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Chapter 620 - Feeling Hopeless out of Nowhere

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 620: Feeling Hopeless out of Nowhere

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    Who would be worthy of such a brilliant and outstanding girl like her?

    The question flashed through his head repeatedly, causing him to be incredibly frustrated. While using the restroom, he grabbed a cigarette from his bag and began smoking it.

    With just one puff, he caused one-quarter of the cigarette to be depleted, the ash falling to the ground and shattering.

    Wen Xinya was a girl who could make a man feel inferior and ashamed of himself. He had long realized that fact. Hence, he headed to the Northwest Main Military Camp without hesitation after being told by some friends that soldiers who trained there could improve drastically and rise through the ranks within a short period of time.

    The hardship that soldiers suffered at the Northwest Military Camp was unimaginable, especially with the harsh weather and living conditions. How could a pampered child like him who was born with a golden spoon in his mouth possibly take it?


    He was a pretty boy and had porcelain skin which caused him to be made fun of. Everyone was in disdain of him, for they felt that it was unfair that he had joined the military because of his family’s connections. They had even caused lots of trouble for him and picked on him. Severe beatings and harsh punishments were allowed in the military, so long as they were not fatal or incapacitating. Even his superiors and instructors disliked him and would punish him every so often…

    However, he tolerated all of the hardship and pushed himself through the arduous training. He had managed to gain the recognition of everyone else through his own abilities and hard work.

    After completing the hellish training course, the soldiers were sent on missions and assigned tasks. Due to the lack of peace and security in the Northwest region, there were lots of terrifying terrorists there who would launch attacks every now and then. Hence, there would often be crossfires, most of which were reported on the news. Throughout the past few years, he had been involved in several crossfires and dodged hundreds of bullets, and had countless numbers of close shaves with death.

    He had managed to push through and overcome all odds, and the scars on his body were the testament of his blood, sweat, and tears.

    He was no longer afraid of hell camps, crossfires and bloodshed. However, he could not tolerate how dearly he had missed Wen Xinya as well as the pain that came with it. He felt as if they were like ants eating away at his chest, while images of his dream flashed through his mind continuously. He was overwhelmed with misery every single day and there had been numerous times where he resisted the burning urge to pick up his mobile phone and give her a call. He was just too afraid of hearing her voice and breaking down.

    He felt a great sense of relief the moment he saw her yesterday.

    He reckoned that Wen Xinya would have his heart for the rest of his life.


    It was as if it was all written in the book of fate.

    Just like in his dream, he could not stop himself from falling hopelessly in love with her.

    “When have you started smoking so heavily?” Gu Junling asked, snatching the cigarette from him and taking a huge puff out of it.

    Xu Zhenyu leaned back against the wall and curled his spine a little. “I don’t remember!”

    After taking another two puffs, Gu Junling snubbed the cigarette and said, “You came back this time to attend Xinya’s coming-of-age ceremony, didn’t you?”

    Who’d believe that Xu Zhenyu was back for a mission like he had claimed?

    Xu Zhenyu remained silent while the thick fumes of smoke surrounded him, making him look even more mysterious.


    Gu Junling raised his narrow eyes seductively and said, “Xu-er, don’t you plan to make things clear to Wen Xinya this time? Don’t leave things hanging. I’m getting worried about you.”

    Although Wen Xinya seemed to be a meticulous person, she was extremely slow-witted when it came to romance. The entire world knew that Zhong Rufeng was smitten with her. Yet, she had no idea. However, she did know that Xu Zhenyu harbored feelings for her.

    Xu Zhenyu’s eyes glistened and he changed the subject. “Stop talking about me. How are things between you and Tianyu? You’ve kept your feelings to yourself for so many years. Likewise, I’m worried about you!”

    Gu Junling punched Xu Zhenyu’s chest playfully and exclaimed, “You’re just feeling sour! We were talking about you and Xinya, why did you drag me into this? Things are different for me and Tianyu. She’s such a dimwit.”

    Gu Junling was exasperated at the thought of Zhou Tianyu. However, the tenderness on his face made him look helpless instead of menacing.

    Xu Zhenyu snorted with laughter and exclaimed, “Hang on tight! Don’t let her slip out of your hands.”

    Gu Junling sneered. “Zhou Tianyu that silly lass is dimwitted. She won’t be able to attract other guys with me around! It’s a different case for you though. Look how much clout Xinya has now as the richest and most elite heiress in the city. She’s so much more outstanding than those heirs and wealthy youths. I saw lots of men trying to get close to her during her coming-of-age ceremony yesterday.”


    Xu Zhenyu frowned and said with a sullen expression, “I doubt Xinya would take a liking to him.”

    Gu Junling guffawed and said, “Don’t blame me for failing to remind you. Wen Xinya already has Zhong Rufeng as a suitor. You know him, don’t you? I believe you don’t need me to tell you how outstanding he is. Most importantly, Old Mr. Mo and Old Mr. Zhong are close to each other.”

    Reminded of the elite and outstanding man, Xu Zhenyu could not help but feel slightly inferior.

    He was somehow reminded of the time before Wen Xinya’s homecoming party two years ago, during which she was suddenly kidnapped and later rescued by a man who was incredibly suave.

    Later on, he asked Wen Xinya about that man whom she claimed to be one of Old Mr. Mo’s apprentices that taught her calligraphy and chess.

    In hindsight, he realized that that man seemed to be scanning Wen Xinya from head to toe at the time.

    He did not believe that an ordinary man would look at her that way for no reason. His male intuition told him that he had harbored designs on Wen Xinya.

    Upon sight of Xu Zhenyu looking extremely distracted, Gu Junling broke out into cold sweat and frantically said, “Xu-er, Xu-er…”


    Xu Zhenyu snapped out of his trance and stared at Gu Junling with his eyes glassed over. “What’s wrong?”

    Gu Junling heaved a sigh of relief and exclaimed, “I should be asking you that! You were sweating profusely and wouldn’t respond to my calls.”

    Xu Zhenyu sighed and interrupted. “I’m alright, don’t worry. We’ve already been here for a while. Let’s go back to the room!”

    His male intuition told him that the mysterious man who had saved Wen Xinya was his true rival in love. However… when he compared himself to the man, he felt hopeless out of nowhere.

    He was filled with a sudden, inexplicable misery.