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Volume 1 Chapter 101 - Investmen

Magic Industry Empire
     Volume 1 Chapter 101 Investment

    The next morning, Viscount Leslie walked into the hall of the office and when he saw the situation in front of him, he couldn’t believe his eyes.

    Other than Xu Yi, there were three people who Viscount Leslie never would have thought would be here. It was Victor, Cell, and Urgot.

    What surprised Viscount Leslie more was that these people were happily talking to Xu Yi, looking like they were old friends.

    When Viscount Leslie came in, Victor was currently explaining something to Xu Yi with words and gestures.

    “Thirty gold coins? Chairman Xu, you think that our Anvilmar City is a small place like your Banta City? Oh, it’s not that I’m looking down on you, please don’t mind it. My meaning is that if you only sell it for thirty gold coins each, aren’t you underestimating the rich people of our Anvilmar City? Let me tell you, as long as that Magic Air Conditioner you described is really that convenient, not to mention thirty gold coins, a bunch of people would still buy it if you doubled the price! Then again, for the people of our upper society group, what is most important? Money? Of course not! The most important thing is face! Think about it, even the small nobles of Banta City are using this new thing like the Magic Air Conditioner, so how could our Anvilmar City not have any? That is too shameful! So, chairman Xu, don’t you think I’m right? We should just double the price, going from thirty gold coins for one to fifty gold coins for one is definitely not a problem!” After saying this, Victor even slapped his chest, “I promise that even at this price, you’ll have no problem selling several hundreds of them in Anvilmar City!”

    Xu Yi knit his brows, “Only several hundred? Young master Victor, excuse me for being impolite, but I think your eyes are set too small. My goal is to sell several thousand units in Anvilmar City or even up to ten thousand units.”

    “Ah?” Victor’s mouth dropped wide open and he looked at Cell and Urgot in blank dismay, “Thousands of units? This…..Chairman Xu, although our Anvilmar City has many rich people, tens of gold coins is not a small number. Those that can casually take that out…..perhaps there aren’t that many.”

    Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Perhaps there aren’t that many now, but once the kingdom’s economy develops, naturally there would be more.”

    Victor scratched his head and had a confused look, “Chairman Xu, I don’t understand this economical development you mentioned, so let’s not talk about this now. With what we can see now, I feel that it’s already pretty good if we can sell one thousand units in Anvilmar City.”

    “Alright, since young master Victor thinks we can sell one thousand units, then let’s set it at this number for now.” Xu Yi said with a nod, “Of course, providing you with a thousand units right away is not realistic, our company can’t produce that many right now. How about this, I’ll give you fifty units first. Before sending them over, I’ll have to ask young master Victor, young master Cell, and young master Urgot to advertise them with all your effort first. It’s best if you can sell the first batch of Magic Air Conditioners right away, which is another form of advertisement and it’ll allow you to see what the market is like. What do you all think?”

    The three of them all revealed wide smiles, but then Victor’s smile became awkward as he said to Xu Yi, “This…..Chairman Xu, according to the price of twenty five gold coins per unit, fifty units would be one thousand two hundred and fifty gold coins. This…...This…..Although we brothers have some money and can seek a bit of support from our families, to take out this much all at once, I’m afraid……”

    Xu Yi laughed and waved his hand as he generously said, “The three young master shouldn’t look down on me, it’s just a trivial one thousand two hundred and fifty gold coins. With the status of the three young masters, how could I need you to pay this amount in advance? I’ll make the decision to first put this amount in an account. After you sell the first batch of Magic Air Conditioners, the three young master can just repay me. I believe that with the skills of the three young masters, you will be able to sell them in Anvilmar City and quickly earn back these gold coins.”

    The eyes of the three lit up and Victor excitedly shouted, “Chairman Xu, are you serious?”

    Xu Yi revealed a dissatisfied look, “Young master Victor, if you don’t believe me, it’s better if we don’t do business together.”

    Victor quickly grabbed Xu Yi’s arm and kept saying, “I do, I do, I do, of course I believe chairman Xu. Alright, it’s all set. Have your people send the fifty…..No, it’s best if you give us a week to prepare first. Once we are prepared, have your people send the fifty Magic Air Conditioners over.”

    Xu Yi nodded with a faint smile, “Alright, I will be in Anvilmar City for another week or so. If you have any ideas during this time, you can come look for me.”

    Victor’s group of three looked at each other before they all revealed smiles.

    After talking about a few more things, Victor’s group of three left with wide smiles.

    When they left, Viscount Leslie came out from his hidden spot and entered the main hall. He looked over Xu Yi like it was his first time meeting him.

    “Xu Yi, although I always felt that you had powerful interpersonal skills, but I never thought that in just a single time, you would be mixing with those three fellows. Moreover, based on what you were just discussing, are you preparing to do business with them?”

    “When did the Lord Viscount arrive?” Xu Yi looked at him in surprise before looking in the direction the three walked off in. He said with a smile, “It was just a coincidence. What? Lord Viscount, you feel that it isn’t good to cooperate with them?”

    Viscount Leslie shook his head, “Those three fellows have been good for nothing since they were young and aren’t good at business. With you choosing to cooperate with them, I’m worried you will suffer a loss.”

    Xu Yi smiled and looked relaxed, “I can suffer the loss from fifty Magic Air Conditioners. Then again, this is also an investment and if it succeeds, it will bring me rich profits. As a merchant, if I wasn’t willing to take this bit of risk, I might as well focus on studying magic instead.”

    “Investment?” Viscount Leslie looked at Xu Yi with a doubtful gaze, “You have only met them once the day before yesterday and don’t know anything about them, so why are you certain they are worth investing in?”

    Xu Yi gave a smile to Viscount Leslie as he said, “Lord Viscount, for you to know them and be qualified to be taught a lesson by you, they wouldn’t be from normal families, right?”

    Viscount Leslie instantly became happy, “Is this considered you flattering me? Fine, your guess is correct. Although those three kids are good for nothings, the families behind them have a bit of power in Anvilmar City, so you cooperating with the three of them was correct. Those three fellows are considered the local bullies, so they know many people and many paths. They can’t do anything big, but helping you sell some Magic Air Conditioners and opening the market is not a problem. Of course, that is on the premise they are willing to do this.”

    Xu Yi laughed, “Each time a Magic Air Conditioner is sold, they can earn five gold coins. Do you think they are willing to work hard on this?”

    Viscount Leslie couldn’t help laughing, “Those three fellows are strictly managed by their families and their finances are normally tight, so they are definitely willing to do anything that earns money quickly. But Xu Yi, I have to warn you that there have been other companies who have looked for them and was smashed by them in the end. Even if they work hard, that does not mean they will do well.”

    Xu Yi shook his head, “I’ve already said this, this is an investment. Of course there are risks in investing, but it doesn’t matter if they completely fail or not. As long as they can let the people of Anvilmar City know about Magic Air Conditioners, it’s fine.”

    Viscount Leslie gave a slight nod, “That is also right. In the end, the things you make are unique items on the Sines Continent. Just based on the novelty of it, there are many people who are willing to try it, so there is no need to worry about not being able to sell them.”

    Xu Yi gave a proud smile. He changed the topic and asked, “That’s right, Lord Viscount, why are you here so early? Did you need me for something?”

    “No, it’s nothing special. You’re going to the Magicians Guild for the qualification certification exam, so as a friend, I should send you there.”

    Xu Yi looked at him with a bit of surprise. He thought that even though he and Viscount Leslie could be considered close, the status between the two were too different and they couldn’t be considered friends at all. Moreover, his relationship with Viscount Leslie back in Banta City was considered not too close, so why did he suddenly become this friendly?

    “The Lord Viscount is too polite.” Xu Yi said with a smile, “Only this is just a qualification certification test, it isn’t anything especially important. How could it require you to send me there?”

    “You seem confident.” Viscount Leslie shook his head, “Xu Yi, let me ask you something and I hope you’ll answer honestly.”

    “Please ask Lord Viscount.”

    “With the current level of your magic, what grade magician test can you pass?”