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Chapter 374 - You’re Looking for Me?

Medical Master
     Chapter 374 You’re Looking for Me?

    Though everyone discussed in low voices, Fang Qiu still heard it clearly.

    “It should be him!”

    Fang Qiu had an idea and a trace of coldness flashed across his eyes.

    “It’s a shame that Senior John Doe isn’t here. Otherwise, how could I have let him act so recklessly just now?

    “That’s right. I really hope Senior John Doe can turn up earlier. Otherwise, it will be difficult for Elder Yi to survive the disaster.”

    “What on earth is Senior John Doe going? Strictly speaking, the fifth-class Martial Superior exactly wants Senior John Doe for revenge, only he didn’t know Senior John Doe and couldn’t find Senior John Doe. Plus, Elder Yi and Senior John Doe had become his enemy long ago. Therefore, he went to get back at Elder Yi and even stole Elder Yi’s Bingdi Lotus together. He then claimed that it was his, and Elder Yi and Senior John Doe had stolen it from him first.”


    “Right. The scariest part is that that guy claimed that he’d come tomorrow again. If Senior John Doe doesn’t show himself, he’ll not only swallow Bingdi Lotus down in front of Elder Yi but also remove Elder Yi’s kung fu foundation!”

    The more he listened, the angrier he felt.

    Back then, Elder Yi found Bingdi Lotus and invited Fang Qiu to pick it. That guy just met them on the way and failed to snatch it away. Now, he should gather people to seek revenge in broad daylight and also injured Elder Yi like this?

    It was completely outrageous!

    While feeling angry, Fang Qiu accelerated his treatment.

    One hour later—



    Elder Yi had been unconscious, now, he suddenly coughed and opened his eyes.

    Meanwhile, Fang Qiu drew back his needles and deeply exhaled.

    “He woke up! He woke up!”

    He Gaoming had been feeling nervous. The moment he saw Elder Yi woke up, he immediately jumped up and said, “What did I say? I couldn’t have gotten the wrong doctor to help.”

    Everyone all felt pleasantly surprised as well.

    “Thank you.”

    Looking at Fang Qiu, Elder Yi managed to support his upper body up and performed a hold fist salute to Fang Qiu with gratitude.


    Fang Qiu gently nodded as a gesture of acceptance.


    Elder Yi deeply exhaled and closed his eyes to feel the condition inside his body.

    It turned out his veins had been badly damaged.

    Though his viscera were not badly hurt and the damaged meridians had been largely recovered. However, that being said, he still had seriously broken meridians.

    He opened his eyes again.

    Elder Yi couldn’t help smiling wryly.


    Judging from the extent of his broken veins, his strength would not only stop increasing, but it might also fall.

    “Thank you.”

    Getting up with injuries, Elder Yi thanked Fang Qiu again.

    He didn’t especially probe Fang Qiu’s strength and only deemed Fang Qiu as an ordinary guy.

    Fang Qiu said, “Doctors save lives, and I’m a Chinese Medicine doctor.”


    “Chinese Medicine deserves to be our Huaxia’s treasure. Today, if it had been a Western Medicine doctor, I might not have woken up. Marvelous Chinese Medicine, great Chinese Medicine.”

    Elder Yi exclaimed and then said to everyone, “Everyone, follow me back to the attic hall.”


    Finishing that, supported by his servant, he led everyone to walk deeper into the manor.

    Fang Qiu also followed.

    They arrived before the attic which was deep into the manor.

    Elder Yi said to He Gaoming, “Xiao He, take the doctor to rest in the side hall.”

    “All right.”

    He Gaoming nodded immediately.

    He knew Elder Yi wanted to discuss how to handle the matter with everyone.

    However, Fang Qiu was only a normal doctor in their eyes. It would be best if Wulin and the normal world did not get entangled.

    Led by He Gaoming, Fang Qiu entered a room of the side hall.

    “Please rest here and I’ll see you a moment later.”

    After the arrangement, He Gaoming immediately left.

    It was at that time.

    “Ring, ring, ring…”

    A text message alert rang.

    He dug out his phone and saw that it was a text from Jiang Miaoyu.

    “Are you OK?”

    Seeing the message, Fang Qiu immediately texted back. “I was seeing a patient. He’s my friend and he had an accident.”

    Jiang Miaoyu replied. “I’m glad that you’re fine. Send my best wishes to your friend.”

    Reading that, Fang Qiu sent a smiley face to her.

    Meanwhile, in the hall, people started discussing.

    Though it was two rooms away, Fang Qiu could still hear their conversation.

    However, after 15 minutes, they got nowhere.

    The only way was to reach the mysterious man, Senior John Doe, as soon as possible.

    In their opinion, only the mysterious John Doe could solve the thing.

    Otherwise, even with the entire Jiangjing Wulin circle, they could not compete with that bunch of people.

    After making up their minds, everyone used all of their connections to look for the mysterious man crazily.

    Until 10 a.m. the next morning, there was still not a piece of news about the mysterious man.

    It made everyone extremely anxious and helpless.

    All of the Jiangjing martial arts practitioners had all gathered in Elder Yi’s manor.

    If the mysterious man didn’t show up, they could only confront that bunch of people head-on. Anyway, they would not just stand there and watch Elder Yi being hit.

    It was at 10:30 a.m.

    “Swoosh swoosh…”

    A whoosh rang.

    They saw five figures gliding from afar and directly rushing into Elder Yi’s manor. They stood in the air.


    With a closer look, they found the man in the front was none other than the middle-aged man who tried to steal Bingdi Lotus but was chased away by Fang Qiu with his strength as a top martial arts practitioner.

    Other than him, among the rest four people, three of them were fifth-class Martial Superiors, and one had even already become a sixth-class Martial Superior.

    They were four fifth-class Martial Superiors and a sixth-class superior.

    Their strength had made all of the Jiangjing martial arts practitioners despair!

    “Huh… he should wake up?”

    Looking at the group of Jiangjing martial arts practitioners and Elder Yi standing on the battle arena, the leading middle-aged man arrogantly sneered. “I thought you’d kicked the bucket yesterday.”


    Four people beside him burst into laughter.

    “Liu Dongzhu!”

    Elder Yi glared at the man and said, “Even if people from other provinces and cities fear you, people from our Jiangjing don’t. You five scum, one day your karma will come around!”

    After being hit yesterday, Elder Yi especially checked the five people’s identities. It turned out that he found they were notorious scum in Wulin circle, who called themselves the “Fabulous Five in the Bamboo Forest”. They were respectively called: Liu Dongzhu, Mo Qingzhu, Zhang Sizhu, Tian Zhongzhu, Wu Xinzhu.

    Knowing the five people, Elder Yi especially called his friends in other provinces for help.

    However, it turned out that when they heard the five scum’s names, they should all shirk and didn’t dare to interfere with this.

    It made Elder Yi very helpless.


    Hearing Elder Yi’s words, Liu Dongzhu sneered and twisted his wrist. A Bingdi Lotus immediately appeared in his palm. While appreciating the Bingdi Lotus, he said, “Are you talking about yourself?

    “Your karma is far from finishing!”

    Saying that, Liu Dongzhu narrowed both his eyes and shot a trace of cold light from his eyes. Suddenly, he pursed his lips, scanning all of the martial arts practitioners in the manor. Then, he said in an extremely scornful and disdainful tone, “If my memory serves, this is the capital city. Isn’t there anyone in your Jiangjing, the capital city?”

    Elder Yi shouted. “Don’t you dare to talk nonsense here!”

    Just as he finished his shout, he couldn’t help coughing heavily.


    Liu Dongzhu laughed, and while laughing, he pointed to Elder Yi with his finger and said, “Feeling bad, right? Don’t worry. I’ll make you feel even worse then.”

    “Where’s the mysterious man?”

    “Tell me where that pretending douchebag is and I’ll spare you this time, OK?”

    Hearing that, the crowd all fell silent.

    If only they knew where the mysterious man was.

    They believed that as long as the mysterious man struck out, the five people were bound to be defeated!

    However, they couldn’t have found him.

    “What? Isn’t he a badass, your spiritual home, invincible? Why does he not dare to come and shrink into his shell like a tortoise?


    “My ass!”

    Liu Dongzhu angrily cursed and pointed to Elder Yi, saying, “I’ll give you one last chance before I swallow the Bingdi Lotus. Tell me where that pretentious son of a bitch is and I’ll spare you. Otherwise, when I swallow the Bingdi Lotus, you’ll beg me to kill you.”

    After saying that, Liu Dongzhu carried the Bingdi Lotus with his index finger and middle finger and was about to send it into his mouth.

    He was going to swallow the Bingdi Lotus at the next moment.

    “Heard you’re looking for me?”

    A familiar voice suddenly rang over.

    Meanwhile, in the middle of the air, in front of Liu Dongzhu’s body, a black shadow suddenly flashed and its right hand acted.


    It was a crisp sound.

    Liu Dongzhu couldn’t even react, and his two fingers were directly broken.


    Painful screams spread.

    Nevertheless, before he released all of his pain, Fang Qiu directly kicked him and sent him back flying heavily.


    Fang Qiu coldly snorted and spread his right hand. In his palm, the Bingdi Lotus was giving off light energy aura.

    “Take this.”

    Without any unnecessary words, Fang Qiu swung his right hand and directly tossed the Bingdi Lotus to Elder Yi, adding, “I know your condition. Your meridian hasn’t been completely destroyed. They say that without destruction there can be no construction. This is also your chance. You can consume the Bingdi Lotus and directly improve your strength. Because of the broken meridian, you get the opportunity to expand the send meridian, saving you the trouble of opening up a new meridian from scratch.

    “Now break through. I’ll protect you while you do it.”

    While talking, Fang Qiu coldly glanced at the four people who followed Liu Dongzhu here, coldness and contempt all over his eyes.

    “Senior, they…?”

    Elder Yi pointed at Liu Dongzhu and the others.

    Fang Qiu sneered. “They can’t get away.”


    An angry shout rang over.

    He was none other than the only sixth-class Martial Superior among the five, Mo Qingzhu!

    Though having angrily snapped at Fang Qiu, Mo Qingzhu didn’t rush to strike out with the other three.

    Because they could clearly felt that this mysterious man was really not someone to be trifled with.

    Earlier, when he appeared out of nowhere, they couldn’t have reacted. Moreover, he could send Liu Dongzhu back flying without resistance in an instant.

    From that, they could see that the mysterious man was indeed powerful.

    Even Mo Qingzhu couldn’t see him through.

    Therefore, the four were all on alert.

    However, it was at this moment.


    Liu Dongzhu, who had been kicked away, ferociously rushed back. Standing in the air, he looked at Fang Qiu who had landed on the ground. His eyes seemed to be on fire.

    However, on the battle arena, He Gaoming and other Jiangjing martial arts practitioners all looked excited and pleasantly surprised.

    He’d come.

    Senior John Doe had finally come.

    Not to mention other things, simply Senior John Doe’s sentence “they can’t get away” had already reduced them to tears.

    Elder Yi felt especially elated.

    He didn’t expect that he should improve when he was already injured like this.

    Elder Yi said, “Senior, how about I improve after this matter is settled?”

    “Right now.”

    Fang Qiu opened his mouth and said, “After settling the matter, I’ll be gone. And I won’t be able to protect you then.”

    “All right.”

    Elder Yi heard that and nodded and was about to swallow the Bingdi Lotus.

    “How dare you.”

    In the middle of the air, Liu Dongzhu fiercely roared!