sect? Does Little Bei know that I am fine? That foolish kid has always been highly concerned for me and if he does not hear any news of me, he will be very worried.” Qing Yu’s eyes narrowed as she said in a low voice.

    “You do not have to worry. That kid is so smart and he will surely know that you’re fine.” Lou Jun Yao said reassuringly in a gentle voice.

    “Mm.” Qing Yu nodded slightly.

    Lou Jun Yao placed his hand over the girl’s that was placed on the table, his finger running lightly over the scrape wound she got when they fell down the cliff before. It was a very shallow wound and it healed very quickly, left with only a faint and indiscernible mark.

    Qing Yu was startled as her hand shrank back by reflex. The man suddenly opened his mouth to ask: “In the time that you were in the Faint Mist Sect, did you discover anything? Did you locate any signs of Aunt Lan’s soul?”

    “Mm. When I went into the Forbidden Grounds, I sensed something familiar. But as time was very tight, I was unable to look into it carefully. I’ll have to make another trip to that place.”

    Upon saying that, her attention seemed to have shifted and she did not notice that her hand was still being lightly caressed by the man.

    “Mm. I’ll go with you next time.” Lou Jun Yao said gently.


    Bai Zhi Yan who still had not gone out felt his mouth twitch when he saw that scene.

    [That fella is really just too shameless!]

    [To take advantage of that young lady so brazenly, and still put on such a decent face.]

    [I just can’t make myself watch any longer!]

    He had felt that the man had been too cold blooded and unfeeling before, but seeing him being so caring and attentive now, he really wasn’t used to it.

    But, he was really developing towards becoming a more normal person and Bai Zhi Yan was hopeful….. that it would become better and better!