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Chapter 618 - Why Aren’t You Wearing the Gift That I Gave You?

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 618: Why Aren’t You Wearing the Gift That I Gave You?

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    A while later, Lawyer Luo arrived and the ten percent of the Wen Corporation shares that Wen Xinya owned officially became free for her use after some legal procedures.

    Wen Xinya then received a call from Xu Zhenyu.

    Xu Zhenyu asked to meet her at a private restaurant. She arrived to see that he was already there and was waiting for her.

    Xu Zhenyu looked extremely buff and suave in his military uniform. She jested. “Hey Xu-er, aren’t you afraid of catching too much attention with that military uniform of yours?”

    Xu Zhenyu instantly retorted. “Wen Xinya, I’m hoping to find a wife by being dressed in this uniform!”


    He then kept his eyes fixed on Wen Xinya with a tinge of melancholy. He stared at the jade hairpin on her head which accentuated her grace and beauty. However, he was a little disappointed because it was not the one that he had given her.

    Wen Xinya snorted with laughter and said, “Turns out you’re just being lustful, Master Xu-er. C’mon, tell me what kind of girls you like. I’ll help you keep a lookout and introduce some of them to you.”

    Xu Zhenyu chuckled and teased. “Miss Wen, you’re just my type. Why don’t you introduce yourself to me?”

    He found it even harder to say the words that he had failed to tell her during his young and reckless days.

    Wen Xinya immediately kicked him and gibed. “What the hell? Xu-er, you’ve been in the military for more than two years but it seems your skin has also become thicker! How dare you poke fun at me? Are you asking for a beating!?!”

    Xu Zhenyu hugged his legs and showed his teeth at her. “Everyone says that women are the most vicious. They’re right. Wen Xinya… you’re so cruel! This leg of mine is used for serving the nation. It’s very precious! You can’t afford to bear the consequences if you damage it.”

    In fact, her kick was as light as a feather and the pain that he felt was emotional, not physical. His two-year dreams of impressing her with his stellar accomplishments were shattered the moment he saw the look of resistance in her eyes.


    Wen Xinya glanced at him condescendingly and sneered. “Go ahead and continue pretending! I’m not going to show you any sympathy.”

    Noticing how aggrieved Xu Zhenyu seemed, Wen Xinya soon began to get distracted. She looked out of the window at the vines outside, on which there were several white tea millet flowers in full bloom.

    Slightly stunned by how distracted she was, Xu Zhenyu leaned towards her and teased. “Wen Xinya, you were scared by me, weren’t you? I’m telling you, I’m a tough soldier. Your tricks are not enough for me.”

    Wen Xinya smacked Xu Zhenyu’s face.

    However, Xu Zhenyu did not budge and instead leaned even closer towards her. Gently fiddling with the hairpin on her head, Xu Zhenyu said, “Hey, Wen Xinya, have you opened the present that I gave you yesterday? Don’t forget about it just because you’ve received several other presents.”

    He had dreamed of the design of the jade hairpin that he had given her, and reckoned that she would fancy it.

    After a moment of hesitation, Wen Xinya nodded and said, “I saw it, it’s beautiful! I really like it too!”


    Grinning widely from ear to ear, Xu Zhenyu said, “Since you like it, why aren’t you wearing it? I’ve yet to see you donning a tea millet flower hairpin.”

    Wen Xinya’s heart wrenched up in panic and she wondered how she should tell him that she had already worn it the night before. “What the hell? Xu-er, I’m only eighteen and yet you gave me a tea millet flower hairpin. Are you just cursing me!?! You’re going to jinx me and cause me to age prematurely!”

    Xu Zhenyu was dumbfounded.

    Wen Xinya chided. “Who’d present such an inauspicious gift!?!”

    Xu Zhenyu stroked his hair, finding Wen Xinya’s words to have made sense. He thought,

    He tugged his hair forcefully, finding himself to be utterly foolish. “Why don’t… I give you something else?”

    His meticulously prepared gift would have to go to waste. What a shame. He had carefully selected the jade material and bought it at a high price when he was in Myanmar for a mission. It was a rare type of jade and he had especially found a competent carver to help him carve the jade piece.


    Wen Xinya glared at him and chastised. “Xu Zhenyu, forget it if you didn’t contact me throughout the two years that you have been away. To make things worse, you even gave me such an inauspicious gift. You’re just not happy with me, aren’t you!”

    Xu Zhenyu blushed and said, “No, not at all. Wen Xinya, why would I be unhappy with you?”

    Pointing at his nose, Wen Xinya questioned, “Tell me then, why didn’t you contact me before?”

    Xu Zhenyu answered remorsefully, “I’ve been busy with training.”

    Being extremely prideful, he did not wish to let Wen Xinya know how tough of a time he had during the military training. Hence, he had never contacted her, and only rarely contacted Han Mofeng.

    Wen Xinya chided. “Bullshit. You clearly contacted Han Mofeng and the rest too.”

    Xu Zhenyu suddenly realized that he had already gotten a buzz cut long ago. Despite feeling extremely frustrated, he said nicely, “Wen Xinya, I’m wrong, alright? I won’t dare to do it again! Madam, please pardon me.”

    Wen Xinya glanced at him condescendingly and said, “I’ll punish you by making you write a thousand words.”


    Xu Zhenyu’s greatest fear was reflecting on himself. Han Mofeng had once told Wen Xinya before that Xu Zhenyu almost went crazy after being told that he would be punished for getting into a fight and playing truant. Even till today, others were still made jokes out of his punishment and the words that he had written as punishment—”Teacher, I was wrong. I won’t do it again… Please spare me from writing a thousand words!”

    Xu Zhenyu’s hands trembled and he said, “Madam, I’ve already addressed you as Madam. Will you show mercy?”

    Wen Xinya squinted at him and asked, “Are you going to write it or not?”

    Xu Zhenyu’s heart pounded and he conceded. “Yes, yes, I promise I’ll accomplish the task.”

    Wen Xinya said in satisfaction, “That’s more like it. By the way, how long will you be staying in the city this time?”

    Xu Zhenyu looked out of the window and glanced at the tea millet flowers. “I’ll be leaving in a few days. However, I’ve already applied for a transfer and I think I’ll get to be transferred back to the city by next year.”

    Wen Xinya heaved a sigh of relief. It was much better for him to stay in the city because the training was much more relaxed in the city’s base camp.