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Chapter 617 - Yuya, Your Father Is Divorcing Me

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 617: Yuya, Your Father Is Divorcing Me

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    Ning Shuqian opened her eyes, only to be greeted with the glaring rays of sunlight which made it difficult for her to open her eyes. She took a long time to get used to the glaring sun. She then stared at the white walls of the room while the overbearing smell of antiseptic wafted into her nose.

    She then felt a sudden, excruciating pain in her head as the events of last night replayed in her mind. Resentment, hatred, misery, despair, and hopelessness were written all over her contorted face.


    She finally remembered that it was Wen Xinya’s coming-of-age ceremony yesterday, which was held at the luxurious Shande Mansion. It was the day that Wen Xinya had inherited an exorbitant set of dowry and five percent of the Wen Corporation’s shares which made her the richest and most elite heiress of the city.

    Ning Shuqian leaped off the bed maniacally and sprinted towards the shelf beside the door of the hospital ward, after which she retrieved today’s newspapers and magazines.

    Every single report was terrifying and intimidating, and they were all about Ning Shuqian staging a pregnancy to deal with Wen Xinya, and about how vicious she was. Her body turned weak and she fell straight onto the couch, after which she covered her face and began crying miserably.

    The reputation that she had painstakingly built for eighteen years, was completely ruined.

    Staring at the news reports of Wen Xinya appearing breathtakingly beautiful in her phoenix embroidered ceremonial outfit and her lavish gilded gown and accessories, Ning Shuqian began scratching the newspapers manically, wishing she could actually rip Wen Xinya apart like she was ripping her photos.


    Wen Xinya was the one who caused her to end up in such a state.

    How vicious!

    The door of the hospital ward was flung open forcefully and Ning Yuya entered with a thermal flask.

    Upon sight of Ning Shuqian sitting on the ground and bawling her eyes out, Ning Yuya dropped her thermal flask, after which it rolled to an unknown corner.

    “Mother!” Ning Yuya exclaimed while dashing forward to hold Ning Shuqian.

    With tears in her eyes, Ning Shuqian stared at Ning Yuya and murmured, “Yuya…”


    She had never expected that they would meet again under such circumstances. Misery and agony filled her.

    Ning Yuya asked concernedly while holding Ning Shuqian, “Mother, are you alright!?! I’ll get the doctor right away.”

    Ning Yuya rushed straight to the hospital after hearing that Ning Shuqian had been hospitalized. She was shocked out of her wits the moment she heard that her mother had developed a mental illness that would make her deranged if it worsened.

    Recalling everything that had happened the day before, Ning Shuqian was overwhelmed with a sudden wave of misery and hopelessness. She hugged Ning Yuya and began bawling. “Yuya, your father is going to divorce me. He actually wants to divorce me…”

    She would feel incredibly agonized whenever she thought about how heartless Wen Haowen was to her.

    Ning Yuya got a great shock and she widened her eyes in disbelief. “Mother… how could that be? Father has always been devoted to you. How could he divorce you? That’s impossible.”

    In her memory, Wen Haowen had abandoned Mo Yunyao for Ning Shuqian, despite the fact that Ning Shuqian had her as a burden. He insisted on marrying Ning Shuqian, after which they shared a loving relationship and blissful marriage. Wen Haowen also was rarely rumored to be in extramarital affairs. Hence, she could not believe that such a devoted Wen Haowen would divorce her mother.


    Ning Shuqian’s words were like deep cuts to Ning Yuya’s heart, causing her immense pain. “Your father said it to me himself. Yuya… what should I do? What should I do… I can’t divorce your father. I can’t…”

    Reminded of Old Mrs. Wen, she thought to herself,

    A sullen expression instantly formed on Ning Yuya’s face as she became dumbfounded.

    She could not help but shiver uncontrollably from head to toe.

    The thought of it alone was enough to scare her.

    Sobbing and weeping in immense agony, Ning Shuqian murmured, “Yuya…”

    Ning Yuya stared at her mother who seemed to have aged ten years. Her beauty had faded and she was just like a withering flower. Tears continued to flow from her eyes and she said, “Mother, things haven’t escalated to that level yet. Don’t be so dejected or give up on yourself. Father still loves you. You’ll definitely be able to salvage your marriage.”

    She was certain that her mother would definitely be able to win Wen Haowen’s heart.


    Ning Shuqian shook her head continuously and spluttered. “Your father has a heart of steel and… the old woman is going to sow discord too… Your father is a filial son…”

    She quivered at the thought of Wen Haowen’s cruel actions.

    Ning Yuya hugged her tightly and wailed. “Mother, that won’t happen. We’ll definitely find a solution. Wen Xinya was the one who harmed us. It’s her… Mother! You must get yourself together. We must take revenge and make Wen Xinya pay for all the harm and pain that she has caused us…”

    As soon as she finished speaking, Ning Yuya leaned against the bed and began bawling and sobbing. She also had only found out about what happened to her mother after reading the newspapers this morning. She stared at the reports about Wen Xinya appearing beautiful and glorious, a stark contrast to her disheveled and haggard mother.

    At that moment, resentment exploded within her.

    “Wen Xinya…” Ning Yuya screamed at the top of her lungs in exasperation.

    Ning Yuya held Ning Shuqian’s hand tightly, full of resentment.

    Her dejection turned into hatred towards Wen Xinya and Ning Shuqian soon got a grip on her emotions.

    Reuniting her daughter gave her some comfort.

    “Yuya, you’ve lost so much weight!” Ning Shuqian exclaimed, staring at her daughter whom she had been missing dearly for the past two years. She did not expect that Ning Yuya would lose so much weight and become terrifyingly gaunt.

    “Mother!” Ning Yuya exclaimed, holding onto her mother’s hand and weeping incessantly.

    Ning Shuqian realized that Ning Yuya’s hands were extremely bony, causing her resentment towards Wen Xinya to grow deeper.