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Chapter 368 - The Great Huaxia

Medical Master
     Chapter 368 The Great Huaxia

    A group of people gathered together and stared intently at every word on the periodical.

    It was a short paper.

    However, after reading, this group of professors and experts were so surprised that they couldn’t utter a word.

    “Is there really Qi in the human body?” asked one of the professors in shock.

    “According to the paper, Qi is a subtle and unfathomable thing, but people can really feel it?” Another expert asked.

    In these experts’ opinions, how could you feel something so subtle?

    For example, could anyone feel germs on their hands?

    Absolutely no. Besides, germs aren’t even that subtle.

    “How can this thing be controlled by a human being? Why does it feel like a myth to me?” A professor raised his eyebrow, shaking his head.

    There was a lot of data and evidence in the paper, but he couldn’t believe such a thing existed in the world.

    For example, could humans control germs without using any tools?

    The answer was clear. They couldn’t do it.

    “I think everything about the paper is fake and that it is not even verified!” One expert began to question the authenticity of the paper.

    “We can’t be sure of that.” A professor shook his head. “Don’t forget, this paper comes from the mysterious ancient nation—Huaxia. The country is indeed full of mystery. It’s possible that some mysterious things were preserved in Huaxia.”

    When that came out, everyone was deep in thought.

    “And, as you know, there are tribes in Africa where witchcraft can also cure disease.”

    The professor continued, “Actually, this paper can be true, because a number of scientists and medical experts who are prominent figures of the medical field have proved it. These people won’t risk their reputation or the future of medicine to do that.”

    Hearing that, everybody nodded.

    Being published in “Medicine and Humans” could also prove that the paper was true and that Qi was real, too. However, for those who never experienced something like Qi, it was too unreal to be believed.

    Most importantly, they didn’t know how to use Qi and they couldn’t use it, which was a blow to them.

    Such things as professors and experts getting together to read periodicals were happening all over the UK.

    In order to meet the needs of the masses, the “Medicine and Humans” also announced that it would make more copies of this periodical.

    Then, as soon as the news got out, more orders of the periodical were requested, including orders from other countries.

    The chief editor was startled by the periodical’s popularity.

    This time, “Medicine and Humans” became a complete hit.

    Once among the top 10 in the world, they had now become even more well-known. Countless colleges and universities that had never subscribed to their periodical before all called to prepare to sign the subscription contracts. Some famous medical organizations and renowned hospitals also announced their long-term subscriptions to the periodical “Medicine and Humans”.

    It was beyond anyone’s expectation.

    The chief editor of the periodical directly announced that Harry, the editor who discovered and took part in the verification of the paper, would be granted a generous bonus and paid vacation.

    Heating what he said, Harry couldn’t be more excited.

    All his overtime finally paid off.

    In the meantime, people in many other countries had also seen pictures of the periodical on the Internet.

    There’s no doubt about anyone who saw the paper was shocked.

    The method of Qi plus acupuncture could be so powerful.

    It would be amazing if it could actually work as it had stated on the periodical.

    Chinese Medicine could actually cure the disease that was incurable to Western medicine, which was a huge shock to people related to medicine in the whole world.

    Western medicine had always been regarded as the world’s greatest medical means. In many countries, there was even only the existence of Western medicine, leading everyone to think that Western medicine was everything. A disease couldn’t be cured if Western medicine didn’t have a solution.

    Now, the emergence of traditional Chinese Medicine shocked these people.

    According to the data and effect of treatment shown in the paper, the power of Chinese Medicine was amazing.

    Most of them felt that Fang Qiu’s paper seemed to bring a whole new world to them, making them start paying attention to traditional Chinese Medicine and even thinking it was necessary to study this human energy.

    At a scientific research institute of a city in England, a bald middle-aged man sitting in front of a desk was reading a variety of drafts in his hands. He was so annoyed that he couldn’t help scratching his head.

    He’s Ziegler, a physicist.

    He had been in this institute for more than five years. He was working on a project for the last five years. Now that the research of that project had been completed, he must find a new project to continue his research to make sure he wouldn’t get fired.

    However, it had been several months since the last project was completed.

    He didn’t find a new direction of research in months. His boss had given him an ultimatum that if he couldn’t find something new and worthwhile, he didn’t need to come back to the office next month.

    Ziegler was so anxious.

    He spent almost every day of the week at the institute, searching for possibilities.

    Unfortunately, he just couldn’t find anything.

    “Rip!” Suddenly, there was a tearing sound.

    Ziegler who was lost in his thought turned to have a look, only to find that his colleague was tearing open a package with great excitement. He took out a periodical from the package. He eagerly opened the periodical and read it before he had time to take the trash out.

    “What are you looking at?” Ziegler asked, getting up from his seat.

    “A magical paper about the mysterious method of Qi.” The colleague replied.

    “Qi? What is that?” asked Ziegler.

    “The paper says it’s a mysterious energy that belongs to the human body,” said the colleague.

    “Mysterious energy?” Hearing this, Ziegler’s eyes brightened, and then he rushed forward and said, “Let me have a look.”

    Soon, he finished reading Fang Qiu’s paper, “I found it, I found it!” Ziegler said with excitement.

    “What did you find?” The colleague was confused.

    “My research direction! That’s it! The mysterious energy in the human body.” Ziegler said, pointing to the periodical paper.

    This paper just solved the problem that had been plaguing him for months.

    “The mysterious energy of the human body? Isn’t that something I have always been so interested in?” He thought to himself.

    He didn’t mention it to anyone before because no one believed that there was mysterious energy in the human body, but now that he had this paper as a basis, he would have enough arguments to do this kind of mysterious research.

    “That’s help from heaven!” Ziegler let out a cry of excitement in his heart.

    Ziegler immediately turned away and went to apply for research grants.

    With the publication of the paper on Medicine and Humans, all of a sudden, almost everyone started talking about Fang Qiu’s paper in Huaxia.

    Although Qi had been verified by Medicine and Humans and the World Health Organization, many people still doubted it after reading the paper, for it was so surreal.

    Of course, more people were shocked.

    They were shocked because they knew that Qi was real.

    In addition to the general public and Internet users, the domestic major media had also joined in the discussion one after another.

    A lot of media were working overnight to get the news out.

    The next morning, many people woke up only to find that the news on the Internet had changed dramatically overnight.

    Anyone who turned on their computer received all kinds of pop-ups immediately.

    When they turned to the websites, they found that so many related foreign news reports had been translated into Chinese and they were all over the Internet.

    The Internet users were all confused as they saw this change.

    What was going on?

    What was going on here?

    How could it possibly have that kind of influence?

    What exactly did Fang Qiu write?

    There’s no doubt that most people began to read the news due to their curiosity, including those who had never involved in the matter or never cared about traditional Chinese Medicine began to search the Internet and asked what happened.

    In the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine, Fang Qiu also noted various reports on the Internet.

    He thought for a while and logged on Weibo where he posted a Chinese version of the paper.

    Of course, it was sent as a picture.

    It immediately drew a great number of people’s attention as soon as the Chinese version of the paper appeared.

    When they finished reading the paper, everyone was stunned.

    Like those foreigners, they could not believe that Qi plus acupuncture could have such an amazing effect and that Qi could have such a great effect!

    Then people were reminded that Qi was only discovered in Huaxia.

    All of a sudden, they couldn’t help being proud.

    “Why didn’t anyone mention this before?”

    “It’s too awesome, worthy of the Huaxia heritage!”

    “Well, we got the historical heritage of five thousand years. That’s not a joke.”

    “Ha-ha, those foreigners are shocked.”

    “I used to think that Qigong was a fraud, but in fact, we have misunderstood Qigong and Chinese Medicine. If there had been less misunderstanding, maybe Qi would have been developed and used for medical treatment.”

    “Great! Our great nation!”

    Suddenly, everyone felt a sense of honor for their nation.

    And those who had long doubted and denied traditional Chinese Medicine also started to take it seriously.

    That was right! Who said that what had been passed down by our ancestors must be superstitious and useless?

    Those who didn’t know that before could only blame themselves for being stupid, for they didn’t know about it and weren’t able to learn it.

    Because of the growing number of followers, Fang Qiu’s new tweet quickly drew tens of thousands of comments as soon as it was posted.

    “My hero, you are awesome!”

    “You’re so powerful that even foreigners are shocked by you.”

    “Hero, you are always my idol. I really admire you.”

    “You’re a badass!”

    Words of praise popping on Fang Qiu’s Weibo page stood in stark contrast to the previous post which had five hundred thousand hateful comments.

    Many people also took advantage of the hit and went to comment on Li Wenbo’s Weibo page. He was the one who always looked down on Chinese Medicine and carried out the battle of the pulse of pregnancy.

    “Look at Fang Qiu’s paper. The experts abroad have admitted the existence of Chinese Medicine’s Qi.”

    “Don’t you say that traditional Chinese Medicine is pseudoscience? Don’t you say that Western medicine is real science? Now even foreign medical experts admit the Qi of traditional Chinese Medicine. What else can you say? Does your face hurt?”