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Volume 1 Chapter 123 - Failed advertisemen

Magic Industry Empire
     Volume 1 Chapter 123 Failed advertisement

    After saying goodbye to chairman Cruise’s group of two, Xu Yi set off towards Banta City alone in his horse carriages.

    When he came to a secluded place, there was a space distortion beside Xu Yi. With a delicate fragrance, there was an extra person on the seat beside him.

    “Chairman Xu, what you said to the two of them just now about wanting their company to build embankments on a river, were you referring to the river of our tribe?” Agnes asked Xu Yi with an expectant look.

    “Do you think I need to build embankments on any other rivers?” Xu Yi asked back with a smile.

    “That means you really are planning to help us?” Agnes’ expression suddenly became excited.

    Xu Yi helplessly shook his head, “Young miss Agnes, I never said that I wouldn’t help you, it’s just you never believed in me to begin with.”

    Agnes slightly lowered her head and somewhat awkwardly said, “Sorry, the tribe seniors have been teaching us since we were young to not trust humans.”

    “The prejudice you elves have against us humans really is big.” Xu Yi said with a sigh, “Although I admit that there are some cunning humans that exist among us, there are still many humans that are honest, just like me. Your elves have been tricked by humans several times, so you are beating all of us humans with the same stick, that’s too biased.”

    Agnes shook her head, “It isn’t just a few times. Based on what the elders said, in the history of us elves, we have been deceived by humans countless times, so we elves can’t believe anything humans say.” After pausing, Agnes asked with a look of doubt, “Chairman Xu, actually I’m very curious. Why is that even though you humans are the same race, each human is different?”

    Xu Yi rolled his eyes and snappily said, “Could it be that everyone of the elven race is the same? For example, are they all simple minded creatures who are as innocent as you? I really don’t know what your elders were thinking, actually sending you to ask other races for help. They aren’t afraid that you would be sold by people.”

    Agnes blinked innocently, looking perplexed.

    “Chairman Xu, what is a single minded creature? Do you really think I’m that innocent?”

    Xu Yi shook his head, feeling too lazy to discuss this matter with this young miss from the elven race. He then said, “Alright, you heard it just now, I’ve asked the Amrit Chamber of Commerce to help me build embankments on the river. However, whether it is the fact of them getting used to using the cement, learning how to use the cement, or even developing the cement mixers, it all needs time, so we can’t change the water source of your tribe right now. That’s right, Agnes, have you never thought of using underground water? Although the river has changed, the situation of the water underground wouldn’t change that easily. The vegetation of Falling Rain Forest is quite rich, so there should be quite a bit of underground water.”

    “Underground water?” Agnes thought about it before answering, “The elders have tried it too. They wanted to create a well to use the underground water, but after we reached ten meters deep, we found that there was a deep bedrock and couldn’t dig any deeper.”

    “You probably hit the underground rock layer. According to my experience, as long as you can penetrate this rock layer, you will be able to hit the water source. Could it be that you gave up just like this?” Xu Yi asked.

    Agnes revealed a depressed expression, “The elders said that the rockbed under the ground is very thick and we can’t break through with our power. If we want to break through, we can’t do it even with the human’s high grade Earth Attributed Magic. We could only do it if an Earth Attributed Grand Magus came to use a Forbidden Spell. But Arch Magi are the highest people among you humans, not mentioning inviting them over, we can’t even see them.”

    “That isn’t certain.” Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “As long as you can give him enough benefits, that Arch Magus will also be moved.”

    Agnes helplessly said, “But our tribe can’t take out anything that can move an Arch Magus.”

    “Perhaps you just haven’t noticed your own value yet. For example, Agnes, I think you already have quite a bit of value just based on you.” Xu Yi said to Agnes while looking at her with eyes filled with profound meaning.

    Agnes pointed at herself in a daze, “Me? I am just a normal elf, what special value do I have?”

    Xu Yi laughed, “You don’t know it now, but you’ll understand in the future. As for solving the problem of your tribe’s water, based on what you just said, I suddenly thought of a way to solve it temporarily for you.”

    Agnes’ eyes instantly lit up, “Really? What method?”

    “Just be patient for a while, I’ll give you an answer.” Xu Yi said.

    Agnes didn’t keep asking, she just looked at Xu Yi with sparkling eyes that no longer contained the same doubt a before.

    Without knowing why, she had already begun to trust this human she hadn’t known for long.


    The horse carriage came to a remote and quiet small yard in the city.

    Xu Yi jumped out of the horse carriage and walked in after pushing open the door. He immediately saw Still standing in the small garden in the back with a light purple dress on, holding Magic Lamp that Master Lanus, Camby, and the other dwarves with exceptional skills made. Her head was slightly down and her expression was tranquil, as her lips slightly curled.

    Just by taking one look, Xu Yi’s heart couldn’t help skipping a beat.

    Still was already beautiful, but in this scenario, but being a model like this, her cheerful aura suddenly became refined and delicate. This large difference was a big impact on Xu Yi.

    Once Still became quiet and adding in this form fitting light purple dress, it was like her aura had changed.

    Just based on how she was modeled now, there was no doubting her “Banta Goddess” title.

    Not far away from her, Master Anlios had a large canvas in front of him and was concentrated on painting the moving scene in front of him.

    Xu Yi knew that Master Anlios was currently immersed in the world of drawing, so he watched from afar. He saw that the painting was almost done, so he silently stood on the side and didn’t dare disrupt them.

    It took an entire half an hour to finish the painting. Although Xu Yi could never tire of how beautiful Still was, his feet was a bit sore from standing the entire time. When he saw that Master Anlios had finished the last stroke and put away his tools, he quickly walked over.

    When he came over and saw the canvas, Xu Yi couldn’t help praising it.

    The drawing almost perfectly replicated Still’s beautiful image. Although it wasn’t as moving as the real person, it was still quite expressive. Anyone who saw this painting would instantly be drawn in by Still.

    But after looking at it for a while, Xu Yi found a problem.

    Still on this painting was moving and quite eye attracting, but all the attention was taken by Still and not many people would notice the Magic Lamp in Still’s hands.

    It had to be known that Xu Yi had Master Anlios draw this because he wanted to create an advertisement for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s Magic Lamp. If they used this painting as an advertisement, it would be advertising Still, but it wouldn’t be advertising the Magic Lamp.

    “Chairman Xu, as long as young miss Still is attractive enough, then people will naturally notice the Magic Lamp in her hand. I don’t feel that this is a problem, you’re worrying too much.” To the worry that Xu Yi had, Master Anlios didn’t care at all.

    When Still came over and looked at the painting, she thought about it before saying to Master Anlios, “Master, I feel that Xu Yi is right, you should focus a bit more on the Magic Lamp. If you can’t, then you can make my face a bit more fuzzy.”

    Master Anlios kept shaking his head, “How could that be? Young miss Still is such a beautiful person, if we were to make your face fuzzy, that simply like removing the sun from the sky and the painting would lose its meaning. No, I definitely can’t agree to this.”

    “Un, I also agree on this. Still, if your face were to be made burry, then what reason is there in my requesting for you to be the model? I could just find a random person.” Xu Yi thought about it before saying, “Master Anlios, my meaning isn’t to blur out Still, but rather to focus a bit more on the Magic Lamp, since this is an advertisement for the Magic Lamp. The priority should be focusing on it.”

    “Right, I am just an accessory.” Still said with a smile.

    Seeing that those two were saying the same thing, Master Anlios helplessly knit his brows to think for a bit before drawing a few strokes on the canvas.

    Although it was just a few strokes, the Magic Lamp in Still’s hand immediately became more prominent. It was enough to show his skills as a master.

    Xu Yi looked at it for a while and still felt a bit dissatisfied, but he didn’t know about drawing, so he couldn’t tell what wasn’t good.

    Seeing Xu Yi was still doubtful, Master Anlios’ expression turned cold, “Chairman Xu, the painting can be changed at most like this. If you aren’t satisfied, I can paint another one, but you will need to pay extra.”

    Xu Yi looked at him and felt a bit dissatisfied, but Master Anlios was Banta City’s most famous painter. Xu Yi couldn’t find anyone else more suitable than him and they had worked together several times, with quite good results, so Xu Yi didn’t want to ruin this relationship because of a small difference in opinion.

    “There’s no need for another painting, this one is quite good, we’ll use it.” Xu Yi thought about it before speaking.

    Master Anlios’ expression became warm again, “Good, then chairman Xu, the work this time is finished.”

    Xu Yi revealed a smile and shook hands with Master Anlios before sending him off.

    After Master Anlios left, Still looked at the expression on Xu Yi’s face and said, “Xu Yi, I’ve heard that Karma City has a famous painter, how about trying him?”

    Xu Yi shook his head, “You’re talking about Master Kassadin? I’ve asked around and this Master Kassadin can’t compare to Master Anlios. If we went to find him, we would be breaking off our relation with Master Anlios and that isn’t a good choice.”

    Still knit her brows and thought about it before saying with a sigh, “It’s a pity that Banta City is only a small city and there aren’t any better choices. If this was Anvilmar City, we could find a better painter than Master Anlios.”

    “There’s no other way, this is reality.” Xu Yi took the painting Master Anlios had just done and after looking at it for a bit, he gave a nod of satisfaction, “Un, it’s pretty good. Although it’s a failure as an advertisement, but it is quite outstanding as a portrait for you, Still. Look, it captured your expression perfectly. I think that if anyone who doesn’t know you saw this painting, they would mistaken you as a gentle and graceful beauty.”

    “Mistaken?” Still knit her brows and glared at him, “What do you mean?”

    Xu Yi laughed and didn’t explain at all. The angry Still couldn’t help throwing a fist at him.

    Who would have thought that when Still’s fist came halfway, there would be a space distortion between the two. A person suddenly appeared and quickly reached out her hand to grab Still’s arm.

    “You’re not allowed to hurt him.” Agnes’ voice came from under the cloak.

    Recognizing that this was a young female’s voice, Still couldn’t help becoming stunned. She looked over Agnes before asking Xu Yi, “Who is she?”

    Xu Yi was also scared by Agnes suddenly appearing, but after hearing the question Still gave and looking at Agnes wrapped up in the cloak, he suddenly had an idea.

    Got it!