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Chapter 470 - The Cultivation Master’s Blackened Disciple (47)

Quick Transmigration System: Male God, Come Here
     Chapter 470 The Cultivation Master’s Blackened Disciple (47)

    System: “In his heart, you’ve already been promoted from a shameless and coquettish cheap goods to a super cute little princess. In a few more days, the vicious impression he held for you deep within his heart will probably be gone.”


    Then their family would be destroyed by lightning, gone.

    Bai Weiwei clutched her head in despair. “This is forcing me to slaughter a city to destroy a country1, to slaughter people, ah.”

    The system also held its head in despair. “I’ve read the book. This male lead’s character settings are cold-hearted and black-bellied. What slaughter a city, he could be made responsible for burying the body, and he’ll still think that you’re cute and unpretentious. If you want to kill, then kill, what a magnanimous and pure temper, ah.”


    Bai Weiwei: “This is just a mental disorder.”

    System: “You think those shuangwen male leads with X in their heads have a normal brain?”

    Bai Weiwei: “…”

    The system’s voice sank. “In fact, I also know that this side task is like having a disease. So I submitted a rejection application, and the main system only just sent back the result yesterday.”

    Bai Weiwei was impatient: “So do I need to do the side task or not?”

    System: “…Don’t get your hopes up, do you think we systems are open to persuasion? But the difficulty has been reduced. As long as you reach a favorability of ninety while sticking to your vicious image, it’ll count as complete.”

    Bai Weiwei was expressionless.


    Fuck your dad, raising favorability was equivalent to OOCing. If she didn’t OOC then she would lose favorability.

    Who could still brush up the favorability to over ninety?

    Bai Weiwei: “I have some rude words to greet with2…”

    System: “No greeting needed, thank you.”

    Suddenly, Ning Yishu’s voice came from outside the door.

    “Shifu, I’ve brought a new basin of water.”

    It was the first time that Bai Weiwei felt that the capture mission was difficult.


    She turned to the system: “If I upturn the foot basin on his head, will he strangle me?”

    System: “I’m afraid that he’ll seize the opportunity to use his wet and alluring body to seduce you.”

    Bai Weiwei clutched her hair in frustration. “I can’t go on like this. The capture mission can’t succeed if I also have to maintain my character settings.”

    She couldn’t help but sigh, “I can only first abuse him beyond all recognition, then cry father and call mother3.”

    Favorability could drop, but her character settings couldn’t be destroyed.

    She could only give up on the capture target’s favorability and prevent her cruel and ruthless meter from depleting.

    She turned to the system: “Approximately what stage is fifty affection points?”


    The system consulted the favorability data. “Oh, liking from the bottom of the heart, desperately wishing to stick to you every day.”

    Bai Weiwei nodded in assent, “That’s easy.”

    Then she posed like a vicious master, “What are you dawdling for, are you unwilling to wait on me? Taking this long, is your leg broken, ah?”

    Ning Yishu immediately came in, devoting himself to washing her feet without complaint.

    Bai Weiwei lazily nitpicked while enjoying his treatment.

    Suddenly she nonchalantly said: “That’s right, in two days you will send out invitations on my behalf.”

    Ning Yishu’s heart felt sweet. She was willing to leave things to him. She was beginning to trust him.

    His voice became even softer. “Yes, shifu.”


    【Ding. The male lead’s favorability has increased to 53.】

    Bai Weiwei: This dreadful speed in rising favorability.

    In the early stages it was so difficult to raise. Why was it that now it would increase with just a random word or sentence?

    Bai Weiwei kept calm. “Remember to clearly write my purpose on the invitation cards.”

    Ning Yishu bowed his head, staring at her lovely toes with a heated gaze. He meticulously massaged as he asked: “What does shifu want written?”

    Bai Weiwei: “A martial arts competition to find a husband4.”

    Ning Yishu: “…”

    After pondering the meaning of these words, he finally raised his head. The expression in his eyes carried a hint of gloomy light.

    “A competition for marriage?”

    1: 屠城灭国: to massacre everyone in a captured city to destroy a country.↩

    2: 脏话, 问候…: bad language/speaking rudely; to send a greeting to someone.↩

    3: 哭爹喊娘: to cry loudly for your parents when bullied/stressed, like a child. Can also mean to be cowardly.↩

    4: 招亲: specifically the groom marrying into the bride’s family, vs. the usual tradition of the bride moving into the groom’s home.↩