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Chapter 219.4 - Finally Waited Till the Day You Came Back

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 219.4: Finally Waited Till the Day You Came Back

    Qing Lan Fei was stunned, and it was a while before she realized what his words really meant. Her face immediately flushed beet red. So red that it almost looked like blood was going to drip from her face. She bit down on her lip bashfully and gushed: “You scoundrel! Who said I was thinking of such a thing!”

    She was probably too embarrassed when the woman who had been leaning closely against the man suddenly pushed him away in utter disgust, seeking to be far away from him.

    Mo Jing Yu laughed aloud at the woman, coming over to wrap her in an embrace despite her struggles and said in a soothing voice: “Alright alright, you were not thinking of that and it was just me alright? Who asked my little Fei Er to be beautiful as a Heavenly fairy that upon the sight of you makes me unable to help myself but to want to…..”

    “You’re still going on about that! ?” Afraid that that incorrigible face of his was going to continue to spout out shocking and offensive nonsense, Qing Lan Fei quickly covered his mouth with her hand, preventing him from finishing his sentence.

    The man’s mouth was really daring with his words and it was because of his gift of the gab that everyone in the entire Cloud Heaven from freakish old hags who lived almost a thousand years to little babies who had yet to grow a full set of teeth, they were all quickly taken in by his sweet honeyed tongue.

    Mo Jing Yu looked at her beet red face who was seemingly almost dying of embarrassment and he decided to not tease her anymore. He held the woman’s petite wrist up and planted a light kiss on her smooth skinned palm, sending tingles through the woman.

    He brought her hand up and placed it over his rapidly thumping heart, and Mo Jing Yu looked into her eyes with a tender gaze. “Fei Er, thank you for coming here by my side once again.”

    Qing Lan Fei’s eyes sparkled. “You fool, thanks are not necessary.”

    “If not for you, I might need to sleep for another few hundred years, or I might even never wake up again.” Mo Jing Yu said with a slightly self mocking smile on his lips. “I had never thought that I would sleep for a whole hundred years.”

    And in that one hundred years, so many things have happened.

    After a long quiet silence, Mo Jing Yu suddenly held her tightly. “I am really immensely grateful to you. In these one hundred years, the only thing that enabled me to hold on and not give up, fighting to wake up once more, were thoughts of you….. And our children.”

    Upon hearing that, Qing Lan Fei’s body stiffened, and her face paled slightly. “What….. did you say?”

    [Their children?]

    [Their children were long departed from this world.]

    In order to save Jing Yu back then, not only had she had to pay a price, their pair of unborn children had also been sacrificed, their lives taken away from them at the hands of their own heartless mother.

    Qing Lan Fei’s eyes grew moist. [Their children….. were already dead.]