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Chapter 218.3 - Highest Point of Cloud Heaven – Mind Free Peak

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     “Heavens know where the Overlord himself has gone gallivanting to. He doesn’t have time to care about what we do.” Mei Ji straightened herself up from Little Monster’s embrace and raised her eyes to look up at the chiseled line of the man’s jaw. She could not help but to lean in to kiss it.

    That sudden action caused Little Monster’s body to stiffen and his eyes that were already red as blood then deepened in shade.

    The large hand placed upon the woman’s waist could not help but to tighten its grip slightly, seemingly sending her a warning hint.

    But Mei Ji looked as if she was oblivious to it as she said with a sultry smile: “No need to be so anxious, we’ll continue in a moment once we get out of here.”

    A corner of Xun Luo’s temple twitched and his knuckles crackled loudly as his hands clenched up tightly. “I’ll leave if there’s nothing important.”

    He was not going to watch this licentious couple flirt with each other. Were they bullying him for being single and all by his lonesome?

    “Alright. We’ll stop pulling your leg. Of course I asked you to come here today to discuss something important.” Mei Ji kept away the naughty smile on her face and said seriously: “You’ve surely heard the story that’s currently spreading like wildfire out there about Mind Free Peak?”

    “What? You believe in such rumours as well?” Xun Luo looked at the woman to ask.

    “Rumour?” Mei Ji curled up her lips and asked with a faint smile. “Do you know who was the source of that piece of news?”


    “It came from the Bright Moon Temple’s Grand Priest, Cang Jian, a prophecy derived from the divination that was carried out half a month ago. How much of that do you think is true?” Mei Ji opened her mouth to ask Xun Luo.

    Xun Luo’s eyes darkened. “It’s actually a prophecy from Cang Jian…..”

    The Bright Moon Temple’s Ten Grand Priests was led by Cang Jian. Not just in the Bright Moon Temple, but even throughout the entire Cloud Heaven, one would not be able to find a better augur. His prophecies had never once been wrong and hence the news was highly believable.

    “After the Overlord’s absence for so many years, the Dark Lands is no longer like it was before. Besides the reclusive Barbarian Tribe, all the other powers with the Hunters’ Guild being the most aggressive, have been suppressing the Dark Lands. If things continue on like this, the Dark Lands might very well disappear from the face of Cloud Heaven as one of the prominent powers one fine day.”

    Speaking about that, Mei Ji’s voice paused for a moment before she continued slowly. “The Mind Free Peak might just turn out to be an opportune turning point for us all.”

    Xun Luo only needed to contemplate on her words for an instant to understand what she was trying to say. “You mean to….. ask our Lord to go climb the Mind Free Peak?”

    “That’s right. “

    Xun Luo furrowed his brows and shook his head. “That will not work. Don’t you know the Lord’s character well enough by now? He has never cared for hollow fame like this and would never want to waste his time on it. Moreover, doesn’t the Mind Free Peak require one to attain the Six Roots of Peace and Tranquility, to be a person free of desire before one can enter? The Lord’s aura is too devilish and tainted and I fear he might not even be able to take a single step onto the Heavenly stairway.”