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Chapter 220.3 - Who is the Rat That’s Scheming Against Me Behind My Back

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 220.3: Who is the Rat That’s Scheming Against Me Behind My Back

    The other one would be the Nangong Family. This family clan had always been a bunch of fence sitters, always leaning towards the stronger party. Seeing that Qing Tian Lin was still unable to deal with the Baili Family, they had now retracted themselves back into their shells, expressing goodwill to him but never taking a firm stance, remaining on the sidelines to watch him fight the Baili Family.

    [Ha! He had always been a person who let people did his bidding prosper and dealt death to all who went against him. Wait till he has subdued the Baili Family and the Nangong Family will be made an example of for everyone to see.]

    [He had always detested such indecisive people with no will of their own the most.]

    It was thought he had probably committed too many wicked deeds recently and the Heavens were feeling rather irked, so they were now giving him a little bit of trouble to add to his problems.

    “Second Young Master! Big trouble!”

    A highly frantic voice suddenly sounded outside the door and a flustered looking figure came rushing in. In his rush, the man failed to notice the step under his feet and very nearly tripped over it.

    Qing Tian Lin swung to glare piercingly at the man and the servant immediately felt a chill run up his spine, his voice stuck in his throat.

    [Oh no oh no….. How could he have forgotten what a terrifying man the Second Young Master is! ? And he had come bursting in here wailing so loudly. Death is probably imminent this time.]

    “What happened?” Qing Tian Lin’s voice was indifferent and it was hard to read his mood. But his eyes clearly told the servant that he better had something important enough for him to be disturbed or the servant shall bear the consequences.

    The servant gulped in aggrievement before he said in a trembling voice. “Second Young Master, I don’t know how this rumour started, but it claims that the Second Young Master harnessed and is rearing evil and demonic zombies in the Feng Family, wantonly using the blood of the living to nourish them, having taken countless lives. The rumour has somehow reached the ears of people in the Evil Purgers Coalition and they are now seated in the Feng Family’s main hall, saying they want the Second Young Master to answer for it.”

    The Evil Purgers Coalition was an independent existence in the White Fens Lands and was not under the jurisdiction of any family clans. The reason for their existence was to orthodoxy and were against all things heretical and any unorthodox practices.

    Back when the White Fens Lands was just established, the Evil Purger Coalition had already been formed, which was why they held great authourity. Rearing evil creatures was considered to be an extremely vile and unforgivable deed as once such things grew in strength, they could possibly endanger the entire lands, becoming an inextricable scourge that would bring utter devastation.

    For as long as the White Fens Lands had existed, such a bold and audacious deed was completely unheard of but it was said that someone had done just that now, clearly thinking nothing of the Evil Purgers Coalition at all. How could that possibly be tolerated? So they had come right up to confront the culprit.

    Others might not know it, but how could Qing Tian Lin possibly not know?