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Chapter 221.4 - I Love You, So I Want to Eat You Up

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 221.4: I Love You, So I Want to Eat You Up

    With all that talk of a reverend and her character who never liked to be disadvantaged, if he were to really say he did not like her, she would surely do something vicious to his body that would completely destroy a man.

    [Tsk tsk, how did he fall for such a vicious and merciless little one.]

    After he stopped laughing, he then feigned ignorance as he asked with an eyebrow raised: “Then what if I do like you?”

    The moment his voice fell, the young lady’s smiling eyes glinted with a brilliant sparkle as she stretched her hand out curl around his neck, pulling his face close while her tiny mouth opened slightly to say alluringly: “Then I will tell you I like you too.”

    In an instant, the air grew heavy, and it was so quiet except for the faint sounds of the two of them breathing.

    Lou Jun Yao’s irises contracted immensely, a reaction caused by the overwhelming surge of emotions inside.

    [Had he just imagined…… what he just heard?]

    [What did the lass just say?]

    [That she….. likes him too?]

    Seeing no reaction forthcoming from the man after a while, Qing Yu could not help but crease up her brows, her voice slightly chill: “Could you….. really just be toying with me?”

    [If that is really the case…..]

    Seeing the aura around the young lady turning sinister and terrifying, Lou Jun Yao quickly snapped back to his senses, before he said in a soft voice: “Say that one more time.”

    “What?” Qing Yu snapped with a displeased look.

    “What you just said. Say it again.” Lou Jun Yao repeated, his violet eyes unblinking as he looked at her, that were now filled with slight anticipation.

    Qing Yu scoffed. “Which words?”

    “That you like me.”

    “When did I say that? I don’t remember.”

    “…..” The man’s face suddenly looked a little sad.

    For the young lady who had expressed her feelings to another person for the first time but had instead not gotten any response from the other party, her temper immediately rose. She just refused to say it again and was highly obstinate.

    The man did not speak for a while and Qing Yu could not help but feel a little aggrieved. Why did she mindlessly say such words without thinking? In the end, her feelings were just one sided and it was so humiliating.

    She became more frustrated the more she thought about it and Qing Yu went on to push the man still lying on top of her away, seeking to go outside for some fresh air to clear her head. However, her hands had just barely touched the man’s body when they were grabbed and brought to his mouth, where the man bit her soft fingers rather ungently.

    The man then admonished in a mirthful voice: “Why have I fallen for a little one like you here? You are usually quite intelligent and smart all this time but so clueless at the most critical moments!”

    Qing Yu looked like a startled little bunny at that moment, her eyes wide and seeking to pull her hands away.

    [Speak if you must! Must you bite people! ?]