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Chapter 67: Do You Like My Daughter?

Fortunately, I Met You
     At the very least, Lu Chenzhou had enough shame to cover himself up with the quilt when he realized that Cheng Xis mother was in the room. He was even obedient enough to apologize to her. Sorry, I didnt expect you to be here.

    This time, he really wasnt wearing anything. Luckily for Cheng Xis mother, all she saw was his naked backside---but just that was shocking enough already.

    Cheng Xis mother glanced at him, summarily ignored him, took a deep breath, and glared at Cheng Xi. Come out here right now!

    Cheng Xi looked at Lu Chenzhou, causing the latter to say in a particularly serious tone, I really do have rashes on my body.

    When Cheng Xi and her mother stepped out to the corridor outside, her mother immediately started questioning her. Cheng Xi responded, He has rashes on his body, so he took off his clothes to see how serious it was.

    Her mother stared at her in annoyance. Do you think that Im an idiot? Even if he has rashes, would he have to strip naked for you to look at him?

    Cheng Xi blinked innocently. We had to conduct a thorough inspection.

    Her mother was so angry she began to yell incoherently. Thorough… are the two of you thoroughly crazy?!

    Somehow, she had hit the nail on its head. Cheng Xi nodded seriously. Actually, he is, so please dont mind what he does too much. Hes somewhat abnormal in the head.

    Cheng Xi was truly speaking her true thoughts, even if her mother didnt believe her. But her mother pointed at her head and said, I think that your heads also abnormal! Make him leave! Make him leave quickly! As her mother said this, she clutched her chest; whenever she thought about that scene just now, she felt like her eyes were really going to go blind from shock.

    Cheng Xi also wanted Lu Chenzhou to leave as quickly as possible, but the key problem was… Erm, he doesnt have any clothes to wear… Brothers clothes are too short for him.

    In their family, both her father and her brother were shorter than Lu Chenzhou, so naturally, they didnt have any clothes that would fit him.

    At this point, Cheng Xis mother was so angry that she was about to burst out into laughter. So theres nothing you can do, is there? She ran inside the living room angrily, preparing to roll up her sleeves and chase Lu Chenzhou out of the house herself; dolts could only be dealt with by force! But when she entered the room, she heard Lu Chenzhou making a call: ...Send me a set of clothes. Yes, right now. Ill send you the address.

    Once Lu Chenzhou finished making the call and saw that Cheng Xis mother had entered the room, he lowered his body and said, Im sorry. I might need to bother you for a little while more."

    He was quite handsome, so when he said these courteous words with his eyes lowered, it could almost make one forget all the unreasonable things that he had done.

    Cheng Xis mothers anger was immediately halved, and her voice softened. Its not that I want to chase you out, but… do you realize that your actions have been highly inappropriate?


    The feeling he gave to others was still very cold, but now, it was a charming coldness, like a white lotus blooming on a snowy mountaintop.

    Last time, Cheng Xis mother had been so angry and shocked that she hadnt looked at him that carefully. This time, however, when she looked closely, she noticed that the fellow actually looked quite handsome; no wonder her normally obedient daughter would secretly defy her for him.

    She gradually relaxed and then asked, How long have you been dating my daughter for?

    Lu Chenzhou raised his head and vigorously shook it. Sorry, were not dating.

    At this moment, Cheng Xi quickly interjected, Mom, I already told you this. Hes not my boyfriend.

    Yes, Lu Chenzhou added on, still in a cool tone, but with an additional tinge of grievance.

    Cheng Xis mother twisted her head around to glare at her daughter, the meaning in her eyes particularly obvious: Step to the side and stop talking nonsense! She turned back around and kept talking to Lu Chenzhou. If youre not my daughters boyfriend, then whats your relationship with her?

    When she entered the house, she had definitely heard him say that the two of them had even been in bed together. That wasnt a hallucination, was it? Definitely not!

    Lu Chenzhou remained silent, like he was reluctant to say anything.

    Cheng Xi, who had been forbidden from speaking nonsense, couldnt bear it any further. She stepped in and said, Mom, were just friends. Regular friends.

    This time, Lu Chenzhou responded, glancing at Cheng Xu as he did so. Oh.

    My goodness. Is he really trying to paint himself as a white lotus on a tall mountain and me as the evil boss of a crime syndicate? Cheng Xi huffed in anger—she didnt know that Lu Chenzhou was this skilled at acting. She glowered at him as she threatened, Hey, Mr. Lu, can you speak properly?

    Her mother stared at her. Youre the one who should speak properly! Go to the side. I didnt ask you anything! Looking back at Lu Chenzhou, she then straightforwardly said, Do you like my daughter?

    I dont dislike her.

    Without a doubt, he was speaking the truth—he indeed did not dislike Cheng Xi. As for like, well, he really just liked her. Unfortunately, her mother thought that Lu Chenzhou was trying to be tactful as there were some things that he didnt dare to say. She sighed, and comfortingly said, Dont worry. Ill have Cheng Xi make it up to you.

    Cheng Xi made an orz expression on her face [TL: orz looks like a person kneeling down with his head on the ground], and finally felt that this misunderstanding couldnt be allowed to deepen any further. She stretched out her hand and pulled her mother towards her. Mom, come here. Ill explain everything to you.

    But Lu Chenzhou reacted quickly and smiled coolly as he said, Mrs. Cheng, actually, nothing much happened. Were truly not in a relationship, and she owed me nothing. The first time we met, something happened that shouldnt have, but that was my fault.

    Cheng Xi was about to explode. What do you mean something happened that shouldnt have?! Nothing happened, alright?

    Lu Chenzhou glanced at her casually, nodding. Oh.

    Cheng Xis mouth was open, but she had no response to give. ……

    She really couldnt clear things up anymore! Even if she dragged her mother into a room and told her the truth, that Lu Chenzhou was only her patient with an abnormal mental condition, her mother most likely wouldnt believe her, would she?

    Evidently, her mother couldnt hold it in anymore, and started scolding her loudly. I told you not to talk. Dont you understand?! She looked at Lu Chenzhou again, her tone as amiable as could be. Dont worry. I said that she would make it up to you, and she will. As for last night, why did you come looking for Cheng Xi so late at night?

    Lu Chenzhou was silent, and only after a little while did he say, Actually, I have nothing. I also dont know how I ended up here. Looking towards her mother, he said, And again, Im sorry. I didnt intentionally strip in front of you. I really am having an allergic reaction. Look.

    As he said this, he stretched out his hand. The wrist he revealed did have a large lump of red rashes; because his skin was white and hed been scratched himself, it was particularly striking.

    Cheng Xis mother believed him with absolute certainty now. She stood up and said, It really does look quite serious. Sit down, and Ill get some medicine for you. Itll get better in no time. You come too, help Mom take a look if this medicine is fine. The last sentence was directed at Cheng Xi. Disregarding her willingness, Cheng Xis mother pulled her into another room and closed the door. The first words out of her mouth were, I dont know when you became like this. How can you be so wild with intimate relationships?

    And then she asked, Do you really have another boyfriend?

    Cheng Xi was still trying to process the situation, speechless. ……

    She couldnt laugh or cry. Mom, can you not cause more trouble? The relationship I have with him isnt what you think it is. I promise.

    You promise? Last time, you even promised to break up with him. But, what was the result? Through the video call, your father and I clearly saw that he pounced on you as soon as he entered! And, last night, old grandfather Li even told us that, in the middle of the night, you ran downstairs to be intimate with him! Cheng Xi, if youre unwilling to admit what your relationship with him is because of our objection, thats nothing. Last time, your dad also convinced me that you younger generation will do fine even without my supervision. Given your age, its also normal for you to get a boyfriend. I just think that hes a bit dazed. But after looking at him again today, I guess hes alright, a bit empty headed, but he does truly like you. If the two of you want to get together, then thats fine too. As long as his familys background is alright and he truly treats you well, then as your parents, we wont object. So dont pretend to have another boyfriend to dodge our questions. Really, Ive seen those two-timing people, and they make my heart worry for them.

    Cheng Xis mother waved her hand, and in a clearly exhausted voice, she said, Go out. Go look at his rashes. Tell him that if hes serious, then we should make plans for our two families to meet and get food together sometime.

    ...Mom, havent you changed your mind a bit too quickly?

    Her mother became incensed again. If we didnt change our mind, then would we have to wait for you to become pregnant before acknowledging the two of you?


    A doorbell rang outside. Cheng Xis mother glared at her one last time before walking out.

    Cheng Xi followed her out, and somewhat felt exhausted when she saw Lu Chenzhou curled up on the sofa like a mealworm.

    Her mother had gone to open the door when she heard her somewhat forced laughter. Ah, its Lin Fan? Whatre you doing here so early?

    Lin Fans warm voice responded, Good morning, Auntie. Im here to bring Cheng Xi to work.

    Upon hearing this, Lu Chenzhou tilted his head at her.

    As for Cheng Xi, well, she really didnt know what to do now.

    At this time, she really wanted to make an anonymous forum post: my real boyfriends at the door, and hes about to see my purported boyfriend sleeping in my home. But really, nothing happened. How can I explain the situation to everyone involved? Waiting online, quite urgent!