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Chapter 365 - Fang Qiu, You’re a Traitor!

Medical Master
     The verification was complete.

    When the five members of the investigation team led by Ryan came out of the meeting room, they were very excited and thrilled.

    Meanwhile, domestic and foreign media, which had been staying at the school, immediately swarmed around.

    “Don’t push! Don’t push!”

    As the president of this school, Chen Yinsheng immediately stepped forward, acting as a bodyguard to block the press. When the school security team arrived, he stood out and said, “Guys, please don’t worry. Next, the investigation team headed by Mr. Ryan will talk to you. The field is ready. Please follow me.”

    Chen Yinsheng led the investigation team all the way to the sports ground.

    He had had an interview stand for five people set up on the sports ground.

    The background of this interview stand was the flag-raising platform of the sports ground and the five-starred red flag flying in space.

    After arriving at the sports ground, the members of the investigation team were arranged by Chen Yinsheng to stand on the interview platform and accept interviews from various media.

    “First of all.”

    Ryan, who was standing in the middle, picked up the microphone and told all the reporters before the latter asked. “After our investigation, we have confirmed that Qi is real. In the process of investigation and verification just now, Doctor Fang Qiu has shown us that there really is energy in the human body, which is unknown to people in most parts of the world and only known to Huaxia.”

    His words caused an immediate uproar.

    All the medium let out an audible gasp.

    Wasn’t that what they were waiting for?

    Only in this way, the topic could be strong enough!

    If Qi didn’t exist, they were busy in vain.

    After the sound of an uproar, most of the reporters could not help but be excited and thrilled, especially the media of Huaxia.

    In their eyes, Ryan’s words represented the recognition of traditional Chinese medicine.

    They wondered if traditional Chinese medicine could thus be justified, to shock the entire medical community directly and come into the international stage.

    Foreign reporters were also shocked.

    They also did not expect that there really existed such a thing as “Qi”.

    For a time, all foreign media could not help feeling that Huaxia was really magical and mysterious!


    When everyone was shocked and excited, the microphone was passed to the first reporter by the school staff. Taking the microphone, the reporter of Huaxia immediately stood up and asked, “Now that the verification has been completed, can you open the verification process?”

    “That’s off the table.”

    Ryan replied, “We videotaped the whole process, but it didn’t belong to us. It belonged to Doctor Fang Qiu. We need to talk more about it with Doctor Fang Qiu. It’s not going to be made public at the moment, of course, because we need to take it back and show it to the people concerned.”

    “Of course, we’ll come to Huaxia a lot and consult Fang Qiu!”

    The word “consult” caused a gasp.

    Then, the voices of discussion rose again.

    It was all because Ryan actually used the word “consult” in his speech.

    The foreign media couldn’t believe it.

    How could a medical scientist in a worldwide medical and health organization use this word to a freshman from Huaxia?

    Was he overestimating Fang Qiu?

    Was Fang Qiu really that amazing?

    And at the same time, media reporters of Huaxia were also very surprised, but they were much more satisfied and complacent.

    Ryan actually used the word “consult”.

    “Now, you know our country is great, huh?” they thought.

    Reporters then asked one after another.

    However, the time was so short that the investigation team simply answered several questions before they left.

    They were interviewed to announce the results of the test.

    Besides, after recording the whole process of verification, they were already eager to go back to the headquarters to study Qi in detail!

    At the same time, they wanted to let more medical experts and scientists in their headquarters together to see how amazing Huaxia Qi was!

    In the distance, Fang Qiu, who had never been seen, quietly turned and left after seeing the scene.

    When it was over, he left gently and hid his achievement and fame.

    After the investigation team left, the live broadcast of each major media and the network article quickly spread out at the first time.

    As soon as the reports and articles appeared, the Internet went wild.

    In particular, the words Ryan said in the interview excited all Huaxia people!

    On the Internet, the group that had been convinced that Chinese medicine was fake from the very beginning had been lamenting after watching the reports and the live video.

    Especially those western medicine doctors, who had been shouting to fight fake traditional Chinese medicine on the Internet under the banner of science, were all dumbstruck.

    They were completely dumbfounded.

    It was as if the world had been turned upside down and they couldn’t accept it.

    The most important thing was that what hit them in the face was not the traditional Chinese medicine, but the medical scientists in western medicine that they were proud of, who were from the worldwide medical and health organization and respected by western medicine.

    It hurt!

    Compared with the bitterness of western medicine doctors, the supporters of traditional Chinese medicine were happy, excited and thrilled.

    “Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine is recognized!”

    “Yes, the treasure of our Huaxia really shocks foreigners!”

    “After so many years, is Chinese medicine finally coming into the mainstream and the world?”

    “From today on, who dare underestimate Chinese medicine?”

    “Hero of Chinese medicine, Fang Qiu!”

    “That’s right. Fang Qiu deserves the credit for bringing Chinese medicine to the world!”

    The Internet was filled with excitement and jubilation, as if in a holiday.

    However, compared with the Internet, many doctors of traditional Chinese medicine in reality could not help but feel somewhat sad.

    They were also very happy that traditional Chinese medicine had been recognized.

    But, in their eyes, traditional Chinese medicine was handed down from Huaxia ancestors, and was the essence extracted by the ancestors of generation by generation with countless years.

    Shouldn’t this essence always be trusted by Huaxia people?

    Why did Huaxia people believe what they inherited after westerners came to admit it?

    A lot of old doctors of traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine masters could not help but shake their heads and gave bitter sigh after seeing through the essence of the matter.

    They had been paying attention to traditional Chinese medicine.

    They would not let go of any small thing that happened in the field of traditional Chinese medicine.

    So they started paying attention to Fang Qiu early.

    Now it seemed that Fang Qiu had taken two steps for traditional Chinese medicine. The first step was to prove the existence of the pulse in the battle of the pulse of pregnancy, and the second step was to prove the existence of Qi.

    However, they spent half their lives in traditional Chinese medicine, but they couldn’t get it to take a step forward. In terms of medical skills, they might be better than Fang Qiu, but when it came to contributions to traditional Chinese medicine, the young Fang Qiu had already surpassed them.

    Fang Qiu’s performance not only made them feel pressure, but also inspired them to move on!

    Some traditional Chinese medicine doctors of Fang Qiu’s age regarded him as their idols. With Fang Qiu as their target, they were more determined to learn Chinese medicine and began to read, study and work harder.


    Back at the dorm, Fang Qiu let out a long sigh of relief.

    The matter had finally settled down completely.

    Of course, it was not over yet.

    The existence of Qi was acknowledged, but the next step of promotion was the most important. All he had done before was to popularize it.

    He used the promotion of Qigong to promote traditional Chinese medicine.

    He wanted to make more people contact, understand, and love traditional Chinese medicine.

    “Ring, ring, ring…”

    Suddenly, the phone rang.

    He got a text message.

    Fang Qiu pulled it out.

    It’s from Jiang Mengjie.

    “Congratulations, Fang Qiu. You are as good as ever!”

    When he saw the message, Fang Qiu smiled and simply sent a thank-you reply.

    In addition, some people who had been concerned about Fang Qiu, such as Feng Xuexin and his wife, and several elderly people who were in charge of assessing the qualifications of craftsman doctor, were relieved to see the news.

    That night, Fang Qiu’s parents were at home watching TV.

    On local provincial TV, they heard Fang Qiu’s name. They both looked at each other, and at the same time, their eyes lit up.

    “Looks like our son is famous again?”

    Fang Qiu’s mother looked at Fang Qiu’s father and said with a smile, “This really looks like me.”

    “That’s because of my seed,” Fang Qiu’s father said proudly.

    As a result, Fang Qiu’s mother rolled eyes at Fang Qiu’s father.


    The next day, the state published a document related to the revival of fine traditional Chinese culture and the promotion of national confidence.

    It mentioned the traditional Chinese medicine and the Qi in it.

    For a while, people on the Internet began to frantically search for information about Qi.

    Seeing the good opportunity, some so-called Qigong masters immediately smelt a good chance to make a fortune.

    They were collecting students online, treating diseases and so on. They charged a lot, and the consumers had to make reservations, wait in line and so on.

    In anticipation of the chaos, Fang Qiu immediately posted several microblogs.

    “Although ‘Qi’ has been confirmed, I would like to warn people not to trust so-called Qigong masters.”

    “First, Qigong is not effective for all diseases. Seriously ill patients please go to the hospital, and do not miss the best treatment opportunity.”

    “Second, Qigong focuses on strengthening the body. If you use it to treat a disease, you need to know the relevant medical theory. So please do not listen to the so-called masters without medical qualifications.”

    “Third, Qi is real. If you really want to tone your body, you might as well do it yourself.”

    “Fourth, a man without virtue cannot meditate; Without meditation, Qi cannot be enriched. If you want to achieve a high level of Qigong, you must be virtuous and ready to help others. So this kind of person would charge, but never too much, and the treatment would be effective. If someone charges a lot more than the hospital for a medical treatment, and there is no effect. Please call 110.”

    He sent out four microblogs in succession, which made many people start to be alarmed.

    After all, Fang Qiu brought it up and confirmed it.

    If Fang Qiu said that, then those Qigong masters couldn’t be real.

    Besides, if there were so many Qigong masters, was it Fang Qiu’s turn to prove the existence of Qi?

    For a time, people, who had found Qigong masters to learn and treat disease, cancelled appointments.

    As a result, the cheery Qigong masters who were ready to make a lot of money could only see the money flying away.

    They were grief-stricken as if bereaved of parents.

    Wasn’t Fang Qiu trying to stop them from making money?

    A lot of Qigong masters were screaming that Fang Qiu was a traitor!