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Chapter 614 - When Are You Going to Give Me My Birthday Gift?

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 614: When Are You Going to Give Me My Birthday Gift?

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    Wen Xinya tossed and turned in bed the entire night, unable to sleep at all. She constantly thought about the memories of Xu Zhenyu. She was well aware of how he felt about her in her previous lifetime. However, the emotional baggage and burden made her feel as if she was about to suffocate. Her heart was filled with agony and she still felt uneasy and guilty towards him even after going through a rebirth.

    In this lifetime, she had indeed thought about making it up to Xu Zhenyu by giving her his heart. However, Xu Zhenyu was prideful and would definitely find it an insult to him.

    Besides, Xu Zhenyu had seen how disheveled and disgraceful she was in her previous lifetime and she could not forget the past and bring herself to be with him in this lifetime.

    Although she had gone through a rebirth, she no longer wanted to be caught up with the past. She knew clearly what she wanted and the path that she wanted to go on.

    She was destined to be indebted to Xu Zhenyu for the rest of her life.

    After a long thinking session, she only fell asleep when daybreak arrived. She woke up a long time later, only to realize that her eyes were dry and her body was sore. She also had a splitting headache and was extremely lethargic.

    She sat on the bed while tears flowed out of her eyes all fo a sudden.

    Then, the abrupt ringing of her mobile phone snapped her out of her trance and back into reality.

    She grabbed her mobile phone to see that it was a call from Si Yiyan. She felt a huge sense of relief and her feelings of tension were alleviated. “Si Yiyan, why did you call me so early in the morning?”

    “Lazy piggy, it’s already half-past ten in the morning. The sun is out and shining,” Si Yiyan said, staring at the clock on the wall. He reckoned that she must have slept late because of the string of events that happened the night before.

    Wen Xinya grabbed her alarm clock to see that it was indeed already half-past ten. She hugged her bolster and said with pouted lips, “I only managed to fall asleep at three midnight.”

    Si Yiyan rubbed his throbbing headache and asked, “What happened in the Wen Family last night?”

    He had been wanting to give her a call ever since he left the banquet last night. However, he suppressed his emotions and held himself back because he knew that she probably had had too much on her plate. Hence, he was incredibly distracted while handling some paperwork last night and waiting for her call. In the end… he waited for the entire night and did not get any work done at all. He was even ashamed of how inefficient he was. Yet, she did not even call him.

    He thought that she must have forgotten to call him because of how tired she was. He then wanted to call her bright early in the morning but decided not to, for fear that he would disrupt her sleep. Hence, he waited all the way till half-past ten.

    Wen Xinya recounted everything that had happened and said, “My father is going to divorce Ning Shuqian and Xia Ruya has fallen out of favor. Grandpa has arranged to meet his lawyer today and he’s going to officially transfer the Wen Corporation shares to me.”

    She was suddenly thrilled after bringing it up to Si Yiyan.

    Si Yiyan stood beside the desk and listened to her attentively. “You may have secured your footing in the Wen Family, but you still have a long way ahead of you. Your career in the Wen Corporation has only begun.”

    Wen Xinya nodded and rubbed her dry eyes. “I know. I’m already an adult now and I’ll be joining the management of the Wen Corporation soon. By then, Wen Haowen and I are going to get into conflicts again.”

    Wen Haowen’s ambitions were over the top and would not be diminished by Ning Shuqian. She was well aware of that.

    After several graceful strokes of the brush, Si Yiyan soon drew a graceful silhouette. “Wen Haowen may be incompetent, but he’s already been the CEO of the Wen Corporation for twenty years and he has a strong foundation in the company. Don’t belittle him. He’s an expert at framing others. The Jiang family is an example of his victims.”

    Wen Xinya had never felt threatened by Wen Haowen before. Hence, Si Yiyan felt the need to give her a reminder, for he thought that she ought to keep her guard up against Wen Haowen who was an evil villain.

    Wen Xinya agreed with him. “Wen Haowen is the type of person that I should be wary of. He’s overly ambitious yet incompetent. He’s self-conceited, full of himself, narrow-minded, vicious and outrageous. In fact, he’s a little extreme too. Once he’s driven into a corner, he’d resort to anything. He’s the Wen Corporation’s ticking time bomb.”

    “Good that you understand.”

    Wen Xinya smiled and said, “Si Yiyan, I still have to thank you. If it weren’t because of your reminder for me to deal with Ning Shuqian during the coming-of-age ceremony, I would still be fretting over how to deal with her. She might have then gotten the chance to frame me. How could I be enjoying the happiness of defeating Ning Shuqian and Xia Ruya now?”

    Si Yiyan grinned and teased. “Lass, are you asking for a beating?”

    Although she was sleep-deprived, Wen Xinya still looked rather radiant. “My head really hurts and I’m weak and feeble all over.”

    Si Yiyan filled the red paint onto his masterpiece and said, “Get up and eat something before catching some sleep again!”

    Wen Xinya rubbed her forehead in a bid to wake herself up. “Forget it! I still have lots of things to settle today. I don’t have time to sleep!”

    Si Yiyan asked softly, “What do you have to do?”

    Wen Xinya played with her fingers and said, “Grandpa has arranged for Lawyer Luo to come meet him for the transfer of shares and I’ll still have to meet Xu Zhenyu later, and Zhou Tianyu and the rest tonight…”

    Si Yiyan remained silent.

    After rattling on for a while, Wen Xinya began to complain about her headache again. Suddenly realizing that Si Yiyan had stopped talking, she asked, “Why aren’t you saying anything?”

    Si Yiyan put his brush down and answered softly, “Wen Xinya, you’ve given your time to others. How about me? I’ve been missing you for the entire night. Now that your coming-of-age ceremony has ended, when are you going to give me my gift?”

    That was typical of men. They did not wish to be obsessed with love, yet they were still hopeless romantics. His life used to be pure and simple before he met Wen Xinya. He would work every single day and spend his free time reading some books after handling his pile of work. He did not have any lustful desires at all, apart from the occasional masturbation.

    After he met Wen Xinya, his hormones began to rage and he began to develop sexual desires, though he could keep them within control.

    However, the feeling of temptation yesterday made him unable to control his emotions.

    His ambiguous question rang in Wen Xinya’s ears and she instantly turned pale. “I’m not going to talk to you anymore. Lawyer Luo is reaching soon, I have to go freshen up.”

    She then hurriedly ended the call and clutched her chest while panting heavily and chiding herself for getting shy about such a normal thing.