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Chapter 603 - Pardon Me for My Inferior Medical Skills!

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 603: Pardon Me for My Inferior Medical Skills!

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    Wen Haowen looked embarrassed and was at a loss for words. He hesitated to speak a few times, wanting to ask for his forgiveness. However, seeing that he was engrossed in pulse reading, he was afraid of offending him if he were to disturb him. Momentarily, Wen Haowen didn’t know what to do.

    Indeed, Wen Xinya didn’t expect that previously, in order to gain Wen Haowen’s trust, Ning Shuqian’s act of injuring herself to prove her innocence actually left such an effect on her health.

    She recalled that period of time when she controlled the media and stirred up a storm with Ning Shuqian’s scandal. Based on Ning Shuqian’s temper, naturally, it was impossible for her to hold it together. It was definitely that time when her emotions became agitated and fluctuating, causing her brain to not heal properly, and resulting in this.

    Ning Shuqian had wanted to use the opportunity to manipulate Wen Haowen but accidentally implicated herself.

    Regarding this, Wen Xinya could only say that she was the one who had sinned and brought it all upon herself.

    Du Shinan was still reading Ning Shuqian’s pulse. His expression was slightly strange and solemn as three of his fingers pressing onto Ning Shuqian’s wrist kept alternating, as if playing the piano.

    The tinge of hope which was originally present in Old Mr. Wen’s heart was now like an extinguished oil lamp. “Master Du, how’s her pulse looking like?”

    Du Shinan withdrew his hand and placed it on Ning Shuqian’s left wrist.

    It was actually so mysterious!

    The atmosphere became slightly strange.

    What kind of pulse would actually make Master Du so solemn that not only did he take a long time to read it, he actually even changed hands?

    Du Shinan’s attitude made Wen Haowen feel as miserable as being toasted by fire in a wok. He swallowed mouthfuls of saliva and asked carefully, “Master Du, is there a problem with my wife’s pulse?”

    Du Shinan ignored him and continued reading Ning Shuqian’s pulse with concentration.

    With trembling lips, Xia Ruya’s almond-shaped eyes stared intently at Du Shinan’s hand which was placed on Ning Shuqian’s wrist. As if she had fallen into an ice chamber, her body was stiff and cold. Her icy-cold breaths entered her throat and spread across her chest, each breath feeling like inhaling a harsh and cold knife, piercing into her chest and causing a dull pain.

    She suddenly felt a sense of hopelessness.

    “Grandpa Du, how’s Aunt Ning? Is her injury serious and is the baby in her womb safe?” Wen Xinya also voiced out in uneasiness and fear, as if worried that if anything were to really happen to Ning Shuqian, it would implicate her.

    Du Shinan opened his eyes slightly and glanced at Wen Xinya obscurely with a tinge of strangeness in his eyes.

    Wen Xinya naturally understood the meaning of that glance. Her expression became mild and distant with a bone-piercing coldness in her eyes. Since Ning Shuqian had wanted to use the fake pregnancy to deal with her, she would get rid of this cunning woman once and for all.

    Everyone held their breaths in anxiousness. Du Shinan retracted his hand, bit down on his lips tightly, and didn’t say a thing.

    Wen Haowen hurriedly asked again, “Master Du, how’s my wife’s condition? How’s the baby in her womb? Can we save him?”

    Du Shinan stood up from the chair, looking all mysterious and finding it hard to speak.

    Old Mr. Wen hurriedly said, “Please, Master Du, simply speak directly.”

    Only then did Du Shinan voiced out sheepishly. “Please pardon me for my inferior medical skills. I’m unable to diagnose Madam Ning’s condition. Old Mr. Wen, please seek elsewhere!”

    Since they were putting up a show, he would put up a good one with that girl, Xinya.

    The words caused a stir among those present as they couldn’t quite figure out Old Mr. Du’s meaning.

    Wen Haowen’s expression changed dramatically, becoming slightly twisted, as he hurriedly asked, “May I ask Old Mr. Du what do you mean by this? Is there a problem with my wife’s health?”

    Old Mr. Wen’s expression also stiffened as he asked, “Old Mr. Du, please speak directly.”

    Du Shinan pursed his lips slightly and didn’t speak.

    At this point, Du Ruo jumped out from the crowd, walked up to Du Shinan, and said, “Grandpa, I want to try reading the pulse to see exactly what kind of pulse can stump even a prestigious medical practitioner like Grandpa who has been immersed in Traditional Chinese Medicine research for decades and seen all kinds of strange illnesses.”

    Saying which, Du Ruo placed her hand on Ning Shuqian’s wrist.

    Du Ruo’s words were also the heartfelt words of everyone present.

    “Eh?” Shocked, Du Ruo hurriedly changed to Ning Shuqian’s other wrist for pulse reading.

    Du Ruo’s exclamation made everyone hold their breaths anxiously.

    Du Ruo’s hand retracted as if it was scalded. “Isn’t she pregnant? For someone who’s a little over three months pregnant, her pulse should be intermittent and irregular. However, her pulse is steady, unlike that of a pregnant woman.”

    Unlike the pulse of a pregnant woman—this meant that she wasn’t pregnant.

    Du Ruo’s words were like a time bomb which made everyone dizzy upon explosion.

    Not pregnant? What was happening? Previously, at the Wen Corporation’s annual gala, didn’t Ning Shuqian announce her pregnancy in front of everyone, and even verified by the hospital?

    Wen Haowen’s mind was hit badly. His first reaction was to say, “Impossible. Did you make a mistake—Shuqian’s pregnancy is even verified by the doctor.”

    Du Ruo pouted and said, “My medical skills are inferior and made a mistake. Mr. Wen, please pardon me.”

    Despite Du Ruo’s words, everyone wouldn’t really think that her medical skills were inferior. Even if they ignored Old Mr. Du’s mysterious attitude, the fact Du Ruo had followed Old Mr. Du and learned medical skills from him since she was young, as well as her accomplishments in health and beauty supplements, were enough to make everyone believe that her medical skills were outstanding.

    Ning Shuqian was probably really not pregnant.

    Additionally, recalling how she refused to seek treatment previously, unwilling to let Old Mr. Du read her pulse, everyone was almost certain that Ning Shuqian wasn’t pregnant.

    Du Shinan said mildly, “My diagnosis is the same as that of my granddaughter’s. Our medical skills are inferior, please seek elsewhere.”

    His words triggered everyone’s concealed thoughts and awoken everyone’s shocked minds.

    Wen Xinya said in slight disbelief, “Grandpa Du, what’s happening? Aunt Ning is really not pregnant? But previously, at the Wen Corporation’s annual gala, I’d read her pulse and it indeed seemed like that of early pregnancy. Thereafter, the hospital has also verified it. Previously, Miss Xia has also helped to look for Master Luo Le to read her pulse…”

    Xia Ruya felt inquisitive, curious, and suspicious glances landing on her, making her feel pricked all over.

    Du Shinan couldn’t help but stare at her and said, “Don’t ever tell others that you learned your medical skills from me and ruin my reputation. Previously, when I asked you to study pulse reading properly, you weren’t interested and only learned the slightest bit. Now you’ve embarrassed yourself!”

    Wen Xinya instantly blushed, looked down, and didn’t know what to say.

    Everyone recalled how previously, at the Wen Corporation’s annual gala, Ning Shuqian had used Wen Xinya to reveal her pregnancy in front of everyone. Why didn’t everyone get it? She had merely faked her pregnancy and used the opportunity to attack Wen Xinya.

    At the end of the day, it was just a power struggle of a wealthy family. However, Ning Shuqian’s tactic of faking a pregnancy was too evil!