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Chapter 377 - It’s Forbidden! No More Investigation!

Medical Master

    After saying that, Fang Qiu was about to leave.

    Suddenly, below the arena, He Gaoming shouted loudly and rushed onto the arena. He directly pounced on Fang Qiu’s thigh and was about to grab it. “Master!”


    Fang Qiu moved his feet and immediately flashed to the other side.

    Missing his target, He Gaoming directly pounced on the gravel-and-dust-covered arena and hit his face on the stage. When he raised his head, there was dust all over his face.

    His look caused the crowd off the stage to burst into laughter.


    Fang Qiu was also helpless.

    Why was this guy so shameless?

    “He’s been a grown-up and he still wants to grab other people’s thighs to beg? Get lost!”

    “Master, don’t leave so quickly.”

    Wiping the dust on his face, He Gaoming tittered and said to Fang Qiu, “Once you leave, I won’t know how to contact you. What if things like this happen again later?”

    Hearing this, all the present martial arts practitioners including Elder Yi successively nodded.

    Right, Senior John Doe now was nearly the insurance of Jiangjing Wulin circle.


    This time, the bad guys had been the Fabulous Five of the Bamboo Forest, but who would they be the next time?

    Moreover, with Senior John Doe’s increasing reputation, experts from other provinces who wanted to challenge would grow. It would be OK if they met ordinary ones. If they met some evil people and if they attacked others once they couldn’t see Senior John Doe, it would be really troublesome.

    “Right, Senior John Doe, look…”

    Elder Yi opened his mouth and said, “Do you think you can leave your contact information so we can inform you the next time when we meet something necessary?”

    “That’s right, senior.”

    “Senior, please leave your contact information.”

    Everyone all echoed.


    Hearing everyone’s words, Fang Qiu slightly thought about it and found it really necessary.

    He was in school and couldn’t easily receive news of Wulin. This time, but for He Gaoming’s phone call, he couldn’t have known that something like this would happen. If He Gaoming did not call, the thing this time would definitely caused serious consequences.

    With this in mind, Fang Qiu really thought it necessary to leave them his contact information.

    He opened his mouth and said, “If you have something, find me at the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine.”

    Fang Qiu bounced on the tips of his feet. His entire body immediately soared up and quickly vanished in front of everyone’s eyes.

    Once Fang Qiu left, the crowd was stunned. “The University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine?”

    Hearing the school name, they immediately remembered the mysterious man from the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine who was hyped up on the Internet.


    Then, they thought about it.

    Wasn’t that mysterious man a student?

    Moreover, it was highly possible that he was a freshman.

    Thinking about that, everyone present was shocked!

    Elder Yi was also so stunned that he could not say a word in a long while.

    A student should be strong to such an extent, and even the old guy himself could not compare.

    He felt bitter in his heart.

    Compared to the mysterious man, he really had wasted his life.


    Off the arena, everyone looked at each other in blank dismay.

    Though they had guessed it, they still weren’t willing to belive Senior John Doe to be the mysterious man from the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine. Now, hearing Senior John Doe admit it in person, they really couldn’t immediately react.

    Wasn’t the gap too huge between Senior John Doe’s age and strength?

    Just when everyone was shocked, on the arena, He Gaoming had an idea and tittered.

    The University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine?

    Wasn’t it the school my brother studied in?

    With this clue, couldn’t I find it?

    “In kung fu, I’m worse than my master, but in the investigation… hey hey, this time I’ll thoroughly investigate my master’s real identity.”

    As expected, after He Gaoming left the manor, he immediately called and asked those sources and helpers who had been collaborating with him to go to the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine at once. No matter in what way, he must find who the mysterious man really was!

    After making the call, He Gaoming whistled with an excited and expectant face, walking into a pool room which was only one block away from the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine. He waited for the result while playing pool.

    Just when He Gaoming was merrily whistling to himself, a voice suddenly spread over. “Finding playing alone interesting?”

    Hearing that, He Gaoming turned around to have a look.

    In his view, he saw a youth who wore a loose top in loud colors, low-crotch pants, a baseball cap, and a silver chain the size of a pinkie around the neck.

    The youth rolled his sleeves up high, revealing the tattoos on his right arm. He looked just like a punk.

    “Because I’m waiting for you.”

    He Gaoming laughed and asked, “Why do you come so late?”

    The youth asked, “Play pool first, shall we?”

    He Gaoming nodded. “Sure.”

    In the past, He Gaoming used to be a punk too. He liked hanging out in pool rooms and arcades. Later, when he learned kung fu, he gradually changed himself to be a man of integrity. Nevertheless, his changed personality did not change his hobby, with the pool still being one of his favorite sports.

    Because of that, He Gaoming would show up in pool rooms to play pool from time to time.

    And he had known this punk a few months ago when he played pool.


    He Gaoming pushed the cue and the huge force scattered the balls the youth had just arranged.

    The youth asked, “You’re feeling quite in the zone, aren’t you?”


    He Gaoming laughed loudly and successively hit two balls into the pockets, saying, “Not bad. Judging from my play, you’re going to lose today.”

    The youth replied with a smile. “Not necessarily.”

    Just after that, He Gaoming pushed his cue in a wrong angle, missing his target.

    The youth took his turn.

    “Bang bang bang…”

    Without a single word, once the youth took his turn, he successively pushed his cue and hit all of his balls into the pockets.

    Instantly, there were only He Gaoming’s balls and the eighth ball left on the table.

    Looking at the position of the black No. 8 ball, the youth leaned on the table and set his posture.

    While aiming, he said in a calm voice. “Stop the investigation.”

    Hearing that, He Gaoming was stunned.

    “Stop the investigation?

    “What does that mean?”

    It was at that time.


    The sound of hitting balls spread.

    The youth straightforwardly and directly hit the black No. 8 ball into a pocket.

    Then, he put down the cue.

    Looking at He Gaoming, he gently smiled and reached out to pat He Gaoming’s shoulder, saying, “Conduct yourself well.”

    After saying that, the youth left.

    Looking at the back of the youth who was leaving, He Gaoming was stunned.

    The youth had not known he was a detective.

    Moreover, recently, he had not taken any case or investigated anything.

    Only today, when he had the chance, he asked people to check the mysterious man’s background. However, when he just got to it, someone, and even someone familiar, came to warn him?

    What was going on?

    Being a detective, He Gaoming had always been cautious. He would investigate everyone who approached him.

    He even also investigated Fang Qiu.

    It turned out that Fang Qiu just came from a working-class family with nothing special. That was why he kept in contact with Fang Qiu. Moreover, he also found that the reason why Fang Qiu had so much money was he bought several medical materials. All of these made perfect sense.

    However, the youth before his eyes was different.

    During so many years, he had investigated many people, and the only one who he found nothing about was the youth.

    The most crucial part was, to investigate the youth, he had met something forbidden.

    Something national!

    Anything related to the nation was forbidden to private detectives. Therefore, when he found the youth related to the nation in his investigation, he immediately stopped the investigation without hesitation.

    He thought about one possibility.

    The nation’s mysterious department!

    The youth was very likely to come from it.

    Therefore, though not knowing the youth’s exact background, He Gaoming would like to get in contact with him. He thought that one day, he would show his skills in front of the youth and then he would be put into an important position by the nation as well.

    However, it turned out that day had never come.

    Remembering what the youth said, He Gaoming felt his heart shake.

    He didn’t expect that the mysterious man should also be related to the nation, and he should have such a powerful background.

    As long as it was about the nation, it was forbidden!

    With that in mind, He Gaoming immediately took out his phone and called his helpers and friends.

    “It’s forbidden, no more investigation!”

    Meanwhile, after returning to school, under the school’s arrangement, the sophomores gathered on the sports ground, and Fang Qiu continued to teach them how to practice Qi.

    They went all the way to 5 pm.

    After teaching, he was about to leave the sports ground.


    A familiar ringtone rang.


    Hearing the ringtone, Fang Qiu immediately frowned.

    The ringtone was the one he had specially set for the old commander.

    He thought. “Did something happen?”

    Fang Qiu immediately left the sports ground and secretly went to the place where he hid the mysterious man’s clothes. After changing the clothes, he quickly arrived at Yaowang Mountain.

    It turned out that he did not meet the old commander on Yaowang Mountain, instead, he met the military officer he had seen previously, Li Ji.


    Seeing Fang Qiu, Li Ji immediately walked forward and performed a hold fist salute, saying, “Greetings to senior. From today, I’ll meet you alone.”

    Fang Qiu nodded. “All right.”

    He knew that the old commander, after all, was a big shot. He could not always stay at Jiangjing and meet Fang Qiu personally every time.

    “This time, I called senior over because of this.”

    While saying, Li Ji took out a cell phone from his bag. When he handed it to Fang Qiu, he said, “Senior, this is a specially-made cell phone. No matter how you try with those methods and techniques, it can’t be located. And you don’t need to worry about its leaking information.”


    Fang Qiu took the phone, while exclaiming in the heart that the nation’s technology was actually very powerful.

    Li Ji continued to add, “And, you can also set your current phone number as this phone’s. In theory, this phone can be reached through 99 numbers. Dial any one of the 99 numbers, and you can reach it. You don’t need to worry about its number being exposed at all.”

    “Alright, I’ll take it.”

    Fang Qiu nodded and put it away.

    He knew, in his current scope of activities, if the nation wanted to check anything on him, it could. Since the nation did not, then he naturally should care for the nation’s feelings by, for example, accepting the phone.

    It looked like an advanced cell phone.

    In fact, it could be counted as a monitor.

    Though he did not really like the feeling of being watched, it was, after all, the nation.

    “One more thing.”

    Li Ji suddenly frowned and said, “We received intelligence that said the organization that had tried to assassinate the old commander before might strike in retaliation. Of course, the old commander is in the army, and they can’t do anything to him. But, when they can’t hurt the old commander, they might sabotage other places of the nation. In the end, they might even strike at the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine. During this time, senior must be careful.”