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Volume 2 Chapter 35 - The gift Agnes brough

Magic Industry Empire
     With the familiar spatial distortion, Agnes appeared with a doubtful look on her face.

    “Sir chairman, how did you know I was here? I clearly didn’t release my Shadow Stealth Spell.”

    “It’s very simple, this is because that familiar feeling from when you stayed by my side was back, so I know you were back.” Xu Yi said with a smile.

    “Familiar feeling?” Agnes looked confused, “What feeling is that?”

    “I can’t describe it. In short, when you are by my side, even if I can’t see you, there is a strange feeling that lets me know that someone is near.” Xu Yi explained.

    “Then if some other elf used the Shadow Stealth Spell to stay by your side, can’t you also sense them?” Agnes asked.

    “It’s not the same.” Xu Yi shook his head, “Perhaps it is because you’ve been by my side for a long time, so even if you are by my side with the Shadow Stealth Spell, I can also sense you. But if it was another elf, then I would never sense them. To put it simply, it would be the scent that your body has that betrays you?”

    “Scent?” Agnes slightly knit her brows and lowered her head to take a sniff, “There isn’t any special scent.”

    Xu Yi had an urge to take a sniff, but doing this would be too offensive. He suppressed that urge and changed the topic with a smile, “Alright, let’s not waste words. What are the results of your business trip alone?”

    “Oh, I saw chief Siluka, chief Monto, and the elder and I told them what you wanted me to say. Then they had me bring back some things for you.”

    Agnes took the large bag off her back and when she opened it, there were many iron things of different colours inside.

    Xu Yi was surprised, “You wouldn’t have carried all these things back from the Falling Rain Forest, right?”

    “That’s right, what about it?” Agnes asked back in a surprised voice.

    Xu Yi was speechless.

    Such a large bag with many different iron things, it should be over a hundred pounds.

    Agnes had carried this bag to run over a two hundred miles from the Falling Rain Forest. Should it be said that the elves had good natural talent or was she just a fool?

    “You don’t need to trouble yourself next time. I just wanted you to bring back one or two of the samples chief Siluka had, you didn’t have to bring back this many of them. You don’t think it’s too heavy?” Xu Yi said while shaking his head.

    “These are all samples.” Agnes took out a sheet of paper from the bag for Xu Yi, “This is the list chief Siluka gave me, it has the formula for each sample and their initial test results. He wanted me to bring them over for you to take a look.”

    “They’re all samples?” Xu Yi looked over the bag and saw that there were over twenty kinds. Could it be that in just a few months, the Norma Tribe had invented all these different alloys?

    If it was like this, the dwarves talent in forging was just too terrifying.

    But after seeing the list, Xu Yi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

    The so called samples were just things that chief Siluka had drawn inspiration from the Silver Leaf Alloy from. During this time, they added all kinds of strange materials into molten iron, even adding in powdered feces.

    The so called alloy made from this scenario, it would be strange if it had any special effects.

    But after checking the tests, Xu Yi found that in the twenty three kinds of alloys that chief Siluka had Agnes bring back, there really were some that were useful.

    Putting aside some that “broke with a single tap” that almost made Xu Yi puke out blood, the one listed as “number seventeen” by chief Siluka had really good characteristics. It had a strong resistance against corrosion and high temperatures.

    To have one useful alloy out of all these useless alloys, Xu Yi was very satisfied.

    The characteristic of having powerful corrosion and heat resistance was very useful in materials. If it could also have the characteristic of being stainless steel, he could use this material to make countless new magic machines.

    “Very good. Let me see, the one that is number seventeen…..” Xu Yi went through the bag and dug up the iron lump that had the number seventeen.

    This dark red lump of iron sunk in his hand, so it was a bit heavier than normal iron. It seemed like after the dwarves added the special material, this material’s internal structure had been changed.

    Xu Yi couldn’t help feeling a bit of doubt in his heart.

    Although the Sines Continent couldn’t compare to earth in terms of technology, there were some advantages that earth couldn’t compare to.

    Just like the Silver Leaf Alloy. There were many alloys that had the same characteristics as the Silver Leaf Alloy on earth, but on the Sines Continent, you just needed to mix the molten iron with some Silver Leaf Powder that could be found everywhere.

    As for the number seventeen alloy that had strong corrosion and heat resistance, based on the description of the list from chief Siluka, they had just added some common plant’s stem powder into molten iron to make it. They didn’t use any special forging techniques at all.

    “What kind of damn principle is this?” As someone who was thoroughly filled with engineering principles, Xu Yi was really puzzled by this strange phenomenon.

    [TL Note: The protagonist aura principle.]

    But these were the facts, so Xu Yi had to explain it as there being some difference between the Sines Continent and earth.

    Seeing Xu Yi look over all the samples, Agnes reached into her chest and took out a small box which she handed over.

    “This is a gift that the elder had me bring to you.” Agnes said.

    “Gift? What is this?” Xu Yi curiously opened the box and found that there was a little human model inside the box.

    This little human model was made of crystal and other than the bright yellow hair, the other parts were all a creamy white colour.

    Xu Yi reached out to touch it and found that this little model should be made of plastic.

    What surprised him the most was that this little model was actually based on Still!

    Although this was only twenty centimeters tall, it was very finely made and they had even carved out Still’s beautiful features, even carefully carving out each strand of hair. Xu Yi gave a surprised gasp before praising, “Too beautiful! If Still saw this, she would definitely be happy. Agnes, help me thank elder Illusia, I’m very satisfied with this gift she gave me.”

    Agnes revealed a sweet smile, “The elder said that this is a gift for a friend, so there’s no need for thanks. The elder also said that after seeing this gift, you should understand her meaning.”

    Xu Yi looked at the little figure and used his finger to feel it before nodding, “That’s right, I understand.”

    Elder Illusia had Agnes bring this gift, there was no doubt that meant that the Night Song Tribe had results that met Xu Yi’s requirements.

    Looking at the wooden box, he found that other than this little human figure, there were also some creamy white rectangular pieces of plastic inside.

    Xu Yi took these pieces of plastic and first took a sniff. Not only was there the expected smell, rather there was a faint refreshing smell that made him nod in satisfaction.

    Then he put the plastic on the ground and picked up a pointed stone. In front of Agnes’ shocked gaze, he smashed the pointed stone at the plastic on the ground.


    The stone slammed into the plastic and made a deep sound.

    Xu Yi pulled back and seriously looked at it. He found that there was a very small groove on the surface of the plastic and there was no other marks at all.

    “Very good, whether it is the smell, firmness, or flexibility, there are no problems. Now it’s time for the most important test.”

    Xu Yi picked up the plastic again and put it in his right hand, as he released his magic energy. In an instant, a strong chill came from his right hand and instantly froze the air that was a bit warm from the May temperature.

    Sixth Grade Spell, Ice Nova.

    This was the first Sixth Grade Spell that Xu Yi learned not long ago.

    Once the Ice Nova was released, the temperature of the air instantly dropped. Based on the magic power of a magician and their understanding of the spell, the drop in temperature was different.

    If it was an Arch Mage that used this spell, their lowest temperature could even cause a stone to crack from freezing.

    Although the magic that Xu Yi released wasn’t that exaggerated, it still reduced the temperature down below zero.

    In an instant, there were snowflakes around Xu Yi’s right hand and his right hand had turned white from the magic, even becoming a bit transparent.

    Agnes looked at Xu Yi’s right hand and her eyes filled with surprise.

    Although she focused on special elven magic and haven’t started studying elemental magic, she could still recognize that Xu Yi was currently using Ice Nova.

    After following Xu Yi for a long time, she was clear on the fact that Xu Yi was only a Fifth Grade Magician. It was already surprising that he could use Sixth Grade Magic, but what really surprised her was that Xu Yi could keep up this spell for this long!

    Although this magic was limited to the area around Xu Yi’s right hand, decreasing the amount of magic it consumed, but he could maintain it for this long. Other than proving that his magic was better than normal magicians, it also meant that his magic power wasn’t weaker than Sixth Grade Magician.

    Agnes couldn’t help thinking of the appraisal of Great Magician Camilla on Xu Yi that she heard from Still.

    “If this kid focused on studying magic, he could become a powerful Arch Mage.”

    Thinking of this, Agnes couldn’t help looking at Xu Yi with a gaze of pity.

    After following Xu Yi for this long, she was very clear that Xu Yi sincerely loved studying magic machines.

    Even if he spent time studying magic, Agnes could tell that most of it was just to make it easier for him to study magic machines.

    If he focused more of his time and effort into studying magic, Agnes was certain that with his talent, he could become a powerful Arch Mage.

    Xu Yi on the side didn’t notice Agnes’ thoughts and he focused on the piece of plastic in his hand.

    Seeing that the plastic block didn’t distort at all after all this time, Xu Yi revealed a satisfied smile.

    After using Ice Nova for several minutes, Xu Yi took back his magic power and released the spell.

    The frost that had formed from the quick drop in temperature on the plastic block had turned into beads of water that dripped down from the surface of the block.

    Xu Yi carefully looked over the plastic and found that other than that little hole that was made by him with that rock, there were no other changes.

    “This is great!” Xu Yi looked at the piece of plastic in his hand and revealed a happy smile. He turned to Agnes and said, “Agnes, didn’t you always ask what value I found in your elf tribe? Let me tell you, just based on this piece of plastic, I have found infinite value!”

    Agnes looked at the normal piece of resin in Xu Yi’s hand and was confused.

    It’s clearly a piece of normal tree resin, so why does sir chairman treat it like it’s a piece of treasure?