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Chapter 367 - Top the List Again!

Medical Master
     Chapter 367 Top the List Again!

    “Now let the exam begin!”

    As the teacher announced, the canteen door was opened, and everyone immediately rushed in.

    The one in the front was none other than the youth who had challenged Fang Qiu but instead was stopped by the three people including Zhu Benzheng.

    Getting the first paper, the youth turned around to sneer and look at Fang Qiu, and then turned back around to rush into the canteen.

    The rest of them naturally would not want to be left behind.

    They all queued, received the papers, and then rushed into the exam hall.

    The three people including Zhu Benzheng also rushed in.

    Instead, Fang Qiu looked calm and didn’t look like he was going to fight for anything at all.

    Anyway, the rules had said it clearly. Every student had two hours. Though he didn’t know how the school counted every individual’s time, Fang Qiu believed that the timer must have been very precise since it was a selection co-hosted by CCTV.

    Since everyone had two hours, why did he have to rush to get in?

    Though 100 people might sound a lot, actually, there were not that many.

    Soon, everyone got in the canteen.

    Only Fang Qiu was left, standing in front of the canteen.

    While walking up to take his paper, he asked, “Sir, how will the time be counted in this exam?”

    The teacher answered, “Haven’t I made myself clear? Two hours.”

    Fang Qiu said, “But, every student comes in at a different time.”

    The teacher pursed his lips and said, “It’s just taking a paper. How long does it take anyway? It’ll be over for everyone in two hours.”

    Hearing that, Fang Qiu changed his face, couldn’t help smiling wryly, and then quickly rushed into the canteen.

    Entering the canteen, Fang Qiu was slightly dazed.

    He found that it was not how the teacher outside had described where there was no proctor; instead, there were many of them.

    None of these people was a teacher.

    They seemed to get in among the 100 participants and were dressed in very regular clothes.

    Once in the canteen, these people walked to separate areas. They held papers but did not recognize any herbs. Instead, they walked around, observing every participant.

    Other than that, every corner of the canteen was equipped with cameras.

    On the wall, two lines of words were hung. “Discussing Not Allowed. Eliminated Once Found.”

    Fang Qiu uttered in his heart. “It’s pretty strict!”

    He knew that only 30 out of the 100 people would make it to the next round. The elimination rate must reach 70%, so it must be strict.

    Moreover, in this complicated situation, participants would use many more cheating skills than in normal exams. For example, for those who did not know herbs, they could totally find an opportunity to peek at others’ answers and wrote on their own papers.

    If everyone cheated, then how would anyone be eliminated? Everyone would pass the exam with a full mark.

    For this very reason, the school came up with the idea that they would lie to the students about having no proctors, instead, they would set them among the participants, secretly invigilating the exam, like undercover agents.

    In this way, cheating people would completely be exposed.

    “How many will be eliminated?”

    Thinking like that, Fang Qiu shook his head and slightly sighed.

    Then, Fang Qiu took a closer look at the paper and found the numbers on the papers were sequential, corresponding to the order of the ingredients on tables.

    “Let’s get this started.”

    Seeing everyone was recognizing herbs, Fang Qiu didn’t hesitate.

    He immediately started.

    However, not like most people, Fang Qiu didn’t start from the first herb. Instead, like very a few people, he directly walked to the last row of the herbs. Walking and recognizing, he quickly recognized all of the last row of the herbs.

    Then, he found a place where there was no one and started quickly and quietly writing his answers down.

    He had remembered the last row of the herbs in his mind. He would only need to take the last question as the first one and answer them sequentially.

    In the meanwhile, for those people who were also at the last row like Fang Qiu, they all darted surprised glances at Fang Qiu when they saw him writing by the side after only one tour.

    They did not know what Fang Qiu was doing.

    Because he was really too fast.

    He nearly left after one tour and didn’t even carefully look at the herbs.

    If he could just answer like that, it would be really unrealistic, right?

    When everyone felt surprised, after writing down the names of the last row of the herbs, Fang Qiu stood up and walked to the next to the last row.

    At this time, a shout rang. “What are you doing?” A proctor stood in front of a student, who was stretching his neck to peek at the answers of the person next to him.

    “What does it have to do with you?”

    The student rolled his eyes at the proctor.


    The proctor coldly snorted, took out a proctor’s license, put it in front of the student’s face, and said, “You’re eliminated. Now get out!”

    Seeing this, the student was stupefied.

    All the students in the canteen were also stunned.

    No one expected that there were undercover agents!

    At the same time, Fang Qiu didn’t care about it at all. He still followed his own tempo, recognizing herbs and answering questions.

    Then, everyone acted more carefully. However, still, some people cheated.

    In the end, every student who had cheated was plucked out.

    More and more proctors were exposed. The entire atmosphere in the canteen gradually turned kind of solemn.

    After 45 minutes, nearly 10 cheating students were eliminated and all the participants acted more serious than ever.

    At this point, someone suddenly shouted loudly.

    After writing the last herb’s name on his paper, Fang Qiu shouted. “I’m finished.”

    Hearing this, all the people in the canteen instantly turned around to look at Fang Qiu incredulously.

    He handed in the exam paper in 45 minutes?

    How was that possible?

    There were 500 kinds of herbs. He would need at least 50 minutes even if he could recognize one herb in one minute. How could he finish it in 45 minutes?

    Just when everyone was shocked, an exposed proctor walked to him and looked at Fang Qiu incredulously. Then, he took the exam paper in Fang Qiu’s hand. After a closer look, he found every question had been answered.

    Initially, he thought Fang Qiu cheated.

    Now, all of the rest students only answered one-third of the questions. Even if Fang Qiu had wanted to cheat, he would have peeked at no one’s answers.

    Handing in the paper, Fang Qiu smiled at Jiang Miaoyu and the three people including Zhu Benzheng and turned around to leave.

    In the canteen, everyone was flabbergasted.

    Was it too fast?

    At that moment, the solemn atmosphere caused by people’s being eliminated from cheating seemed to suddenly vanish. Instead, an atmosphere of competition took place.

    Without a doubt, Fang Qiu’s handing in his paper stirred most people.

    It was especially so for the youth, who was the first to rush into the canteen and had said he wanted to challenge Fang Qiu. His face darkened.

    Subsequently, apparently, everyone became more enthusiastic to answer the questions on the papers.

    There finally came a feeling of mutual competition in the air.

    Because only 100 people participated in the exam, plus many people had been eliminated because of cheating, it didn’t take long for them to grade the papers.

    At 2 pm, the results were announced.

    Just like in those previous exams, Fang Qiu still topped the list as always.

    He not only used only 45 minutes on the exam but also correctly recognized every one of the over 500 kinds of herbs.

    Other students were all very shocked.

    In 45 minutes, all correct answers?

    How was that possible?

    They couldn’t believe that. How was Fang Qiu so strong to that extent?

    How could a freshman year student have that kind of extensive knowledge in herbs? It could nearly be compared to a doctor’s or a professor’s.

    It was especially so for the confident youth who had challenged Fang Qiu.

    Seeing Fang Qiu’s grade, he was feeling completely devastated.

    He had started to recognize herbs since young, but still, he got some of the answers wrong.

    The most important part was he was the first one to enter the exam hall, while Fang Qiu was the last one to enter.

    If the two’s exam time was counted and compared, Fang Qiu could be considered having beaten the youth completely.

    However, again, thinking about the grades Fang Qiu had previously gotten, these students couldn’t help feeling embarrassed.

    A lot of them were older than Fang Qiu.

    It turned out that they hadn’t even been qualified to compete with Fang Qiu, let along to win, which left them feeling very upset and helpless.

    In the dorm, the three people including Zhu Benzheng were very thrilled and excited.

    Because the grades on the transcript showed that they were all ranked higher than 30th.

    Moreover, the three’s rankings could compete with the youth’s. They were not on a losing side at all.

    How could they not feel excited?

    Moreover, the three saw that Jiang Miaoyu also made it into the top 30 with a relatively high ranking.

    After all, Jiang Miaoyu was a descendant from a traditional Chinese Medicine family. How could she not pass this kind of exam?

    After the ranking was announced, the school also simultaneously released a notice.

    The top 30 of this exam would take the final exam, debate exam, the day after tomorrow, which fell on a Sunday.

    In the final exam, 10 people would be selected into the Young Physician of Huaxia Competition.

    Seeing the notice, everyone felt eager to take the exam.

    This was the last test. If they could pass that, they could enter the Young Physician of Huaxia Competition. For those 30 people who had defeated many opponents on the way, they all felt very confident and believed they could be one of the top 10.

    Especially, the group of young men, who came from the civil world and had been learning medicine since young, wanted to seize the opportunity to compete with Fang Qiu in the debate exam!

    Young as they might look, they were very experienced in medicine.

    Though they knew Fang Qiu was capable, in their most familiar field, they still had the confidence to confront Fang Qiu. If they didn’t even have that confidence, how were they confident enough to enroll in the exam in the first place?

    On the very night, the long-anticipated latest issue of “Medicine and Humans” came out.

    Many people had been expecting this day. Globally, there were nearly people from all of the countries who wanted to see the content of Fang Qiu’s essay on “Qi”.

    Under such a situation, once the magazine came out, many professors and experts quickly came to some internationally famous school to borrow it.

    It turned out that even a lot of professors and experts hadn’t borrowed it, because, before them, some people had long waited to borrow it.

    Even, many professors left their names on the waiting list for the magazine in many school’s libraries.

    Almost at the same time, the same things happened in many countries’ cities.

    It was especially so in the UK.

    Being the home country to “Medicine and Humans”, its citizens paid very much attention to this matter. Therefore, many famous medical experts demanded they booked the magazine in advance, but they couldn’t get their hands on it at all.

    Because the “Medicine and Humans” issues were only available for its subscribers.

    If one subscribed to it now, he could only get the issue one month later.

    Because of that, the issue that contained Fang Qiu’s essay became so rare.

    In a medical school in the UK, a very world-famous professor also went to the library to borrow. When he found it was already borrowed, he turned to a colleague who had been subscribing to “Medicine and Humans”.

    However, when he found his colleague, he found the person already surrounded by many people.

    The surrounding people were all medical experts and professors.

    In the end, they gathered and read together.