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Chapter 84: Do You Like Her?

Fortunately, I Met You
     Lu Chenzhou had asked to kiss Cheng Xi seriously. It was so serious that she wanted to simultaneously laugh and be serious. In the end, Cheng Xi responded in an equally serious tone. Of course you dont have to listen to them.

    Lu Chenzhou made an Oh sound, showing a hint of dejection. Cheng Xi was afraid that he was about to say something else even more shocking, so she didnt even dare to mention the fireworks or his grandfather. Why hasnt the car come yet? Nows a great time to leave.

    Lu Chenzhou called Mr. Chen, and not long after, he drove out. His expression could hardly conceal his anticipation; once Cheng Xi and Lu Chenzhou got into the car, he immediately and delightedly asked Cheng Xi, Dr. Cheng, did you enjoy the fireworks just now?

    What could Cheng Xi say but Yes?

    Mr. Chen then looked at Lu Chenzhou through the rearview mirror. However, his expression was neutral, and his thoughts completely hidden.

    Cheng Xi turned away and looked outside the window. Despite Lu Chenzhous grandparents making life difficult for her, as Lu Chenzhous doctor, she still felt their warmth—not for her, but for Lu Chenzhou. He clearly had family members who would help him make thoroughly detailed plans. At the very least, he wasnt lacking for love.

    As the final minutes of Christmas Eve slipped away, more and more people appeared on the road. The car inched along slowly, letting its passengers clearly see the red lamplight illuminate peoples smiling faces, showing a world seemingly dyed in peace and happiness.

    Cheng Xis vexation started to dissipate.

    The car first drove to Cheng Xis house. Mr. Chen tactfully reminded his boss, probably having received an order from Lu Chenzhous grandfather, by saying, Its a bit late.

    Lu Chenzhou looked at the time.

    Cheng Xi asked, Are you late?


    Cheng Xi turned to say to Mr. Chen, Then lets stop at the roadside. I can walk home myself.

    How could we do that to you? It wouldnt be safe for you to walk back on your own so late. Mr. Chen then looked at Lu Chenzhou. Do you want to send Dr. Cheng upstairs? Theres still some time, so we can still make it.

    At this time, who cared about whether or not they would get back to the hospital on time? The most important thing was to send the girl home safely, and while the night was still bright and their emotions running wild, do some wonderful things!

    As a fellow man, Mr. Chen cheered Lu Chenzhou on in his head.

    But all Mr. Lu did was raise his head and look at his driver, frowning.

    He clearly didnt like anyone meddling in his affairs, so Mr. Chen quickly adjusted to an honest and earnest expression as he drove the car single-mindedly.

    The car went directly to Cheng Xis apartment. When they arrived, Lu Chenzhou asked Cheng Xi, Do you feel safe?


    Lu Chenzhou nodded in satisfaction, and Cheng Xi got out of the car with her bag. Mr. Chen could only sit in the drivers seat and watch her walk up the building alone.

    Actually, Lu Chenzhou wasnt as indifferent as he appeared to be; he was tightly clutching the apple that Cheng Xi had given him. Of the many gifts that she had bought him, there were many apples like the one he was holding, but the one in his hand was the only splotchy one.

    He gently stroked the apple in his hand, not even letting go even when he reentered his ward. After Lu Chenzhous grandfather had helped his grandson out on their date, he had naturally come over to the hospital to see the outcome. But when he and his wife excitedly ran into the ward, they saw that their grandson, whom they had expected to be flirting cutely with Cheng Xi, was instead sitting dazedly on the sofa by the bed, his hand clutching a silly little red apple.

    Lu Chenzhous grandfather immediately shouted, What are you doing here?

    Lu Chenzhou was startled, and he raised his head to look at them.

    His grandparents looked each other in the eye before they faced their grandsons cold and aloof gaze together, saying in sync, Zhou, why are you still here?

    Lu Chenzhou perfunctorily asked, Where should I be, then?

    His tone, which was as cold as the winter wind, immediately deflated his two grandparents eagerness. They sat down on one side of the sofa and looked at each other with wooden expressions. But then, Lu Chenzhous grandmother finally remembered what Cheng Xi had told her—dont think that his heart is cold just because of his expression. Dont worry about upsetting him, dont be afraid of his aloofness, and definitely dont do as he wishes. Instead, its best to treat him like a normal family member: tell him if youre happy, and tell him if youre unhappy… With this in mind, she gathered her courage and asked Lu Chenzhou, Zhou, did you like the fireworks that we released?

    Lu Chenzhou fidgeted with the apple in his hand. I didnt look at it.

    ……Then you didnt do what we told you to do either, right?

    Lu Chenzhous expression became even more chilly, and a sensation of rejection emanated from his body. She didnt let me.

    You didnt do it just because she didnt let you? My goodness, I didnt think that our Lu Chenzhou was such an obedient boy. How unexpected!

    Lu Chenzhous grandmother retreated, defeated by the cold atmosphere surrounding him. She quickly looked at her husband, her eyes saying, Your turn!

    His grandfather hurriedly tried to pick up the conversation by putting on a fierce expression and asking, Whatre you going to do with that apple? Is there anything nice about it?

    Lu Chenzhous tone was still apathetic. Nothing much.

    His grandmother anxiously butted in. Then stop looking at it. When she confirmed that he wasnt angry, she felt like she could proceed. Dr. Cheng…… How do you feel about her?

    Shes ugly.

    Lu Chenzhous grandmother almost spat out blood. Shes ugly?! She seriously felt that her grandsons sense of beauty had to be reworked. Shes actually very pretty. Just look at her facial features and temperament—shed be considered beautiful anywhere in the world.

    She has a single dimple.

    My goodness, she had forgotten about this fellows severe dislike for asymmetry!

    Neither of Lu Chenzhous grandparents knew what to say in response, until his grandfather finally ventured to say, Youll get used to it if you look at it enough… A single dimple isnt all that important.

    He had made that comment off-handedly, but Lu Chenzhou had still heard it, and he nodded in agreement. It isnt that important.

    He had finally had enough of playing with the apple in his hand, so he put it down and went to wash his hands. After he returned, he saw that his grandparents were still there, so he asked, Is something the matter?

    ……Does trying to help you get a girlfriend count?

    His grandfather stared at him anxiously. You said that it was fine if Dr. Cheng was a bit ugly. Does that mean that you dont dislike her?

    Lu Chenzhou looked at him strangely as he responded, Why would I dislike her?

    ……Arent you an extremely picky person? You shun anything thats asymmetric!!! His grandfather swallowed his saliva before carefully asking, Then do you like her?

    What do you mean by like?

    As they looked at their grandsons serious expression, his grandparents hearts ached. No wonder he still didnt have a girlfriend even at such an age! Not knowing what liking someone was, how pitiful! His grandmother resolutely forged ahead and tried to teach her grandson this concept. Liking someone means that you always think about her, that all you can think about is her. When you see her, you become nervous, you blush, your heart beats faster, you… When she ran out of words, Lu Chenzhous grandmother waved her hands to clear her mind before concluding, Anyway, if you like her, then youll feel like shes a wholly unique person, separate from everyone else. Do you feel that way about Dr. Cheng?

    Lu Chenzhous grandparents stared at him together, both holding their breath.

    But Lu Chenzhou just stood there, as youthful and handsome as ever. After pondering his grandmothers eloquent speech for a long while, he finally said, I dont know about the rest, but I want to have sex with her. Does that count?


    This was a devastating bombshell, causing even Lu Chenzhous grandparents to stare at him open-mouthed. My goodness, if my grandson was this bold and unconstrained, then hed scare away any potential granddaughter-in-laws!