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Chapter 220.4 - Who is the Rat That’s Scheming Against Me Behind My Back

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 220.4: Who is the Rat That’s Scheming Against Me Behind My Back

    He was indeed rearing many evil creatures, and there were even quite a number of living puppets as well. This fact was known only by the Heavens, the Earth and himself, and no one else. So who could have possibly leaked the news?

    But there wasn’t time for him to think any further as the servant waiting at the side bolstered his courage and piped up to remind him: “Second Young Master, do you want to go hold back those men from the Evil Purgers Coalition first? They said they’ll only wait for a cup of tea’s time and if you do not go out to meet them, they’ll forcefully search the Feng Manor. They said if they find anything they should not find, then you can’t blame them…..”

    Qing Tian Lin’s face was dark. [What a shameless and despicable bunch! But he cannot afford to move against the people from the Evil Purgers Coalition right now.]

    [If they were allowed to conduct a search now, they might really come to find something to let them seek trouble with him.]

    [Damn it. Better not let him find out who is the scoundrel that is scheming against him behind his back!]

    Qing Tian Lin already had his hands full looking out for himself here on this side so it was only natural he could not spare much effort looking for Qing Yu, which meant she was safe for the moment.

    Qing Yu’s life in the past few days had really been one of complete idleness without needing to lift a finger to dress or feed herself. Maybe that could be slightly exaggerated but it wasn’t too far from the truth. Her every single need was conscientiously well taken care of, especially when it came to her meals. She had even felt as if she had become rounder around the waist.

    Ten consecutive days of all that endless bitter herbal medicinal brews had not been in vain.

    The wounds on her back had all healed up. With Lou Jun Yao abusing his authourity to

    pressure the man, Bai Zhi Yan had been forced to dip into his private stash that had been kept secret for many years, allowing the skin on Qing Yu’s body to glow anew, showing no signs that she had been so severely injured before.

    “You’re leaving again?”

    Bright and early in the morning, the man had come to lean himself against the wall outside her room, bidding farewell in a lazy and languid voice.

    It was not known whether it was because she had gotten used to having him hang around her these days that upon hearing that he was leaving, a strange feeling rose up inside Qing Yu.

    It felt a little uncomfortable.

    Lou Jun Yao saw the young lady unconsciously knit up her brows and his lips curled up in a smile. He stretched his hand out to stroke the young lady’s head and said in a low magnetic voice: “If you can’t bear for me to leave, why not….. leave together with me?”