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Chapter 220.2 - Who is the Rat That’s Scheming Against Me Behind My Back

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 220.2: Who is the Rat That’s Scheming Against Me Behind My Back

    Their life force was already strong and resilient enough and having undergone such tumultuous danger while still in their mother’s body, they were destined to lead extraordinary lives.

    Feng Lan Fei unconsciously gripped the man’s hands tightly, her voice a careful whisper as she asked: “Where….. are they now?”

    “You want to see them?” Mo Jing Yu let out an indecipherable laugh. “The time is not yet ripe. Wait a little longer! They will come to Cloud Heaven soon and it wouldn’t be too late for you to meet them at that time.”

    “Why?’ Qing Lan Fei queried with her brows knitted up, not understanding the reason why.

    Having gotten the news that her children were still alive, Qing Lan Fei immediately could not contain her joy, hoping to be able to see them right at that moment. Why was Jing Yu stopping her instead?

    Mo Jing Yu looked at the tiny face creased up in displeasure and he said rather astutely: “Do you need to ask me why? Don’t think that I’m unable to see that your soul is currently deficient and incomplete. Do you really want to go meet your children like this and make then worry for you?”

    The cease between Qing Lan Fei’s brows immediately deepened.

    [That’s right. She’s forgotten about that. At that moment, she could not be considered as a completely real human.]

    Her high spirits suddenly plummeted into gloomy sadness.

    Mo Jing Yu sighed a soft sigh and gently lifted that sorrowful face up to look at him. “Fei Er, you were never so pessimistic in the past, almost brimming over with confidence. Is it because I haven’t stayed by your side all these years and that is why you do not harbour hope in everything that happens? But I’m back now so what are you still afraid of?”

    His words immediately caused Qing Lan Fei’s eyes to grow red rimmed.

    [He’s right. When did she start to become someone so unlike herself? Her edge dulled and become so weak and vulnerable.

    Mo Jing Yu held her in his arms and his voice was highly reassuring. “Rest assured that I will find all your soul fragments back and that will be the day that our family will be reunited. And not a single one of all those people who harmed us back then will not be spared.”

    Out of her sight, the man’s clear bright black eyes rippled with a glint of bloodthirsty viciousness.

    — White Fens Lands —

    Feng Family

    Even after having remained in Carefree Valley for several days, they still did not manage to find any trace of Qing Yu. Qing Tian Lin was unable to remain in the lower realm for too long and he made his way back to the White Fens Lands after instructing Xi Zhan Chen to continue to keep a lookout.

    Among the White Fens Lands’ Four Great Families, he had gotten two great families subdued including every single person in the Feng Family who did his bidding after he conducted a great purge and injected new blood into it. The most difficult and thorny one to deal with was the Baili Family, who refused to budge by force or persuasion, and the current Young Lord was not something easily cowed.

    The Baili Family was the most powerful family clan in the White Fens Lands back then, mighty and highly influential, closely knit. Even though internal conflict occasionally arose among themselves, they were completely united against all external enemies, so it was never easy to take them down.