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Chapter 222.1 - Confessed True Feelings Emotions Stirred

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 222.1: Confessed True Feelings Emotions Stirred

    The young lady’s seductively long phoenix like eyes glared with an angry expression on her face that however showed an indiscernible hint of aggrievement and frustration. The lips that had just been assaulted was still a little red and swollen, her eyes a little misty and wet, looking every inch an easy pushover.

    Her smooth fair hands were held tightly in the man’s grip and her dainty soft body held down on the bed. The collar of her clothes was in a state of disarray, opened slightly which revealed her beautifully defined collarbone. Looking down a little further, was an alluring and highly seductive rising curve of her skin.

    She’s really such a creature of mesmerizing allure.

    Lou Jun Yao’s eyes turned terrifyingly dark and ominous, like a ferocious beast would suddenly jump out from within those deep violet eyes, to swallow up the young lady in a single gulp.

    The fervour in those eyes were so intense it made Qing Yu want to run away.

    But her hands were unfortunately tightly held, and her body completely trapped under the man’s body. Although he did not put his full weight down on the young lady, it was enough to make it impossible for her to move in the slightest, unable to fight him but forced to remain lying there on the bed.