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Chapter 590 - The True Meaning of Words

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 590: The True Meaning of Words

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    Wen Xinya heaved a sigh of relief after the coming-of-age ceremony ended. The ceremony was tedious and complicated, and she had to rehearse it with Zhou Tianyu several times before getting it right. She was so stressed about making it seamless that she had tensed up completely. The heavy hair accessories and gown made her feel as if she was about to suffocate. Traditional customs and rites were too strict and serious.

    She was the center of attention for the coming-of-age ceremony.

    Wen Xinya returned to her room to change out of the ceremonial attire.

    The attire that she had donned today was a traditional Chinese costume that was known to be graceful and beautiful. There were several layers to the attire that was made out of precious phoenix embroidered silk, making her look posh and proper. Although it was classic and serious, it did not make her lose her beauty.

    The ceremonial gowns were designed and hand-stitched by Wan Niang. According to Wan Niang, the three gowns took her an entire year to complete, during which she had made several alterations in order to stitch it to perfection.

    Wen Xinya sat in front of the mirror and gently touched the hairpins and cap in front of her. She finally realized that the accessories which had played a huge role in the ritual today were bespoke pieces designed by the best jeweler in the world whom Si Yiyan had hired. The design and craft were meticulous, thus allowing for her to have such a grand ceremony.

    Wen Xinya removed the gown layer by layer.

    She was then hugged from behind and subconsciously began to feel a little nervous. However, it seemed as if she had some muscle memory and her body seemed to remember the warmth and scent of his hug, thus making her react according to her heart’s desire.

    “Xinya, you did really well today. You did so much better than I had imagined,” Si Yiyan said while hugging her tightly. There was a strong passion in his voice and his body became taut like a sword.

    Wen Xinya felt that his body was extremely warm. She said, “The coming-of-age ceremony is so complicated. I was so tensed up because I was really afraid that I would make a mistake. Fortunately… the ceremony was performed smoothly.”

    Si Yiyan chuckled softly and said, “What are you so worried about? With me around… I’ll definitely help you make the ceremony perfect even if you were to make any mistakes.”

    She had no idea that he had already thought about all the possibilities that could happen during the coming-of-age ceremony and had even come up with a list of strategies to implement if anything were to go wrong. He would ensure that everything proceeded smoothly.

    “I forgot about it! I just wanted to make it as seamless as possible,” said Wen Xinya, who had forgotten about the list of strategies that Soaring Public Relations company had handed her earlier because she was too nervous. Although she had brilliant memory skills, she actually forgot about it.

    Si Yiyan kissed her ear gently and said with a sigh, “My girl has finally grown up. She has grown into the greatest beauty in the nation and the subject of everyone’s envy.”

    Wen Xinya hugged his waist and rubbed her face against his chest affectionately. “Si Yiyan, thank you for everything that you have done for me.”

    He had put in lots of effort into planning the ceremony meticulously. It showed how much Si Yiyan cared about her.

    Si Yiyan buried his head in her shoulder and exclaimed affectionately, “Xinya! Langhua!”

    Langhua was the name that she had to use for the coming-of-age ceremony. Zhou Huiyan had previously called Old Mr. Mo, who had been discussing the arrangements for the coming-of-age ceremony with Si Yiyan. Hence, Old Mr. Mo asked Si Yiyan for his opinion, though Wen Xinya did not know that Langhua was the name that Si Yiyan had come up with.

    “Lang” meant that the sunlight and moonlight were brilliant.

    “Hua” meant that things had their own capacity.

    Together, “Langhua” meant that she was luxuriant and beautiful.

    “Yes!” Wen Xinya answered, as happy as a lark. It was the first time that she had been addressed that way and hence, was exhilarated.

    “Langhua, Langhua…”

    He continued to repeat her name again and again in an affectionate tone.

    Wen Xinya answered him again and again, not in the least bit annoyed.

    “You’re so beautiful today, so much that it’s enough to capture my soul,” Si Yiyan said while burying his face in her decolletage. During the ceremony, he watched closely without her knowledge while she stepped onto the carpet slowly, as if she was stepping on his heart. She had no idea that she had caused ripples to form in his heart while she strutted on beautifully.

    Her beauty was elegant and ravishing!

    Her breathtaking beauty was deeply etched in his mind and never failed to make his breath quicken.

    Wen Xinya deliberately pouted and said, “You mean I’m not usually beautiful?”

    Si Yiyan’s breath was extremely warm, so much that it seemed to burn her skin, making her feel a tinge of numbness from head to toe. Goosebumps began to form on the skin on her neck, causing her to quiver.

    “You are, of course you are. You’re beautiful all the time,” Si Yiyan said while kissing her lips gently.

    Wen Xinya grunted while he pressed his lips against hers with greater force. She was filled with euphoria and pleasure which surged through her veins. Every peck of his and the intense breathing, licking, and nibbling of her lips made her burn with passion.

    At the end of the kiss, Wen Xinya laid sluggishly in his embrace.

    Si Yiyan hugged her half-naked body and sat on the chair. “Are you tired?”

    Wen Xinya nodded with pouted lips and said coquettishly, “I’m dead beat. You have no idea how heavy the attire was just now. The hair accessories too, they made my neck ache.”

    She intentionally complained to Si Yiyan, though the ceremony was indeed rather arduous.

    “Let me give you a massage!” Si Yiyan whispered into her ears affectionately while rubbing her neck, lumbar and back with his nimble hands.

    Wen Xinya frantically grabbed his hand and said, “Don’t… I was just kidding! I’m not tired at all.” In order to convince him, she said solemnly, “Really! I’m not lying to you!”

    Si Yiyan’s massage skills were truly impeccable and she was afraid that she would not be able to control herself. She still had to change into her next gown and attend the banquet.

    “I’ll make it quick! I promise you’ll feel refreshed and rejuvenated,” said Si Yiyan, who never once paused in his actions.

    “Si Yiyan… don’t!” Wen Xinya felt a sudden soreness in her muscles. She grabbed onto his shirt tightly while quivering in his embrace like a pretty flower. Her red lips were raised slightly like tender petals.

    Si Yiyan smiled and said suggestively, “I really feel like doing you right now.”

    Wen Xinya held his hand and refuted. “Don’t! I still have to attend the banquet.”

    Si Yiyan caressed her smooth and supple skin gently. Once she settled down, he removed the rest of her clothing and helped her put on the gown that she would be wearing for the banquet.