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Chapter 841 - Changing into stone]

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     Chapter 841  [Changing into stone]

    Liu Yi feels that his eyelids are very heavy…very heavy…

    He is unable to resist his urge to sleep and only wishes to sleep. Have a good sleep.

    It is yet another feeling pressuring his body.

    By his ear, he keeps hearing the shouting of Meng Xi and Lin Tong. Liu Yi knows. He knows that he must wake up.

    He tries his best to open his eyes and look at the surroundings.

    In the beginning,his vision is blurry and slowly, it starts to recover bit by bit.

    Liu Yi is unable to take this kind of cold which makes him wish to hug himself and shiver.

    But he suddenly senses that his four limbs are unable to move!

    “What is going on…turning numb from the cold?”

    Liu Yi subconsciously looks at his hands and legs and is astonished to realize that his arms and legs had turned into stone.

    “What the hell! What is this fucking situation!”

    Liu Yi got a huge shock.

    Liu Yi vaguely remembers.

    {Master, it seems like Moon Dream Death Palm.}

    Meng Xi had lived for a long time and had seen many things. She descends from Liu Yi’s hair and lands on top of his finger which had turned into stone and says, {Does master still remember those cultivators who had turned into stone statues in Fengdu City?}


    Liu Yi frowns, {So this is also a method of using the Moon Dream Sutra…}

    His entire body keeps turning into stone. All of his qi is all focusing on resisting, hence making sure that his entire body had not turned into stone.

    “Right now, I am fucked up ….”

    Liu Yi wishes to curse.

    Liu Yi wants to blow his top.

    “Oh? You have awakened?”

    At this moment Liu Yi hears a voice.

    Liu Yi got a huge shock and raised his head to see a woman in the prime of youth wearing red clothing standing by his side.

    All of Liu Yi’s cultivation is used to resist the Moon Dream Sutra thus he did not even know that outsiders had gotten close to him.

    Seeing Liu Yi’s vigilant gaze, the girl bent over and giggles.

    “You, scary big guy is afraid of a small girl?”

    “Scary big guy?”

    Liu Yi smiles bitterly, “Take a look at the current me. Where do I look scary?”

    “That is also true. Your current appearance is very ugly! You are not as scary as what the elders describe.”

    The girl laughs tenderly, “How did you become like this? Could it be that you met Heaven Deficiency Sect?”

    “Heaven Deficiency Sect?”

    Liu Yi does not understand.

    “That is a very large sect close by. I heard that it is an evil sect.”

    The girl is slightly concerned as she says, “Inside are demons and the one leading them is a demon called Master Jihong. He possesses an ability that turns people into stone!”

    At this moment, Liu Yi starts to think rapidly.

    The girl waves her hand in front of Liu Yi’s face a lot of times but is unable to attract Liu Yi’s attention thus she asks, “Hey, hey. Why are you not speaking? Did your head also turn into stone?”

    “So stupid…in the future, let’s call you Stone!”


    Liu Yi is startled awake and looks at the girl standing in front of him.

    “If I am called stone then what are you called?”

    “I call Yue Qinger. You can call me Qinger.”

    This girl is rather open, “Then what is your name?”

    “Just call me Stone…you see, right now aren’t I like a stone.”

    “That’s right. Of those who had been hit by this technique, it seems like none have lived. It is strange that you are alive.”

    Yue Qinger bends down and squats by Liu Yi’s side as she observes Liu Yi carefully.

    “Probably…it is because my life is more tenacious.”

    Liu Yi smiles bitterly, not knowing if he should be happy or sad.

    “Then where did you come from? Are you a person from the surrounding villages?”

    “No. I came from the world outside.”

    Liu Yi feels that this is okay to say and did not expect that he would attract Yue Qinger’s interest.

    “Real-really? You came from the world outside?”

    Yue Qinger’s face is filled with curiosity, “Quick-quickly tell me is the outside world interesting?”

    “Your Womanland…doesn’t have any channels to obtain news from the outside world?”

    “No. Only the elders can exit and enter Womanland as they want. The rest of us are not allowed to have any contact with people from the outside world!”

    “So strict..could it be that this place is a prison?”

    Liu Yi suddenly feels that these girls are slightly pitiful.

    “Anyways you will be in extreme danger inside Womanland.”

    “Wait a minute…”

    At this moment, Liu Yi’s mind short-circuited for a moment before he finally came to realize, “We are inside Womanland?”

    “Now then you react?”

    “Impossible ….earlier I was outside of a village! How is it possible that I am inside Womanland now?!”

    “Ah? Right…why would you appear inside Queen Spring…”

    Yue Qinger also sinks into deep thoughts.

    Liu Yi asks, “Doesn’t Womanland have a very powerful barrier? How can outsiders enter?”

    “I also do not know…you see that radiance?”

    Yue Qinger points outside the cave as she speaks.

    Liu Yi looks over. Right now his sight is not that good. He can only faintly see a golden light far away in the sky.

    “I see it.” Liu Yi nods his head, “That is?”

    “That is Elder Tang…ah wrong. That is Evil Tang’s Nine Heaven Fire Staff that he left behind in Womanland. It is all due to this Nine Heaven Fire Staff which allows us to support the Nirvana Great Barrier. Outsiders will never enter Womanland unless our Elder Qiu Han allows them.”

    “Furthermore, our Womanland’s unique Nirvana Formation also relies on the support of this Nine Heaven Fire Staff to work. If Womanland didn’t have this formation staff, then Womanland would have collapsed already. Those that lust for our Heaven Deficiency Sect would definitely take the opportunity to attack and occupy our Womanland by force!”

    “Anyways, no matter how you enter, right now at this place, you are in a lot of danger. You can’t walk around so hide here….after being hit by Moon Dream Death Palm, I hope that you can live a while longer and tell me more stories of the outside world. I will bring you my Womanland’s panacea. Although it cannot help you heal it can maintain your lifeforce for a while.”

    As Yue Qinger speaks, she takes out a pill bottle and pours out a pill from within before feeding it to Liu Yi.

    “Right now…I no longer have the strength to chew down the pill…”

    Liu Yi smiles bitterly feeling like he is like a useless person.

    “Not a problem. Then let me help you!”

    Yue Qinger blinks before placing the pill into her mouth and after chewing it into pieces, she bends down and feeds it to Liu Yi using her mouth.

    Liu Yi is completely stunned…

    “Okay. I have now fed you.”

    Yue Qinger raises her head and looks at Liu Yi wittily and says, “I remember that in the past when I was very sick, this was how elder sister fed me medicine! So it should be effective!”

    Liu Yi also does not know if what he had eaten is medicine or Yue Qinger’s saliva…either way, it is rather sweet.

    The medicine effect is very quick. Within moments, Liu Yi feels a surge of warmth spreading out from his dantian before flowing around his body.

    This surge of strength seems to turn into Liu Yi’s last hope. Originally he did not have any strength and now it seems like he can raise a trace of power-up which makes Liu Yi have some strength.

    The golden sun on Liu Yi’s back lights up. Although it is only a faint trace, Liu Yi can feel that his hands and legs petrification is becoming better.

    “For now, you shall hide here first. You must tell me stories about the outside world!”

    Yue Qinger mischievously waves her tied-up braided pigtail, “Otherwise, I will not care about you! Today, I cannot stay here for long as I have some matters to do. Rest properly first. Tomorrow, I will come and visit you!”

    Yue Qinger turns around and flies out of the cave.

    Liu Yi takes a deep breath and starts continuing to spread the medicine effect throughout his entire body.

    He controls this surge of strength and keeps attacking the petrification on his hands and legs.

    Following the stone becoming smaller and smaller, the amount of cultivation that Liu Yi can maneuver is beginning to increase.

    The cave is indeed very secluded. Looks like other than Yue Qinger, no one seems to know of this place which is a good place to hide.

    Thus Liu Yi borrowed this kind of place and kept treating himself.

    When Liu Yi’s cultivation base had finally recovered to 0.01%, he breathed out a sigh of relief before activating his black and white world.

    Borrowing his black and white world to slow down the speed of the outside world before he keeps restoring his cultivation!