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Chapter 584 - Raising a Fair and Beautiful Pig Before Slaughtering and Eating It!

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 584: Raising a Fair and Beautiful Pig Before Slaughtering and Eating It!

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    During the one-hour bath, Wen Xinya’s mind was filled with thoughts about Si Yiyan and she began to think that she was really waiting to be slaughtered by Si Yiyan.

    Her muscles were incredibly relaxed after she was done with the bath. She was again reminded of the lines from a poem—

    “She bathed in glassy water of the warm-fountain pool,

    Which laved and smoothed her creamy skin when spring was cool.

    Upborne by her attendants, she rose too faint to move,

    And this was when she first received the monarch’s love.”

    Wen Xinya was extremely distracted by her own thoughts. All of a sudden, she slipped and almost fell onto the ground. Fortunately, Wan Niang managed to grab her hand and save her in the nick of time.

    Wen Xinya continuously tried to calm herself down and bit her tongue while chiding herself for overthinking.

    Just as her mind was in a state of frenzy, she was brought to another room where she lied down on a floral-carving bed. The room was filled with the fragrant and refreshing scent of incense, which made her feel sleepy.

    The door closed and Wen Xinya climbed onto the bed. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the relaxing and comfortable back massage. She felt as if the tension in her muscles had eased up.

    The beauty therapist whom Si Yiyan had hired was much more impressive than the one at Floral Lingo Pavilion.

    “Wow! It’s so comfortable!” Wen Xinya remarked sluggishly in an alluring voice.

    The masseuse paused in her actions.

    “Why did you stop?” Wen Xinya questioned in a sluggish and feeble voice, sounding a little displeased about the masseuse stopping just when she was having a comfortable time.

    She then continued the massage again. However, Wen Xinya felt that her hand was so warm that it could burn her skin.

    A deafening silence filled the room. However, there was a tinge of romance in the air. Wen Xinya asked, “What’s your indicative number when you work in Floral Lingo Pavilion?”

    She used to receive massages from Masseuse 09 at Floral Lingo Pavilion, who had incredible skills as well. However, she particularly fancied the techniques of this current masseuse and hence, decided to appoint her in the future.

    The masseuse snorted with laughter, though he did not say another word.

    “Who are you?” Wen Xinya asked, sobering up at the instant that she sensed that something was amiss. Just as she was about to stand up, she was pressed back down onto the bed while the masseuse breathed into her ear and planted a kiss on her sideburns.

    The familiar breathing and warm kiss made her confirm her guess. “Si Yiyan?”

    “Yes! It’s me!” Si Yiyan answered in a raspy voice which was low yet beautiful. He sounded like the melodious sounds of an ancient piano.

    “Why are you here? Where’s the therapist who’s attending to me for the spa?” Wen Xinya asked, feeling his body being pressed against her back. The warmth of his body seemed to have been transferred to her, making her tremble all of a sudden.

    “Wan Niang’s herbal bath is much better than any other spas. You don’t have to go for spas anymore. Besides, don’t you think that my perfect massage skills are better than those of beauty therapists? Not to mention, you’re the only person I’m serving.” He then pressed down on her back gently, the tenderness of her skin making his heart race.

    “So, are you pleased with my service?” Si Yiyan asked while rubbing a skincare product on her body while taking the chance to caress her skin for his own pleasure. He had long wanted to learn how to give massages. Later on, he found one of the best masseuses in the world and learned how to give a full body massage. He had finally had the chance to put his skills to test.

    Si Yiyan’s voice rang in her ears. It was low and beautiful.

    “Yes, I’m satisfied!” Wen Xinya exclaimed, his impeccable skills allowing the tension in her back to be soothed.

    “It’s time for me to reap the benefits, on the account of my tender and meticulous service,” Si Yiyan said while kissing her back.

    He planted a moist and tender kiss on her earlobes, causing Wen Xinya to be extremely enticed. “Ninth Young Master, are you going to steal the flower?”

    Her voice was sultry and sensual, and she sounded rather suggestive.

    “No… I’m tasting the sweetness of the fruit,” Si Yiyan said with a chuckle. He had been waiting for this day to come for a very long time. One could only imagine how agitated and gleeful he must have been. However, he knew that the time was not ripe yet and he still had to wait a little longer.

    His throat was as dry as a desert.

    He could not help but feel extremely thirsty.

    Wen Xinya felt as if her soul was set on flames by his intense gaze. She could not help but glower at him. “You’re not allowed to look at me like that.”

    The gaze in his eyes was dangerous and threatening, making her feel extremely flustered and uneasy.

    Si Yiyan asked, “How do you want me to look at you then?”

    She began throwing a little tantrum because she was getting shy.

    Wen Xinya pouted and said, “You’d better close your eyes.”

    At the next instant, she was overwhelmed with sudden trauma. She was filled with hope and excitement, yearning for her desires to be satisfied.

    They were both yearning for each other.

    Si Yiyan planted a kiss on her lips and smooched her passionately.

    Wen Xinya’s face was glowing like a blooming flower, beautiful, exquisite and graceful.

    “Si Yiyan, I want to hear you say that you love me in Russian!” Wen Xinya exclaimed, her lips trembling.

    “Ялюблютебя!” Si Yiyan exclaimed in a refined and clear voice, exuding a charm akin to that of the best wine in the world.

    “Si Yiyan, what does ‘Overwhelming Femininity’ mean?” Wen Xinya asked, gazing at him while speaking in a voice that was sensual and tender enough to erode a man’s rationality.

    “Overwhelming femininity, soul-entrapping love.” Si Yiyan smiled like a flower.

    It was not her first time seeing Si Yiyan being enticed. He would often be blushing with passion flowing in his brightly lit eyes. He looked mesmerizing and fascinating.

    Si Yiyan cast all of his attention and pinned his desires on her. He had given her all of his love and passion and she was the only person in the world who could see such a romantic side of him.

    “Are you going to raise me to perfection and then slaughter me?” Wen Xinya spluttered, feeling extremely nervous. She sounded rather sensual and coquettish.

    Si Yiyan was definitely evil.

    “No, I’m going to eat you after raising you into a supple and ripe girl!” Si Yiyan answered while chuckling and panting heavily, his hormones getting the better of him.