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Chapter 612 - Xinya, Have You Ever Spared a Thought for the Wen Family’s Reputation?

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 612: Xinya, Have You Ever Spared a Thought for the Wen Family’s Reputation?

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    Old Mr. Wen used to look at her with satisfaction and awe. However, he only realized now that she was much more intelligent than he had thought.

    He used to compare Wen Xinya to Xia Ruya all the time and find that she was inferior to Xia Ruya.

    However, he finally realized that Xia Ruya was inferior to Wen Xinya.

    Xia Ruya was brilliant at hiding her ulterior motives and pulling scheming moves while Wen Xinya was brilliant at making her life better. She had found the position that she belonged to and withheld everything that she owned, shining brightly in her own unique way. She managed to gain his recognition bit by bit and allowed herself to shine.

    How could such an outstanding girl be inferior to anyone else?

    Old Mr. Wen looked at her with a complicated mix of emotions. He then said, “You’re a genuinely upright girl. Ruya is inferior to you.”

    Wen Xinya smiled calmly without uttering a single word.

    Old Mr. Wen knew that she did not wish to continue talking about that topic. He asked, “When did you find out that Ning Shuqian was not actually pregnant?”

    Having lived through the decades, he had experienced almost everything that the world had to offer. Although he took pity on Xia Ruya, he soon got a grip on his emotions. The most important thing to deal with now was Ning Shuqian’s pregnancy issue.

    Wen Xinya answered, “I found out about it long ago, but I couldn’t find any clues or evidence. Hence, I couldn’t expose her.”

    She had indeed gotten incredibly frustrated about Ning Shuqian’s fake pregnancy, thus compelling her to focus all her energy on her coming-of-age ceremony.

    She was just trying to drag Ning Shuqian and Xia Ruya into the matter. She had slowly lured Xia Ruya into her trap, after which she took the chance to expose her true colors in front of the Wen Family.

    She had managed to kill two birds with one stone.

    Every step of hers was well planned and premeditated.

    Old Mr. Wen said calmly, “Hence, you used your coming-of-age ceremony to expose Ning Shuqian’s fake pregnancy and paid her back in her own coin?”

    He had long found out about Wen Xinya’s plans. What she had done during the coming-of-age ceremony was truly impressive and had caught him by surprise.

    Wen Xinya nodded and said, “Ning Shuqian was trying to use her child to deal with me. I naturally won’t let her off easily. Besides, she’s very scheming and manipulates Father very well. If I didn’t expose her in that manner, she would have definitely found a way to save herself.”

    She had to hit the jackpot. Otherwise, Ning Shuqian would definitely stir even more trouble.

    “Have you ever thought that your actions would cause the Wen Family’s reputation to be affected? You might have even caused the Wen Family to become the talk of the town,” Old Mr. Wen said with a frown. In fact, he did not approve of Wen Xinya’s actions. After all, dirty linen should not be washed in public.

    Having naturally understood his concerns, Wen Xinya smiled calmly and said, “Grandpa, I understand your concerns. However, Ning Shuqian is still the illicit daughter-in-law of the Wen Family and the matter will blow over with time…”

    Old Mr. Wen nodded and said, “You’re right. Ever since your father married Ning Shuqian, everyone in the circle has treated us like a joke. This doesn’t matter anymore.”

    Wen Haowen, the heir of a wealthy family, actually married a commoner who did not have a clean and chaste background. Not to mention, she even had an illegitimate daughter.

    Wen Xinya continued, “Grandpa, rest assured. The joke is not going to last for long. According to what I know, the Wen Corporation is secretly planning to acquire the Ai Shang Group. Once the launch of products is announced, the Wen Corporation will be able to expand into the cosmetics market in the country. By then, we’ll be able to shock everyone and become the greatest winner. Who else would bother about Ning Shuqian’s issue?”

    Since she had the gall to expose Ning Shuqian, she definitely had considered everything carefully. Otherwise, Old Mr. Wen would definitely reprimand her if she were to cause the Wen Family’s reputation and interests to be affected.

    Old Mr. Wen smiled and looked at her with satisfaction. “I thought that you were just trying to take revenge on Ning Shuqian. I didn’t expect that you’d make such careful considerations. Good child… you’ve truly impressed me.”

    She was the best candidate for the successor of the Wen Corporation, for she was conscientious, scheming and shrewd.

    Wen Xinya smiled and said, “Grandpa, since you trust me and recognize my abilities, I definitely can’t let you down.”

    She had meant every word she said from the bottom of her heart.

    Old Mr. Wen nodded in satisfaction and said, “That’s a good thing, actually. You managed to embarrass your father using such an extreme method. You’ve allowed him to see Ning Shuqian’s true colors. From now on, he won’t be manipulated by Ning Shuqian and let her harm the Wen Family.”

    He hoped that his son could become more sensible and stop disappointing him.

    Wen Xinya nodded and said, “Grandpa, you’re right.”

    Without Ning Shuqian, Wen Haowen would no longer be manipulated. However, his greed and ambitions would compel him to continue getting up to tricks.

    Old Mr. Wen smiled and said, “I’ve arranged to meet Lawyer Luo tomorrow for the transfer of shares to you. I’ll also remove the restrictive terms of the five percent that you currently own. From now on… you can use your shares as you wish. I won’t intervene so long as they don’t threaten the Wen Corporation.”

    He had watched Wen Xinya’s evolution from a distasteful gangster to a noble and prestigious heiress. She was his pride and joy.

    “Thank you, Grandpa!” Wen Xinya thanked him smilingly.

    Old Mr. Wen nodded, suddenly reminded of Ning Shuqian who was in the hospital. He said, “I didn’t expect that Ning Shuqian would have such a disease. Well, it really is her retribution.”

    Heartened, Wen Xinya said, “I wonder if she had ever expected that this would happen to her when she caused my mother’s death back then.”

    A sullen expression formed on Old Mr. Wen’s face at the mention of Mo Yunyao. He said, “Ning Shuqian has really gotten her karma. Yunyao can rest in peace now.”

    He had always felt guilty towards his daughter-in-law, Mo Yunyao. It was also the reason why he went through such a means to search for her biological daughter.

    Wen Xinya remained silent and composed.

    The punishment that Ning Shuqian had received was not enough to atone for everything that she had done to Wen Xinya in the previous lifetime.

    Although she had already exposed everything to the Wen Family, she felt that she had yet to avenge her mother’s death. She still had to find out the person behind Ning Shuqian and deal with Ning Yuya who had just returned. Xia Ruya seemed to have been defeated on the surface, but she’d definitely get up to more tricks.

    There was still a long way ahead of Wen Xinya.