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Chapter 219.2 - Finally Waited Till the Day You Came Back

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 219.2: Finally Waited Till the Day You Came Back

    He had not forgotten that voice he had heard all of a sudden a few months ago that was so familiar it almost brought tears to his eyes.

    That was his Fei Er, the one person he loved right into his very soul.

    It was not a dream. It had all felt so real, where she held his hand as she stayed by his side, talking to him. Although he was unable to speak and his body unable to move, he was energized by the immense delight that brought him closer and closer to regaining consciousness.

    It could very well be said that a large part of the reason that he was able to wake up so quickly was all because Fei Er’s voice had always accompanied him supportively, giving him great strength.

    How could he not be moved.

    Even though he had sustained such grave injuries back then, that turned him into a living dead person for such a long time, he had never once regretted the decision he made.

    From the very first moment that he saw her, he had already told himself that he would forever love her, protect her, together in life and death, never to part.

    “Fei Er…..” His voice called out softly, carefully so as to not startle the little figure right before him.

    The magnetic and alluring voice had become a little hoarse and grating from the lack of use over such a long period of time while he was deep in sleep.

    But that deeply heartfelt call did not elicit the slightest sliver of response from the figure lying at the side of the ice bed. Mo Jing Yu could not help but become anxious, his movements hesitant as he reached his hand out to caress the woman’s face.

    But his fingers had just touched the woman’s skin when he was shocked by the bone biting chill on her.

    [How did it become like this?]

    He stretched his hand out to feel the woman’s wrist and he immediately understood. It was because his awakening had caused his heart that was encased in ice to suddenly purge, freezing everything around him, turning all the inanimate objects around him into ice sculptures, not to mention a live person like her.

    Upon realizing that, Mo Jing Yu did not tarry a moment longer. Although he had just regained consciousness and parts of his body had not fully recovered, it had no problem carrying up the slender figure in his arms at all.

    Without needing to exert much strength, he stretched his arms out and carried Qing Lan Fei up from the ground into his embrace, letting her lean close onto him. He then lowered his head and kissed the woman’s cold frozen lips, sucking out all the chill in her body.

    At such close proximity, he could clearly see Qing Lan Fei’s immensely pale and colourless face slowly come to assume a visible tinge of rosiness, and the face that could bring ruin to countries became even more captivating, impossible to take one’s eyes off of.

    Mo Jing Yu had been worried about the person in his arm, seeking only to purge the chill trapped in her body. But the prolonged kiss then seemed to stir up other emotions inside his body.

    Mo Jing Yu’s gaze deepened for some unknown reason. He had not been so intimate with Fei Er for such a long time…..