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Chapter 218.2 - Highest Point of Cloud Heaven – Mind Free Peak

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     As the highest realm, Cloud Heaven had robust and strong spirit power in the air, highly skilled pugilists as numerous as clouds. People from the lower realms were all doing everything they could to work on their cultivation seeking only to reach Cloud Heaven’s standard to ascend into the realm, bringing them one step closer towards becoming a powerful pugilist.

    The Cloud Heaven’s vast lands were divided into five parts. Territories of the Dark Lands, the Heavenly Healer Tribe, the Bright Moon Divine Temple, the Barbarian Tribe, and the Hunter’s Guild each taking a side, separate and independent.

    Besides these five great powers, there was another place that stood high above them all. That place was called the Mind Free Peak.

    It was said that only people whose cultivation had reached a certain realm of power and were truly able to achieve the Six Roots of Peace and Tranquility, with all their emotional attachments severed, people who holds absolutely no desire or passion, would then be able to enter this mysterious Mind Free Peak.

    No one knew where the Mind Free Peak was exactly, but only knew that it opened itself up only once every thousand years, where a strange phenomenon will manifest. A Heavenly stairway would descend from the Heavens high above, and following the stairs up would lead one to the Mind Free Peak.

    But whether that was just a legend or it really existed, was not known, as old freaks who reached a thousand years of age in Cloud Heaven could be counted on one hand, people who seldom revealed themselves, recluses who shut themselves from the world.

    Hence, no one was able to verify the truth of the legend.

    But recently, a rumour had sprung out of nowhere, claiming that the Mind Free Peak would open itself this year. Calculating the time, it had already been a thousand years and people from all walks of life starting to become impatient and restless.

    The Dark Lands were filled with a bunch of people who were not afraid to jump into the hustle in the slightest and upon hearing that the Mind Free Peak was about to appear, they were all on high alert. However, that fervour was expected to fade as the heat of the rumour dissipated over time.

    “The entire bunch of scoundrels must really be dreaming! Even if the Mind Free Peak really appears, does it have anything to do with them at all? Do they really ridiculously think that they can go test their powers! ?” Xun Luo clicked his tongue as he grumbled, his face disapproving as he walked inside.

    The moment he stepped into the main hall, he was met with the sight of two people sticking themselves so closely to each other that he berated them in shock. “The two of you had better watch yourselves! It’s only the middle of the day now!”

    Those two were just too much! It’s not enough that they were never apart all the time but they didn’t even care when they were out here in public like this. If he had come in any later, the two of them would probably have removed their clothes.

    Mei Ji raised an eyebrow seductively, her lips lusciously red. She leaned like there wasn’t a single bone in her body within the man’s embrace, her voice lazy and sultry as she said: “Ruining someone’s happiness, be careful you don’t suffer punishment from Heaven.”

    “Ptui! The two of you are being so indecent in public and you’re blaming me instead? Wait till the Overlord comes back and you’ll see how he will deal with the two of you!” Xun Luo said, his face full of contempt.