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Chapter 599 - Ning Shuqian Is Going to Have a Miscarriage?

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 599: Ning Shuqian Is Going to Have a Miscarriage?

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    Ning Shuqian was still bewildered.

    “Ah! Aunt Ning…” Wen Xinya suddenly screeched at the top of her voice. Although it was not shrilling, it sounded rather horrifying. It was as if she had encountered a terrifying matter.

    Ning Shuqian suddenly realized that the guests who were still smiling merrily just now had suddenly swarmed towards them. It dawned upon her that Wen Xinya was planning to expose her fake pregnancy there and then.

    By saying that she was trying to pay Ning Shuqian back in her own coin, Wen Xinya simply meant that she was going to take revenge for what Ning Shuqian had done to her by framing her during the Wen Corporation annual gala. Hence, Wen Xinya was going to expose her fake pregnancy.

    Ning Shuqian was caught off guard by Wen Xinya’s sudden antic. She tried to flee, only to realize that she was overwhelmed with excruciating pain, which made it impossible for her to even stand up.

    “Aunt Ning, don’t scare me. Somebody, help! Hurry!” Wen Xinya shrieked while squatting on the ground, continuously shaking Ning Shuqian’s body and appearing completely flustered and helpless.

    Wen Xinya’s call had attracted the attention of all the guests.

    Ning Shuqian gritted her teeth in anger and said, “Wen Xinya, you little bitch. How dare you plot against me!”

    She finally snapped back to reality and recovered from the shock. Resentment was written all over her face. She did not expect that Wen Xinya would pull such a trick. It turned out Wen Xinya had already planned this from the start.

    She had truly belittled Wen Xinya. She did not expect that Wen Xinya would expose her fake pregnancy during her coming-of-age ceremony without warning at all. What a relentless move.

    Wen Xinya said with a straight face, “Aunt Ning, you’d better put away that menacing expression of yours. Otherwise, if the reporters or guests were to see you, I’m afraid you might not be able to maintain the image that you have painstakingly built up.”

    “You…” Ning Shuqian was fuming with anger and continued to wiggle around on the ground in pain. She tried to stand up but to no avail because the pain her back and ankle were hindering her from doing so. She realized that she had sprained her ankle and back.

    Everyone looked on in shock as Ning Shuqian turned as pale as a sheet while struggling to get up. Filled with nervousness, the guests continuously stared at Ning Shuqian’s stomach.

    “I…” Ning Shuqian tried to explain that she had merely sprained her ankle, not wanting to let Wen Xinya’s plan succeed.

    “Aunt Ning, how are you? Does your stomach still hurt…” Wen Xinya asked, her lips quivering and her face as pale as a sheet. She looked extremely anxious and ill at ease.

    Ning Shuqian clenched her jaw in pain and said, “My leg, I just…”

    Wen Xinya instinctively looked at Ning Shuqian and said, “Aunt Ning, not only does your stomach hurt, your leg hurts too?”

    Ning Shuqian was at a complete loss for words. The yellow light was like a sharp knife that was cutting through her skin. “I’m alright…”

    Wen Xinya interjected. “You’ve turned so pale and you can’t even stand up. Are you sure you’re alright?”

    Ning Shuqian stared at her with eyes wide open and eyeballs bulging slightly. She wished that she could skin Wen Xinya alive, eat her flesh and drink her blood.

    “What happened?” asked a bewildered voice.

    Wen Xinya looked up to see that Wen Haowen had popped up from the crowd. As if she had found a straw to clutch at, Wen Xinya darted towards Wen Haowen and said, “Father, Aunt Ning… Aunt Ning… has fallen down.”

    Upon hearing her words which seemed like a bolt out of the blue, Wen Haowen stood rooted to the ground in shock and stared at Ning Shuqian struggling on the ground. He frantically rushed forward and asked, “Shuqian… how are you?”

    Upon sight of Wen Haowen, Ning Shuqian gleefully exclaimed, “Haowen, I’m alright. Send me… to the hospital!”

    Wen Xinya said anxiously, “Father, Aunt Ning seems to have had a bad fall. Her tummy hurts and she sprained her ankle too.”

    Ning Shuqian thought that Wen Haowen was her savior. However, she did not expect that Wen Haowen’s rash behavior would banish her to hell.

    A menacing and stern expression formed on Wen Haowen’s face. He questioned with bloodshot eyes, “Wen Xinya, did you do something to your Aunt Ning again? Otherwise, how could she have fallen?”

    He was reminded of the Wen Corporation’s annual gala, during which Ning Shuqian had also fallen onto the ground and became helpless. He was certain that Wen Xinya was behind it.

    She had used the gall to be arrogant and disregard Wen Haowen and Ning Shuqian, simply because she now owned ten percent of the Wen Corporation shares and had Old Mr. Mo and Old Mr. Wen to back her up, making her the most prestigious heiress in the city.

    Wen Xinya shook her head frantically and said, “Father, it wasn’t me… it had nothing to do with me, really…”

    Wen Haowen glared at Wen Xinya in exasperation, wishing he could give her a hard slap. “Wen Xinya, your grandfather had such high hopes for you and gave you ten percent of the Wen Corporation’s shares. Yet, you’re so vicious as to harm your stepmother’s unborn child.”

    Sensing that something was amiss, Ning Shuqian tugged Wen Haowen’s shirt and said in a shaky voice, “Haowen… hurry and take me there…”

    Wen Xinya frantically tried to explain herself. “Father, it really wasn’t me… Aunt Ning sprained her ankle because of the high stilettos that she’s wearing. That’s why she fell.”

    Lying on the ground in pain, Ning Shuqian could not interrupt at all. She glared at Wen Xinya angrily. However, she did not want to be blinded by the shiny gild of her dress. Her pupils constricted and she suddenly felt a little giddy. The cracks on her lips made her look agonized and frail.

    Wen Haowen stared at the stilettos on Ning Shuqian’s feet, at a complete loss for words.

    Everyone turned to look at Ning Shuqian.

    “She’s asking for it! She’s pregnant and yet she still chose to wear such high-heeled stilettos. No wonder she fell. Look how twisted her face is. She must have had a terrible fall. I wonder if she can keep her child.”

    “I doubt she can. I heard that her pregnancy had been unstable right from the start and she was even hospitalized for half a month before moving home. She even hired Master Luo Le to take her pulse. I don’t think her baby can take the fall.”

    “I doubt she can save her child either. Besides, she only managed to conceive after going through artificial insemination and taking ovulation jabs. I heard that fetuses conceived via such treatments are unstable and prone to miscarriages.”

    “Ning Shuqian is getting old in her years! She’s a high-risk expectant mother too. High-risk expectant mothers are prone to miscarriages. Look at her, I bet her life is at stake too.”

    “She almost suffered a miscarriage previously. Her pregnancy had yet to become stable and yet, she had another fall. I’m sure she can’t keep the baby.”

    “She knew that she had a hard time conceiving and was prone to facing issues with her pregnancy. Yet, she still wore such high stilettos. She’s not careful at all. Even if she suffers a miscarriage, she deserves it and only has herself to blame.”

    Ning Shuqian was dumbfounded. She lied frailly on the ground while her mind went blank, overwhelmed with resentment towards Wen Xinya.