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Chapter 220.1 - Who is the Rat That’s Scheming Against Me Behind My Back

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 220.1: Who is the Rat That’s Scheming Against Me Behind My Back

    Killed with her own hands.

    Unknowingly, the tears flowed down her cheeks, into the man’s neck.

    Mo Jing Yu was startled and he quickly released his hold on the woman. He lifted the tiny red eyed face and asked worriedly: “Why are you crying?”

    Hearing the question, Qing Lan Fei was saddened even more, gasping in between sobs as she said: “So….. Sorry….. Jing….. Yu….. Our children….. Our children are already…..”

    She just could not continue with her sentence. As she herself felt that it was such a cold blooded and heartless deed. When one could be so stone hearted to harm their own flesh and blood, she really wasn’t fit to be a mother.

    Mo Jing Yu was intelligent enough to decipher from those few stuttered words and her agonized expression why the woman was so sad. He could not help but feel rather amused as he lifted a finger to wipe away the tears rolling down her cheeks.

    “Already a mother and you’re still such a crybaby. Shouldn’t you feel abashed by it hm? Where did this poor little kitten come from…..” Mo Jing Yu teased gently, as he kissed the woman on her forehead over her red tearful eyes. “Hush now and stop crying already. I just regained consciousness and my heart is still a little weak, so don’t hurt my heart so much like this or it might kill me you know?”

    The man always knew how to coax her with his honeyed words and Qing Lan Fei let out a soft laugh despite herself. She reached out a hand to pinch the man and after that laugh, her tears actually stopped, but the sadness between her brows just would not fade away.

    Mo Jing Yu pinched her cheeks and arched up an eyebrow: “Silly girl. You really thought that our children are dead and that is why you broke into tears?”

    Qing Lan Fei was stunned for a moment. “What….. are you trying to say?”

    Mo Jing Yu curved his lips up and smiled. “How could the children of Mo Jing Yu’s possibly die so easily?”

    Qing Lan Fei’s eyes slowly widened, as she stared incredulously at the man.

    Mo Jing Yu swiped his palm gently before her face and a watery mirror appeared right before her, as the image of a young lady slowly took shape within.

    The young lady had an exquisitely good looking countenance, and except for the mesmerizingly alluring pair of slightly upslanted phoenix like eyes, the rest of her face looked very much like Qing Lan Fei.

    The image in the mirror shimmered and it came to show the figure of a lean bodied youth, his countenance refreshingly handsome. He looked a little cold when he did not smile, and had the same pair of beautiful phoenix like eyes, but compared to the young lady, there was a lesser tinge of devilishness in him, looking a whole lot more wholesome.

    Qing Lan Fei’s mouth fell agape, too astounded for words.

    “Look at them here. Whose seed do you think these two little imps are? Don’t they look so much like the two of us?” Mo Jing Yu said with a laugh.

    “How…..” Qing Lan Fei shook her head in disbelief. “They had clearly…..”

    “Died?” Mo Jing Yu asked with a laugh. “Aren’t you underestimating the strength of our bloodlines? To have inherited our blood, how could they possibly be anyone ordinary? Just what kind of great powers their bodies could possibly hold is something even the two of us will not be able to understand.”