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Chapter 615 - The Ivanov Family Asks for a Truce

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 615: The Ivanov Family Asks for a Truce

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    There were beautiful Viburnum flowers amongst the emerald leaves on the vines which were bright and vibrant. The purity of the white flowers exuded a sense of tranquility and calmness.

    He had never liked tea millet flowers and only found them to be melancholic. However, Wen Xinya had a huge penchant for them and she had even planed some outside the window of his study.

    He teased. “Once the flowers are vibrant enough, we’ll sit under them and enjoy some wine. It’s going to be beautiful and enjoyable with the perfect ambiance.”

    He preferred crape myrtle which was perpetually in season.

    He looked down at the jade piece in his hands that was carved to perfection, as beautiful as petals.

    Si Yiyan did not look up at all and kept his eyes glued to his mobile phone despite hearing the approaching footsteps.

    Gu Yuehan watched as he carved the silver mineral stone with finesse. Having already mastered the skills, he was no longer as clumsy as he used to be.

    He still remembered how Si Yiyan would often end up cutting himself when he first started learning how to carve.

    Back then, he even tried to persuade him. “Ninth Young Master, if you’d like to give Miss Wen a gift, we can search for the best jewelry carver in the world. Why do you have to do it yourself?”

    Si Yiyan answered, “While I’m still alive, I should try and do as much as I can for her, even if I’m not willing to. It’s just a minor carving. If others can do it, I can too.”

    “What’s the matter?” Si Yiyan asked calmly while putting down the tool. However, he was still scrutinizing the exquisite floral jade piece in his hand that exuded a white and pale glow. It was his most perfect masterpiece.

    Wen Xinya’s beauty was just as vibrant and exquisite, and her charm was something that could not be dulled by even the brightest color in the world.

    Her beauty was enchanting, porcelain, burning and ravishing.

    She was even more vibrant than the prettiest flowers.

    Gu Yuehan snapped back to reality and said, “The leader of the Ivanov Family, Old Mr. Amo, has personally invited you to attend his seventieth birthday party.”

    Nine years ago, Si Yiyan and Wen Xinya went to Nantong together and had a conflict with the Ivanov Family’s Anatoli. Ever since then, Lucifer had expanded its business in the East and Central regions. Lucifer also held some power in those areas, thus causing the Ivanov Family to incur major losses. This time, Old Mr. Amo had invited him to his birthday party with the intention of coming to a truce.

    Si Yiyan frowned and remained silent.

    Gu Yuehan continued, “Old Mr. Amo is willing to let Lucifer have twenty percent of the Ivanov Family’s JH business. He’s even mentioned that the mayor of Russia will be present at his party and he strongly urges you to attend it.”

    There were three meanings to his words. He was inviting Si Yiyan with the intention of coming to a consensus and reaching a truce. He was also trying to warn Si Yiyan of the strong and powerful backer behind the Ivanov Family.

    Si Yiyan raised his brows and said sternly, “Old Mr. Amo is so scheming and greedy. It’s rare that he’s so gracious. Turn him down.”

    Feeling hesitant, Gu Yuehan said, “Lucifer has to go. If we were to strain the relationship with the Russian side, it’d be detrimental to Xiasi Group.”

    Gu Yuehan knew that Si Yiyan was just trying to go against the Ivanov Family out of anger.

    Si Yiyan remained calm with a profound austerity in his eyes. “Do you really think that Old Mr. Amo has good intentions for offering us these benefits? He’s just trying to pressurize us using the mayor. Everyone is lusting over the oilfield in the Central and East regions. The new mayor is just trying to establish a partnership with Lucifer and help himself secure a place in the election. These two old fogies are so sly and cunning. Cooperating with them is dangerous.”

    Gu Yuehan said in bafflement, “Ninth Young Master, you’re right.”

    He was filled with guilt and shame for failing to realize such simple logic. He initially thought that Si Yiyan was merely prejudiced and acting out of anger which compelled him to go against the Ivanov Family.

    Si Yiyan said calmly, “Once we’ve really accepted the benefits offered by the Ivanov Family, Lucifer would definitely be in a cooperation with them. The Ivanov Family would then encroach on Lucifer gradually with the help of the mayor.”

    He had understood Gu Yuehan’s qualms. However, he would not comment on it. Although he cared about Lucifer’s interests, he actually cared more about Wen Xinya.

    Gu Yuehan’s heart skipped a beat and he said, “Ninth Young Master, you’re just trying to prove your stand and show Lucifer’s power. You want to maintain Lucifer’s extraordinary status in Russia. By ignoring them, the Ivanov Family and the mayor will be wary of Lucifer.”

    Si Yiyan nodded and said, “Just tell Old Mr. Amo that I want an explanation for Anatoli insulting my woman.”

    Gu Yuehan said, “Got it. I’ll call Old Mr. Amo later and relay your words to him.”

    Si Yiyan asked, “Is there anything else?”

    Gu Yuehan asked, “Miss Wen’s room has already been redecorated. Would you like to go and take a look?”

    Si Yiyan put down the flower-shaped jade piece and stood up slowly. “Let’s go! We’ll go take a look.”

    Gu Yuehan was not at all surprised, for Si Yiyan had always been extremely concerned about Wen Xinya.

    The decor of the room was similar to that of Wen Xinya’s bedroom in the Mo Family home, though the items were much more lavish and posh. However, he had also gradually moved some of his belongings into the room.

    Si Yiyan opened the wardrobe and found that it looked extremely new and refreshing. All of the shoes had been replaced by seasonal ones that were suitable for her age. There were also the latest accessories of the season, which were placed in a conspicuous position.

    He again pulled the door open and stared at the beautiful sight before him, beaming with joy.

    All of his clothes were placed closely beside hers. He was incredibly thrilled by the close proximity.