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Chapter 219.1 - Finally Waited Till the Day You Came Back

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 219.1: Finally Waited Till the Day You Came Back

    In a blink, Qing Lan Fei had already been keeping tight vigil by the ice bed for two whole months.

    As she was suffering from a deficiency in her soul, her cultivation was not even half of that when she was at her peak, and she had unknowingly come to be touched by the chill emating from the ice bed, her body becoming colder and colder, her face turning more and more pale with each passing day.

    She knew that her body that was still deficient would not be able to last much longer, and she would need to gather up her remaining soul fragments, or this flesh body that had taken so much effort to form would be destroyed into nothing.

    On this day, she felt as if her entire body was being roasted over a fire, even though she felt so icy cold. She could feel the fire burning up from inside while the chilly that had seeped in wrecked at her body, so agonizing that she clutched her arms around herself, biting her lips so hard they turned white.

    [It’s so hot….. No, it’s really cold. It’s really so torturous like she was going to die.]

    “Lan Fei, come back. Come on back…..”

    It was not known where the voice came from, filled with a faint and fleeting weariness and an immense power, crashing upon her.

    A sharp and intense pain rose in her head and her slender body turned stiff, straightening up for an instant. She then lost consciousness as she slowly fell.

    The figure that had fallen onto the ice bed had slowly started to freeze, a layer of frost forming over her fingers. In just a blink, her entire arm had frozen up quickly, and the situation was becoming highly critical.

    In mere moments, ice had formed over a good half of the woman’s body, and it was still continuing to spread.

    Suddenly, from the ice bed, a bright golden light burst forth, melting all the ice on the woman’s body in an instant. Then, the man who had laid on that ice bed for hundreds of years almost as good as dead fluttered his eyelashes, and slowly opened his eyes.

    Strange flickering lights surged for dominance within those ink black eyes for a while before they slowly settled into a calm.

    At that same moment, a strange phenomenon had suddenly appeared somewhere in Cloud Heaven. Without a single cloud in the sky over great distances, lightning crackled and thunder boomed, tempestuous winds and torrential rain kicked up. The phenomenon lasted for a long while, bring about endless chaos.

    “That fella, has finally come back…..”

    It had not felt so real for Heavens know how long, where his bodily senses were able to feel.

    Mo Jing Yu opened his eyes and after feeling dazed for a short moment, his eyes regained their focus. He moved his arm a little, and came to feel something soft. The expression on his face was startled as he turned his gaze to look. The sight of that flawlessly beautiful countenance that was so familiar it seemed to have been etched right into his bones rushed straight into his mind and heart in that one instant.

    In that more than a hundred years that he was almost like the living dead, the first half of that time he had been in a deep sleep. The later half of that time was him struggling to recover from the wounds his body had suffered, unable to wake up but had his consciousness intact.