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Chapter 376 - Remove All Of Them

Medical Master
     Chapter 376 Remove All Of Them


    The swoosh of the air that rang successively from the front and back made Fang Qiu’s heart tighten.

    In front of him, Mo Qingzhu was entangling him, while at the back, the three people, Liu Dongzhu, Tian Zhongzhu, and Wu Xinzhu, are threatening Elder Yi’s life.

    No matter in which direction he saw, it was just like a dead end.

    Off the arena, the Jiangjing martial arts practitioners couldn’t help shouting. They all wanted to rush onto the arena to save Elder Yi, but it was too late now; Liu Dongzhu had reached in front of Elder Yi.

    Furthermore, on his both sides, there were Tian Zhongzhu and Wu Xinzhu.


    Perhaps before they rushed onto the arena, the spiked clubs shining with a cold light in Liu Dongzhu’s hand had already stabbed into Elder Yi’s neck.

    At that moment, nearly all of the Jiangjing martial arts practitioners held their breath out of nervousness.

    It was at the arena.


    Like the wind, Mo Qingzhu’s two fists carried overwhelming energy Qi and rushed before Fang Qiu, bursting into all of their power. With a terrifying speed, he waved his fists at Fang Qiu’s head and chest, ferociously dashing over.


    Fang Qiu raised his eyebrows.


    Feet still and standing behind Elder Yi, while he blocked Mo Qingzhu, he spread his palm.

    “Great Hand of Destruction!”

    He secretly shouted in his heart.

    Fang Qiu charged his right hand forward and slapped in the air.

    Then, he instantly turned around, completely ignoring Mo Qingzhu. His right hand immediately curved like a dragon claw and, like a tool to buckle the water tube, reached before Elder Yi, tightly clutching the arm that had already dashed in Elder Yi’s front.

    Before his eyes, with one centimeter further, the spiked club in Liu Dongzhu’s hand was going to prick into Elder Yi’s throat.

    “Aargh… go to hell!”


    The moment his wrist got shackled by Fang Qiu, Liu Dongzhu instantly shouted, bursting into the power all over his body at one time. He tried to forcefully stab Elder Yi to death under Fang Qiu’s stopping.

    “You deserve to die!”

    Fang Qiu coldly snorted.

    Though he could easily stop a fifth-class Martial Superior when they had gone all out, he needed a short distance to offset the hit. However, now, he’d got nowhere to retreat.

    The only way was to change the direction of Liu Dongzhu’s attack.

    Without the slightest hesitation, just as Liu Dongzhu burst into all of his strength, Fang Qiu suddenly pulled.

    He instantly pulled his right hand onto Elder Yi’s right shoulder.


    The attack missed its target!

    Liu Dongzhu opened his eyes wide and looked ferocious.

    He extremely angrily glared at Fang Qiu and then looked up at Mo Qingzhu.

    However, he saw Mo Qingzhu, who had not reached his target, was already sent back flying now. In the air, blood that squirted out of Mo Qingzhu’s mouth spilled.

    Liu Dongzhu was stunned by the scene.

    Mo Qingzhu was a genuine sixth-class Martial Superior!

    How was he sent back flying for no reason like this?

    Moreover, he spat blood from the hit?


    Liu Dongzhu was dumbfounded!

    How, was that possible?

    No one had attacked him at all!

    Off the stage, the crowd of Jiangjing martial arts practitioners were all extremely shocked as well.

    They saw it.

    Senior John Doe just slapped in the air like that, and before he could change his face, Mo Qingzhu’s entire body was directly sent back flying as if he had taken a heavy blow, heavily falling at the edge of the arena.

    What kind of kung fu was this?

    It should reach such a terrifying and weird effect!

    This was too strong, right?

    It was at that time.

    “Clap clap!”

    On the arena, two successive booms rang over.

    They saw when Tian Zhongzhu and Wu Xinzhu, who had snuck up on Elder Yi with Liu Dongzhu, dashed beside Elder Yi, Fang Qiu should fling Liu Dongzhu in his firmly-clasped hand and directly knock the two people back flying.

    “Guilty of the worst crimes and bullying others with your strength. You Wulin scum!”

    After knocking the two people back flying, Fang Qiu took the force to slam Liu Dongzhu on the ground. Then, he clenched his right fist and heavily smashed at Liu Dongzhu’s lower abdomen as suddenly as lightning.


    Fang Qiu rose and heavily kicked at his waist. The huge force immediately kicked him back flying and the man bumped into Zhang Sizhu, who had already been useless.

    “The third one!”

    Having gotten rid of Liu Dongzhu, Fang Qiu dashed and instantly rushed beside Tian Zhongzhu and Wu Xinzhu, who had been knocked back flying.

    The two people immediately got up to resist.

    However, the moment they got up, Fang Qiu swept their feet on the ground with his leg. When the two hurriedly tried to dodge it, Fang Qiu’s both hands curved into dragon claws and directly hit the two’s throats.

    He instantly clutched the two’s necks.

    Then, he lifted his right foot and heavily knocked Wu Xinzhu’s lower abdomen with his knee. Combined with the internal Qi, the tremendous force directly shattered Wu Xinzhu’s Dantian.

    “The fourth one!”

    Clenching his right fist, under Tian Zhongzhu’s startled and fearful eyes, Fang Qiu directly smashed onto Tian Zhongzhu’s Dantian.


    A mouthful of blood was spurted out.

    Tian Zhongzhu’s entire body was tightened and fell to the ground while he was twitching.

    The crowd then looked at the other three people.

    They were all just like him.

    In the blink of an eye, the kung fu foundations of the four people including Liu Dongzhu had all been removed.

    Below the stage, the Jiangjing martial arts practitioners were very excited.

    Finally, the evil Liu Dongzhu who had tried to kill Elder Yi finally reaped what he sowed.

    However, the battle was not over yet.


    At the edge of the arena, Mo Qingzhu wiped the blood at the corner of his lips, roared, and stood up.

    “You’re the last one.”

    Turning his body around to face Mo Qingzhu, Fang Qiu said in a grim and cold voice.

    For him, even though he had just broken through and Mo Qingzhu had been a rarely perfect practice opponent, he wouldn’t make any progress. Furthermore, Fang Qiu wasn’t in the mood to practice with this kind of evildoer at all. His only thought was to finish Mo Qingzhu!

    “Who the hell are you?”

    Glancing at the four people who had flopped onto the arena and lost the strength to battle anymore, Mo Qingzhu asked with a startled face, “Norma people can’t be this strong. You’re not a second-class Martial Superior at all. Who the hell are you?”

    “I, have no name!”

    While saying that, Fang Qiu’s body dashed and instantly reached in front of Mo Qingzhu.

    Before that, Mo Qingzhu had already gotten injured.

    One must know that, though Fang Qiu only used guru-level strength at the very beginning when he snatched the Bingdi Lotus, Mo Qingzhu still couldn’t take the hit even if it was only a second-class Martial Superior’s Great Hand of Destruction.

    Moreover, at the moment he used the Great Hand of Destruction, Fang Qiu almost broke into all of the internal Qi of the two reopened meridians. Therefore, he not only didn’t need to draw the energy between heaven and earth but could also sustain the Great Hand of Destruction at the size of a regular palm.

    When it was such an overbearing hit, if a man took it off guard and even under a sudden situation, he couldn’t have handled it even if he was a sixth-class Martial Superior.

    He wasn’t seriously injured inside his body.

    Before Fang Qiu rushed to him, Mo Qingzhu didn’t hesitate to immediately turn around and run, trying to escape.

    “You can’t escape.”

    Fang Qiu directly exerted the Guru Realm strength and chased after him in an instant. His entire body floated in midair, stopping Mo Qingzhu who was advancing with the lightness skill.

    Seeing Fang Qiu flying in the air, Mo Qingzhu instantly changed his face dramatically and pointed at Fang Qiu, shouting. “You’re…”

    Unfortunately, before he said the word guru, he was heavily smashed in the chest by Fang Qiu. He directly thumped onto the arena from midair.

    The already cracked arena shook with scattering yellow dust.


    Fang Qiu closely caught up with him, leaving not a second for Mo Qingzhu to react. Fang Qiu directly smashed Mo Qingzhu’s Dantian. While shattering Mo Qingzhu’s Dantian, the terrifying internal Qi swarmed into Mo Qingzhu’s body, swept around, and destroyed all of Mo Qingzhu’s meridians.

    His kung fu had totally been destroyed!


    With the spurt of a mouthful of blood, the curtain finally came down on the battle.

    It was off the arena.

    Everyone was dumbfounded.

    Looking at the five people whose kung fu had been removed on the platform and then Fang Qiu, everyone stood transfixed on the spot, not able to say a single word.

    They were the Fabulous Five of the Bamboo Forest.

    They had been infamous in Wulin. The five big scum, four fifth-class Martial Superiors and a sixth-class Martial Superiors, just fell down like that!

    Without a doubt, everyone all understood.

    From today, the Fabulous Five of the Bamboo Forest would never appear in Jianghu.

    Though not dead, now, they were just five simple common people, the kind who should never dream about practicing kung fu for their entire lives anymore.


    “Five people, all of them destroyed?”

    “Even the sixth-class Martial Superior too…”

    “Hiss… how strong is Senior John Doe really?”

    Off the arena, many people gasped from the shock.

    Because Fang Qiu’s performance was really too scary.

    Although, a few months ago, they had witnessed Fang Qiu’s defeating a fifth-class Martial Superior with the strength at the peak of the martial arts practitioner, what they saw today stunned them even more.

    It was in the arena.


    Elder Yi, who had been sitting still to improve his strength, suddenly shivered his body, his face blushing all over.

    He didn’t seem to be able to carry on anymore.

    With a closer look, they saw Elder Yi already chewing the Bingdi Lotus in his mouth.


    Obviously, he’d met trouble.

    Slightly frowning, Fang Qiu walked up and gently pressed his right hand on Elder Yi’s back.

    The Absolute Touch!

    The condition inside Elder Yi’s body immediately visualized itself in front of Fang Qiu’s eyes.

    At this time, Elder Yi had already been breaking through for a while.

    However, though the realm had reached a third-class Martial Superior’s, the third meridians inside his body still couldn’t be expanded because of too many impurities.

    After all, he was of old age.

    The longer a man lived, the more impurities he would have inside his body, and so was the meridian.

    It was exactly because of this, Elder Yi had always thought he couldn’t break through and didn’t dare to reopen meridians either.

    Now, with Elder Yi’s current situation, not to mention completely expand the third meridian, he might suffer a countercharge himself and had a Qi deviation with a meridian that hadn’t been expanded.

    Of course, Fang Qiu would not watch Elder Yi have a Qi deviation.


    Moving the internal Qi, Fang Qiu directly infused a gush of internal Qi inside Elder Yi’s body, leading and controlling Elder Yi’s own internal Qi to quickly rush into the meridian. It -ed all of the barriers in the meridian in an unstoppable way.

    It was after a moment.


    An overwhelming energy Qi surged up from Elder Yi’s body and poured in all directions.

    Even the flying dust and gravel on the arena were blown upward.

    He broke through.

    Off the stage, the Jiangjing martial arts practitioners collected themselves from the shock and all felt elated.

    However, on the arena, Fang Qiu still didn’t stop, and Elder Yi didn’t open his eyes either. The two were still carrying on.

    After completely expanding the third meridian, Fang Qiu controlled his internal Qi and led Elder Yi’s to directly rush to the fourth meridian.

    He expanded the fourth meridian lightning-fast.

    Until now did Fang Qiu stop.

    He knew a third-class Martial Superior could open four meridians. Since he had reached out to help, he decided to help to the end, to help Elder Yi open the fourth meridian as well. It could help Elder Yi secure his power as a third-class Martial Superior.

    “Thank senior.”

    Opening his eyes, Elder Yi immediately rose and performed a hold fist salute to Fang Qiu to thank him with a glowing face.

    “The thing started because of me. Today, I finally finished it.”

    Fang Qiu nodded to accept Elder Yi’s thanks. Then, when he was about to stride to leave, he again glanced at the five senseless people lying on the arena and said, “These five people’s kung fu has been removed by me. As for how to handle them, I’ll leave it to you.”