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Chapter 363 - I Can Make You Feel Qi!

Medical Master
     Chapter 363 I Can Make You Feel Qi!

    Led by Chen Yinsheng, all the members of the investigation team came to a meeting room.

    Fang Qiu was already waiting in the meeting room.

    “Everybody, he’s Fang Qiu.”

    As soon as they entered the meeting room, Chen Yinsheng pointed to Fang Qiu and introduced him to the team.

    At his introduction, the members of the team looked at Fang Qiu at the same time, each with a look of surprise on their faces.

    Even though they had checked Fang Qiu’s public information in advance, they still couldn’t believe how young Fang Qiu was when they saw him!

    “Nice to see you.”

    Fang Qiu came up and greeted these people in English.

    Led by Ryan, the members of the investigation team shook hands with Fang Qiu one after another.

    “I never thought you would be so young,” Ryan said to Fang Qiu.

    Fang Qiu gave him a smile.

    “President Chen said that you were ready to start the verification at any time, right?”

    Ryan inquired.


    Fang Qiu nodded affirmatively.

    “Then, let’s start now.”

    With that, Ryan added, “In order to ensure the fairness and authenticity of this verification, we require that everything in the verification be done according to our requirements, including the site, tools, and everything else related to verification.”


    Fang Qiu responded and nodded.


    Ryan nodded and said, “Let’s go to the laboratory of Jiangjing University, with which we have a good cooperation. There are good equipment and precise instruments ready.”

    Jiangjing University was not a medical university, and it did not even have a department of Chinese medicine.

    Of course, it was undeniable that all kinds of equipment and instruments in Jiangjing University were very advanced indeed.

    For the investigation team, what they wanted to see was not the process or the result of Fang Qiu treating the patient, but the actual existence of Qi!

    “We don’t have to waste time.”

    Fang Qiu shook his head and simply said, “I can make you not only feel the presence of Qi on the spot but also feel its trajectory.”

    At his words, the five members of the investigation team were stunned.

    Feeling Qi on the spot?

    How did they feel it without instruments?

    Just as the five were wondering, Fang Qiu pulled something out of his pocket.

    Upon a closer look, they found that it was a meridian-collateral diagram.

    This was a standard male meridian-collateral diagram with the front, back and sides of a man arranged from left to right.

    On it, each meridian of the human body was marked.

    “This is?”

    Ryan asked in confusion.

    The other members of the investigation team were also puzzled.

    What was Fang Qiu doing with this meridian-collateral diagram?

    As members of the worldwide medical and health organization, they naturally knew that the meridians in the human body were real.

    Fang Qiu wanted to prove Qi’s existence with a picture like this?

    As these people were in confusion, Fang Qiu stuck the meridian-collateral diagram in his hand to a nearby wall, then came back and held Ryan’s hand.


    Ryan paused.

    At this moment, Fang Qiu mobilized his internal Qi, which poured directly out of his palm, into Ryan’s body and started running around the latter’s meridians.

    Ryan stared at Fang Qiu in disbelief.

    He really could very clearly feel that there was a stream of Qi flowing in his body, and the Qi’s track and what marked in the meridian-collateral diagram were exactly the same!

    “Is this Qi?”

    Ryan was stunned.

    But then Fang Qiu let go of his hand.

    Ryan’s internal Qi then dissipated.

    “Oh my god, this, this is…”

    By the time all the internal Qi was gone, Ryan was still staring and stuttering with shock.

    The other four members of the investigation team quickly gathered around Ryan, looking puzzled, to ask what had happened.

    “Do you have any candles?”

    Then, Fang Qiu suddenly asked.


    All the members of the investigation team shook their heads.

    “There are some in the dean’s office. I’ll ask someone to take some right away.”

    Chen Yinsheng, who didn’t say anything all the time, immediately took out his cell phone and called the dean’s office.

    At the same time, Ryan was describing to the other four the unusually clear feeling of the meridians and the feeling of Qi flowing through the body.

    At Ryan’s request, Fang Qiu made the other four members of the investigation team feel Qi as well.

    All the four, without any doubt, reacted the same way Ryan did.

    Shock and incredulity were written on their faces.

    Just as the four of them had finished feeling Qi, the staff of the dean’s office brought a bundle of candles and came to the door.

    “Now, I need you to examine the candles and seal the room completely.”

    Fang Qiu said as he handed the candles to Ryan.

    Hearing that, the five members of the investigation team immediately began to check the candles.

    After making sure that there was nothing wrong with the candles, they began to spread out, carefully sealing off every part of the room.

    Everything was ready.

    Under the puzzled gaze of the members of the investigation team, Fang Qiu lit the candles on the table and backed away over five meters.

    At a distance, he struck a blow at the candles!

    There was no wind, no movement of air.

    With such a simple blow, all the candles on the table went out!

    The scene stunned the members of the investigation team!

    Now, they finally understood why Fang Qiu wanted them to check out the candles and completely seal up the meeting room.

    A sealed meeting room meant that there would not be any wind in the room.

    In this case, how did the candles go out?

    In the very shock, the five members of the investigation team immediately rushed to the table, again picked up the candles on the table and began to examine. Someone even broke candles bit by bit.

    As a result, no mechanism was found.

    When they looked at Fang Qiu, the five members of the investigation team glanced at each other and took a deep breath.

    At this moment, they had to admit that this mysterious oriental youth’s ability was really too amazing!

    “Is this magic?”

    One of them walked up and circled around Fang Qiu, carefully watching him from top to bottom, trying to find a flaw in Fang Qiu.

    However, Fang Qiu just took off his coat and handed it to him.

    All that was left of his top was a short-sleeved T-shirt, revealing his two strong arms.

    “If you think it is magic, then I can take you to experience your own Qi!” Fang Qiu said.

    The five members of the investigation team were surprised on hearing the words.

    “Can we experience it?”

    Ryan asked, looking incredulously at Fang Qiu.


    Fang Qiu nodded at once and said, “Huaxia has had Guidance Technique for thousands of years. Since the human body has Qi, it must be able to use, practice, and control Qi. Then, there are Five-animal Exercises, Eight Trigrams Boxing, and then Tendon Change Classic, One Finger Punch. Eventually, they evolved into various forms of Qigong.”

    “Personally, I’m not a fan of the mysterious Qigong. Qigong is not a mystery. You can feel it in a quiet, natural state. But Qi is real, and I can take you through it right now.”

    With that, Fang Qiu stepped forward.

    The five members of the investigation team waited with excitement and anticipation.

    “Do as I say.”

    Fang Qiu said and then added, “Now, center around me in a circle. Stand upright, separate your feet, making them shoulder-width apart. Toes forward, without toe-in or toe-out. Feet down, hands down, eyes ahead.”

    Hearing this, the five members of the investigation team immediately followed suit.

    Even Chen Yinsheng joined in.

    When everyone was standing up, Fang Qiu continued, “Follow me.”

    With that, he raised his hands to his chest, pulled them out and folded them into a circle, while wrapping his hips and bending his knees.

    Then, when the tips of his hands were a fist apart, he put the tips of his fingers opposite each other, palms facing inward, fingers naturally separated, palms about 30 centimeters away from his chest.


    The six, including Chen Yinsheng, watched Fang Qiu’s movements as they studied.

    This time, Fang Qiu didn’t ask them to learn the kind of Qigong that the students learnt from him every day, but the kind of Qigong that calmed them down.

    Central Lake was not a place for quiet.

    So what he taught those students was not something that would calm them down.

    Fang Qiu had practiced the Mixed Qigong.

    It was quite powerful!

    It was because it was so powerful that they could feel their Qi more easily when performing this kind of Qigong.

    After teaching them once, Fang Qiu stopped and started correcting the posture of the six.

    After adjusting for the six, Fang Qiu returned to his place, saying, “Breathe naturally, relax physically and mentally, relax all your muscles, and have peace of mind.”

    Chen Yinsheng and Ryan began to relax.

    The other four felt self-conscious. As they were all standing in this posture for the first time, they seemed to feel very awkward.

    Helplessly, Fang Qiu had to get up again and adjust their position.

    Then, he told them to be quiet.

    When all the six quieted down and began to relax, Fang Qiu returned to his place.

    After a glance at the six, he immediately began to release his inner Qi.

    His inner Qi surrounded by a circle of the six, forming a field.

    With the internal Qi surrounding, the Qi within the six were soon induced to come out and began to flow in their respective bodies.

    This moment, the six people could not help but give a shiver.

    It was because they all felt that there was a stream of Qi within some part of their bodies running wild. It was a strange feeling as if a giant worm had entered their bodies, or a stream of water had rushed through them.

    These Qi appeared in the position of the legs, feet, arms, chest, and abdomen.

    They felt different parts of the body where the Qi was.

    There was some panic.

    “My hand, my hand…”

    “I have something in my leg.”

    “I feel like I have a bad stomach. I feel like something is running through my stomach.”

    Several members of the investigation team could not help but talk in alarm.

    “Don’t talk.”

    Fang Qiu stopped them at once, saying, “Relax and don’t ask. If you feel it, let it change.”

    After listening to his words, everyone stopped talking and could only enjoy themselves as much as possible.

    As if you went to bed at the wrong time of a day, it made it harder to fall asleep the more you tried, but as time went on, you gradually drifted off into sleep.

    This was the case with these members of the investigation team.

    In their panic, they forced themselves to accept the feeling of Qi rushing through their bodies.

    With the passage of time, they became to enjoy it unconsciously.

    Thirty minutes later, everyone felt their Qi surging. It was substantial Qi that they could feel clearly.

    At first, they thought they would get tired of standing up to practice Qigong all the time, but as a result, they wanted to stand longer and longer, because they gradually found that they were so comfortable that they didn’t even want to stop.